0 the number of the Bundys' children (according to Peg on the Polk High School Reunion) [317]
0 $ the money that the Bundys got from the Hop-On-Inn [308]
00 the number on Bud's t-shirt (New Market Mallers) [211, 504]
(1)* the number of toilets in the house of the Bundys before Al got his Ferguson [305]
(2) a normal American family eats one time every month (according to Al) [404]
(3) the number of installments Al had still to pay for the Dodge [409]
1 ¢ the money that Al earns by selling a 20 $-shoe (after tax and Peg) [312]
1 $ Al saw a 1 $-coin in the fountain of wishes (in the New Market Mall), he wanted to get it, but actually it was a ring from a beer-can [507]
(1) the number of years that Al needed to save 5000 $ [409]
(2) the number of months of a pregnancy when a male Bundy will be born (according to Peg); "they don't want to come out" [511]
10 ¢ Al's wage raise in 1972 (according to Peg) [612]
10 $
(1) the price in order to watch Tiffany doing aerobics on Thursday [212]
(2) the money Griff got from Gary for Al's idea for an aerobics studio [1001]
(3) the money that Bill Clinton sent to the Church Of No Ma'am [1004]
100 the protection factor of the Bundys' sun lotion [321]
100 $
(1) the money that Kelly wanted from Al for a Python-snake [305]
(2) the money that Peg took from Al because she gave him his medicine [414]
(3) the worth of the Dodge including Kelly and Bud [503]
(4) the increased limit of Al's credit card (according to Peg) [515]
(5) the money Bud needed in order to got to Washington and meet the President; he didn't get it [517]
(6) the money Kelly needed for a new dress in order to be Miss Weenie Tot [517]
1000 $
(1) the money that the Bundys have won against the D'Arcys at Foodie's Supermarket [519]
(2) the money that Kelly needed for a new dress for the Miss Cheese competition; she earned it within three days [604]
(3) the money Candy got for participating in the "You Can't Miss"-show [717]
(4) the price for Tweety [1003]
1000 $/week
(1) the money Kelly got as a weather bunny [419]
10000 the number of pairs of shoes (for women) Al bought from Meter-Maid Duty Shop in order to sell them to the Chicago police [514]
10000 $
(1) the money that the Rhoades got from the Hop-On-Inn [308]
(2) the money that Al has won against Big Bad Momma [417]
(3) the money that the Bundys could get if Buck copulates with Lady Astoria [524]
(4) the money Kelly could win against Slick Stick Jackson playing pool billiard [604]
(5) the money that could be won by the person on seat 2, block 8, line B (= Peg) with a free-throw [801]
(6) the money that could be won in the show "Touchdown Trivia" [823]
(7) the money Al won for his movie "Sheos" at the Hammond Indiana Film Festival [925]
100000 miles on the tachometer of the Dodge (according to Peg) [408]
100000 $
(1) the money that aunt Toonie left to her cats [401]
(2) the money Al had to pay because Buck killed Lady Astoria [524]
1000000 miles on the tachometer of the Dodge [817]
1000000 $
(1) the money that the Rhoades and the Bundys wanted from the Hop-On-Inn for their illegal recordings [308]
(2) Steve's sum insured [310]
(3) the money the Fitzwillys wanted from the Bundys because the Dodge hit their Mercedes [503]
(4) the money that is paid by the UFO Magazine for the proof of the existence of aliens [507]
1000000000000 $ the money the Bundys wanted to sue for because of a car crash [503]
(1) the number of murdered people in Dumpwater/Florida since 1962 [203] ?
(2) the number on Peggy's t-shirt (New Market Mallers) [211, 504]
110 Al's third number for Johnny B. Goods [113]
1100 $ the price that a woman wanted to pay for Al's Dodge (according to Peg who met this woman in her beauty salon) [409]
111 $ the price for four records by Yodelin' Andy [216]
11th May 1972 the last day that a popcorn pack (which Peg prepared in 1988) should have been sold [302]
11th July 1948* Al's birthday [720]
1 $ 19 ¢ the price for normal chickens [305]
(1) the number of Al's hair on his head according to Peg [310]
(2) variation of Al's number as a football player (in his dream) [523]
12 $ the price for an ordered pizza, but as a matter of fact that Peggy charged 5000 $ to Al's credit card, Al was not able to pay for it [416]
1200 $
(1) the price for a computer; the store didn't want to reduce the price, so Steve decided on not buying this type of computer (for the Bundys) [319]
(2) the money that Al had to give Bud according to his Bundy Dollar Day [414]
(3) the money Al had to pay for Buck's funeral [1003]
12000 $
(1) the money (for the black car that Al wanted) that Mr. Whiteman had to pay [409]
(2) the money that Al earns in a year [723]
(3) the money that Carlos had to pay for Al's doghouse [1022]
123 the number of Kelly's class for home economics [421]
1 $ 25 ¢ the price for a hair-do by Tony [310]
1250 $ the money that Al won at a horse-race [221]
1, 2, C the first three numbers (according to Kelly) [422]
12th April Peg's birthday [1116, month also in 703, 519*]
120 $ the money Kelly should earn by babysitting the Hubbard kids, but Bud used the money for two tickets for a Vanilla Ice concert [521]
13 the age when Buck will die (according to himself) [521]
130 the points of Bud (bowling) [209]
1-312-555-SCAM phone number of Pest Boys Extermination Co. [819, 901]
(1) the number on Al's t-shirt (New Market Mallers) [211, 504]
(2) one of the roulette-numbers that Kelly predicted by idling her brain [417]
14th February 1987* the wedding day of Marcy and Steve [217]
1 $ 49 ¢ the price for tuna fish on a commercial [307]
1492 the year Columbus brought the Labour Day to the USA (according to Al) [401]
15 the number of Johnson (Irv's Smelters) [504]
15 $
(1) the price for jewels for Peg bought by Al [110]
(2) the price in order to watch Tiffany taking a sun-bath and jogging [212]
150 $ the money that Al takes from Steve; Steve didn't want that Marcy knows that he got this money from a horse-race [221]
1500 $ the money that Al had to give Kelly according his Bundy Dollar Day [414]
1500 Watt the power of Al's car radio [503]
15000 $ the price for the black car that Al wanted [409]
1500000 $ the money the former waitress and ex-wife of Dr. Plierson got for their 6 month marriage [404]
160 $ a bill for a hair cut and manicure that Al had to pay [423]
17 $ 34 Al's tax refund [826]
170 the points of Steve Rhoades (bowling) [209]
175 $ the price for a ticket for the Oozing Meat concert [403]
1750 $ the price for a huge tent in order to combat termites; it costs 1750 $ because the house has a floor, rooms and windows [218]
(1) the miles on the tachometer of the Dodge (after Al has re-bought his car) [409]
(2) the number of Wilson (New Market Mallers) [504]
(3) Al's age on the day of marriage [1118]
18 ¢ the money that Al got from Bud and Kelly at Foodie's in order to buy a chewing gum [519]
18000 $ the money that Al needed for his "Dr. Shoe" telephone service [408]
1-800-4-KILLER phone number of The Mob [1014]
1-800-LEGS-UP phone number of Pest Boys Extermination Co. [808]
1-800-NO-DATE a hotline for Bud (according to Kelly) [316]
1-800-OLD-ROCK phone number of the "Old Aid" project [709]
1-800-ZIPP-UP phone number of the Virgin Hotline [907]
18th February 2011 the day "Hondo" is broadcasted the next time [824]
18th November 1966, 4:00 pm the day Al scored "four touchdowns in a single game" with the Panthers against Andrew Johnson High [318, year also in 304, 516, 615, month also in 418]
1-900-YUMMY phone number of the hotline where Peg's mother worked [1012]
1900 $ the price of the Bundys' computer; original price: 2100 $ [319]
1908 the wedding year of Al and Peg (according to Al) [810]
(1)* the year of Peggy's birthday; she mentioned that she is of the same age as Al [705]
(2) the year of Al's birthday [720]
195 $ the price for the statue of Tubro bought by Peggy [407]
1957 the year when Al took the book "The Little Engine That Could" [302]
1965 the year where Al was "Rookie-Of-The-Year Shoe Salesman" [302]
1967 the year a couple has been murdered in Dump Water/Florida for the first time [202]
1 $ 97 ¢ the money that Al earns by selling a 20 $-shoe (before tax and Peg) [312]
(1)* the wedding year of Al and Peg [not confirmed, indicated in 217 and 612]
(2) the model of Al's car (according to Mr. Shimokava) [1020]
(1) five years after 1967 another couple has been murdered in Dump Water/Florida [202]
(2) the year Al got a 10 ¢ wage raise [612]
1974 the year Al bought his Dodge [724]
1977 another couple has been murdered in Dump Water; exactly 5 years after the last one [202]
1979 the year Kelly had her first boyfriend [1124]
198 Al's fourth number for Johnny B. Goods [113]
1982 people have been murdered in Dump Water [202]
1983 the year when Al had problems with dandruff [310]
1984 the year when all the Bundys had flu [511]
1986 the year when all the "Aurora White" toilet paper was sold out, so that Al went crazy [618]
1987 the year the Bundys went to Dump Water/Florida; five years after the last murder [202]
1989 from that year on only one woman in every family who doesn't do nothing is allowed (according to Al) [506]
(1) the number of dreams Al had as a young man: to be an astronaut in order to land on the planet Jane Mansfield and to have his own toilet [305]
(2) the number of toilets in the house of the Bundys after Al build his own toilet-room in the garage [305]
(3) one of the roulette-numbers that Kelly predicted by idling her brain [417]
2 ¢ beer-tax increase [707]
20 $ the money that Kelly had to pay for Bud's Special TV Adapter Glasses [411]
200 the points of Didi Stones (bowling) [209]
2000 $ the price for Peggy's course at the Cook County School For Interior Decoration [515]
2057* the year when Al will have repaid the mortgage for the house (before he has raisen the credits for "Dr. Shoe") [408]
21 the number of Al's and Peg's room (Poppy's By The Tree) [202]
21 mph the speed of the wind on 18th November 1966 [318]
2157 the year when Al will have repaid the mortgage for the house (after he has raisen the credits for "Dr. Shoe") [408]
2163 $ the money Al had to pay, because the lend out the book "The Little Engine That Could" for 31 years [302]
2C1835 the number of Al's driving license [720]
2nd September 1978 the day Al got his driving license [720]
(1) the number of Kelly's and Bud's room (Poppy's By The Tree) [203]
(2) the number of minutes that Peggy and Marcy needed to lose 5000 $ gambling in Las Vegas [417]
(3) the number of Savage (New Market Mallers) [504]
22nd January 1974 Bud's birthday [703, year not confirmed]
225 $ 75 ¢ the money the Bundys had to pay in a restaurant, but Al has forgotten his billfold [311]
(1) the day of Al's birthday (according to Peg) [110]
(2) the day of the Bundys' marriage (according to Peg) [110]
(3) the number of the Bundys' children (officially) [415]
(4) one of the roulette-numbers that Kelly predicted by idling her brain [417]
235 $ telephone bill [205]
23 $ 50 ¢ the money that Al has spent for a satellite dish [1014]
237 $ the money that the Bundys got because of the death of Henry Wanker [311] ?
25 ¢
(1) the money that you had to pay if you wanted to "ask the dullard a question"; an idea of Bud to earn some money by using Kelly [414]
(2) the price for Winky [423]
25 % the interests of the Al's credit in order to pay for their computer [319]
25 $ the money Marcy paid for sleeping in the house of the Bundys [422]
2500 $ the price for a paiting of Peggy [607]
25000 $ the reward that Marcy got because she was able to prevent a bank-robbery [410]
250000 $/year the money Kelly should get for her job as a weather bunny [419]
2524** a variation of the D'Arcys' house number [1101]
256 the number of points Puggy Weaver got when he was bowling on 26th April 1965 at Jim's Bowlarama [420]
260 $ the Bundys' phone bill [423]
26th April 1965 the day Puggy Weaver made his bowling record [420]
27th November 1972 Kelly's birthday [703, year not confirmed]
275 $ the price for Al's fishing-gear [110]
(1) number of hooters of a Martian babe; Al: "Men see UFO's because they have to. It's our way out. It's the only thing that keeps me going. Hopefully it will be on garbage day. A beautiful Martian babe with three hooters will come out. She'll say: »I can't speak. I have no parents and I don't know what good sex is«." [303]
(2) the number of years that Al has to pay for his re-bought brown Dodge [409]
(3) the number of birthday parties that Al organized for Kelly [501]
3 hours the time Steve and Marcy need for love-making on weekdays [322]
(1) the age when Al left the school (according to Peg) [318]
(2) the price for Al's life (according to himself) [319]
30 $ the money that Al earns in a day [1116]
300 the number of points that Peggy got when she was bowling at Jim's Bowlarama; that's an absolute game [420]
300 miles the distance between Chicago and Wanker County (according to Peg) [606]
300 $ the money that Al had to give Peg according to his Bundy Dollar Day [414]
3000 $
(1) the money that Al got from the Gutter Cats for his "appearance" in their video [414]
(2) Marcy's tax refund [826]
31 the number of Al's lot near the Lake Chicamocomico [512]
3 ½ minutes the length of "Sheos" [925]
319 Jack Dallas' room number [611]
32 one of the roulette-numbers that Kelly predicted by idling her brain [417]
320 the room number of Acme Rocket Co. [611]
32000000 $ the jackpot of a lottery [612]
3 $ 25 ¢/hour Al's payment (according to Bud) [612]
33 Al's number as a full-back [520, 601, 613, 615, 621, 626, 722, 910, 1114]
34 the size of Al's underpants [509] ?
3 $ 40 ¢/hour Steve's payment as a zoo-kepper at "Slippers" [411]
34th November an entry in Kelly's dairy [922]
34 $ 95 ¢ the money for a cheese-cake that Al should give to Marcy and Jefferson, but he didn't pay [513]
35 one of the roulette-numbers that Kelly predicted by idling her brain [417]
35 $
(1) the money Marcy had to pay in order to be interviewed for "Short Haired Women In Banking" [609]
(2) the money Kelly had to pay for her show [609]
35 $ 95 ¢ one of Peg's bills from Ten Little Toe-Nails [106]
36 C Peg's bra size [306]
380 pounds weight of Peg's mother [623] ?
3 $ 95 ¢ the money that Al wanted to pay for flowers for Peg's birthday [306]
4 the number of times that Al has fallen from the roof plugging the holes [411]
40 % the share of the money that Al wanted from Kelly for managing her TV career [419]
40 $
(1) the price for a dog-collar for Buck bought by Kelly [216]
(2) the money people wanted to give Al for his Dodge [817]
400 $
(1) the money that Bud got from Kelly as her agent [414]
(2) the money Kelly needed for a school for models [506]
4000 $ the money Al wanted for his Dodge [817]
41 the age of Harry Ashland [514]
44 the number of years Ms. De Groot worked in the Oakwood Library [302]
45 minutes the time Al needs on the toilet (according to Bud), even in the bushes, e.g. in the garden of the Jenkins [515]
(1) the number on Smith's t-shirt (New Market Mallers) [504]
(2) the number on Bud's Reepers t-shirt [513]
5 $
(1) the price in order to watch Tiffany [212]
(2) the money that John Wayne bet on Al [407]
(3) the money that Marcy gave her cousin, because she wanted him to go to a ball with her; he took the money, told everybody that Marcy paid him and slept with Roberta, a fat slut (according to Marcy) [415]
(4) the price for a Bundy Burger [423]
(5) a bet between Bud and Kelly that Vinnie won't touch her [518]
(6) the money of the Bundys including cash, cheques and bank balance (according to Peg) [522]
5 $/week Al's increase in salary [419]
(1) Al's second number for Johnny B. Goods [113]
(2)* Al's IQ (according to Marcy); Steve gave Al 50000 $ and Marcy said that would be 1000 $ for every IQ [408]
50 ¢ the worth of the gas that Al has swallowed at the gas station [408]
50 $
(1) the money Al had to pay for a security lamp that was so bright that he couldn't sleep [205]
(2) the special price for a whole week watching Tiffany including popcorn [212]
(3) the money that Steve won at a horse-race [221]
(4) the price for a cassette recorder that Al had to pay [423]
(5) the money the insurance wanted to pay for the stolen Dodge [724]
500 lbs. the weight of Peg when she is pregnant (according to Al) [603]
500 $
(1) the price of Peggy's blue dress for the Polk High School Reunion [317]
(2) the money that Mrs. Fisher got by answering "Shoe salesman" to the question "What's the absolutely worst job according to most Americans?" in a game show [414]
(3) the money that Kelly got from the Gutter Cats [414]
5000 the number of pairs of God's Shoes that Al bought together with Jefferson [608]
5000 $
(1) the money that Al has saved by collecting discount stamps, using the same razor-blade, the same TV guide and by diluting five times his mouth-wash [409]
(2) the money that Al needed in order to pay off the IRS and to stay out of jail [415]
(3) the money that Leo Privett wanted to pay for Peg's hair [415]
(4) the money that Peggy charged to Al's credit card in order to have some more money to lose in Las Vegas [416]
50000 $
(1) the credit that Steve gave Al for his "Dr. Shoe" telephone service [408]
(2) the money that Al had to pay because the Dodge hit the Mercedes of the Fitzwillys [503]
(3) the money that has been offered in order to get Al Bundy, because it looked like he had killed Franklin Van Pelt (in Al's dream) [611]
(4) the money Al got for Pharao's Eye (in his dream) [611]
500000 $
(1) the money that Stymie Bundy left to those who are the first to have a male baby named after him [511]
(2) the money Coco wanted to give Peg for Al [726]
5000000 the year when the lots near the Lake Chicamocomico can be cultivated [512]
51 Al's football number (on a fictional TV-show) [420]
55 $ the limit on Al's credit card (according to Peg) [419]
555-2331 the phone number of Vickie, one of Kelly's classmates; she was "The Slut Of The Week" in Kelly's show [609]
555-2878 the Bundys' phone number [304]
555-PERM the number in order to give some money to Jeannie [609]
555-PINF alternative mnemonic for "Dr. Shoe" [408]
555-RGNE alternative mnemonic for "Dr. Shoe" [408]
555-RIND alternative mnemonic for "Dr. Shoe" [408]
555-SHOE the phone number of Dr. Shoe; Al had five telephones (3 white ones, 1 red and 1 black) [408]
555-STALLION a phone number called by Peg and Kelly [205]
6 m2 the screen-size of the TV set that the Tots gave to the Bundys [1124] ?
60 the points of Kelly (bowling) [209]
60 % the share of the money (won by playing Poker with Peg, Louise and Fern) that Kelly had to give to Peg [403]
60 $
(1) the price for a hair-do in Al's new salon [310]
(2) the price for a new jacket for Bud [312]
(3) the price for the record "Anna (Go To Him)" that Al bought at Final Vinyl [518]
(4) the money Bud needed for a Vanilla Ice ticket for Crystal [521]
60 $/month the price for the TV-cable of the Bundys [609]
60000 $ the money Jefferson earned by using an insider's tip [516]
61 CMS 2 the license plate of the Bundy's car (for the state Illinois) [816, 1118]
6th June 1982 the day the Bundy era began (according to Al); he was talking about playing baseball; Newmark vs. Mallers [504]
623 $ the money that Peg (resp. Al) owes Patty Brite Cosmetics [314]
6754233 Steve's number at the Chicago Police Department; he was arrested because he has stolen Bosco [410]
(1) the age since when Kelly used to bleach her hair [312]
(2) one of the roulette-numbers that Kelly predicted twice by idling her brain [417]
7 ¢/lbs. the price for Chernobyl Farms chickens [305]
70 $
(1) the money that Peg wanted from Al for a lottery [305]
(2) the worth of the Dodge (according to Peg) [503]
700 lbs. the weight of Peg's mother [1010] ?
700 $ the money that Peg wanted to spend for a satellite dish [1014]
7000000 miles on the tachometer of the Dodge (according to Peg) [522]
75 ¢ the money Al earns on a normal day slaving in the shoe mines (according to himself) [319]
75 $ the price for a fishing-rod that Al wanted to buy [106]
78 the number of months Al has to pay for their 1900$-computer (25 % of interests) [319]
780000 $ the money a baby costs from the birth until college (according to Al) [605]
79 ¢ the price for the Bundys' TV-guide [618]
796660158 the number of people burned in hell [1120]
79 $ 95 ¢ the price for Lance Pumps [1023]
(1) Al's first number for Johnny B. Goods [113]
(2) the number of minutes that Peggy and Marcy needed to lose all their money in Las Vegas [416]
(3) the age when Kelly wanted a tatoo for the first time [421]
8 $ the money that is left after Peggy's and Marcy's run of bad luck; Al wanted to make a fortune out of it [417]
80 Pesos the amount on Al's pay-cheque (according to Peg) [517]
80 % the share of the money that Bud gets from Kelly, because he made it possible that she became the Gutter Cats' rock video slut [414]
80 $
(1) the price for a call to Vancouver that Al had to pay, but nobody has called (officially) [205]
(2) the price for the repairing of the refridgerator by Heidi [206]
800 $ the money that Peg left (together with a red hair) in Al's box originally containing 5000 $ [409]
800000 miles on the tachometer of the Dodge [803]
84 number of murders per "Psycho Dad"-episode (1 hour) [913]
8-Track the system of Al's cassette player; "the last great American sound system"; "8-tracks are to today's stereo systems what a girlfriend is to a wife: an earlier, better version." (Al) [724]; he has following tapes: "Born To Be Wild", "Meet The Four Seasons", "Meet The Supremes" and "The Four Seasons Meet The Supremes" [724]
9 Peg's age on the day of marriage (according to herself) [1118]
9th July 1983 the day the New Market Mallers won because of Al; he became "most valuable player" [504]
937 the number of days the Rhoades are living next to the Bundys (according to Marcy) [319]
(1)** a variation of the Bundys' house number [404, 408, 410, 413, 414, 501, 503, 509, 510]
(2)** the number of the Rhoades' house [intro 402-415]
97 the age of Tony's father, Al's new barber [310]
9764 the Bundys' house number [112, 211, 213, 402, 513-515, 517, 519, 521, 524, 608, 609, 620, 621, 625, 704, 713, 714, 720-722, 725, 804, 807, 811, 815, 824, 912, 922, 1007, 1011, 1022, 1106, 1117, 1122, 1123]; the house is on "ancient Indian shoe burial ground ... it's where the Native Americans would throw their moccasins when they got too stinky" [816]
9766 the D'Arcys' house number [1106]
99 ¢ coin an idea of Steve [320]
99000 the miles on the tachometer of the Dodge (before Al sold the car) [409]
994678 Griff's number as a "convict"; Officer Dan arrested him because of cannibalism and murder in order to plan undisturbedly the celebration of his 1-year No Ma'am membership [1026]

aarumm noun/syn butter (in Al's archaic language he's using when his mouth is full of food)
ABD expr the alphabet (according to Kelly) [521]
Abdominizer B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly) [723]
Achmed npr a friend of Bud; they went to Fort Lauderdale [1017, 1018]
"A Day In The Life Of A Shoe Salesman" npr title of a movie directed and produced by Al Bundy, co-produced by Kelly Bundy [925]
Adieu! int "A deer, a female deer." (Kelly) [726] (< adieu: bye bye [French])
Adolpho npr a supplier for the things that Peggy bought [423]
aesthetically challenged expr ugly (politically correct) [903]
"A Fat Woman Came Into The Shoe Store Today" expr title of a fictional TV-series (used by Bud to name Al's stories of fat women) [801]
After Midnight Sale expr a special night sale at Gary's Shoes [508]
Agent Red syn Peg (according to Al); Football Player: "Al Bundy? The all-state Al Bundy?" Al: "I was." Football Player: "I thought you died in 'Nam." Al: "Actually, I started that rumor. I died here at home. A victim of Agent Red." [808]
A-Haps npr a department store [104]
Aida npr an aunt of Marcy [512]
A.J.'s Casketeria npr a bowling team playing against Gary's Angels (Al, Jefferson, Griff, Bob and Bud) [924]
al v/t to shout "Al"; "Peg, you're not allowed to al. There will be no aling for my entire vacation. I am not here." [622]
Al npr
(1) abbreviation for Alfonz or Albert [never confirmed or indicated in the show]
(2) the first syllable of "Alamo" [819] (< Alamo [a place where the US lost a battle and the title of a movie with John Wayne])
(3) abbreviation for Alice (according to Jefferson) [1006]
Aladin npr pseudonym for Al (given by the members of No Ma'am) [1112]
Alberto, Alfredo npr pseudonym for Al (given by Griff) [1025]
Al-Bun-Day npr Al's name for the labour day [401]
Al Bundy npr the name for the boat that Al wanted to construct in the basement [106]
Al Bundy Field npr a football field named after Al Bundy which he has wrongly blown up [1009]
Al Bundy Golf Classics npr a (fictional) event at the Country Club mentioned by Al [319]
Al Bundy's House Of Sole npr alternative name for Gary's Shoes (given by Al); Al, Jeff and Bud sell shoes from the 70ies [901]
Alejandro npr a man that carried Peg's shopping bags [303]
Alexis npr an oversize model car pooling with Al [825]
Alga npr a name for Al (by himself) in front of Helga and Inga, two blonde, huge-hootered Swedish masseuses [1011]
aliens noun Al has seen six aliens from the Planet Philydion; the used his stinky socks to make fuel out of them [507]
"Al Jolson's Greatest Hits" npr a record; a birthday gift for Peggy (by Kelly) [306]
Allanté npr the name of a car [506]
Allday, Yummy npr a beautiful woman in Al's fantasy (in Las Vegas); they spend the night together in Monaco [417] ?
"A Long And Tragic Story" npr a story told by Al; "It was 20 years ago. Polk High's big game. My girlfriend at the time, later became my wife, but that's another tragic tale, had this little habit of shouting at me while I was in the game. Of course, I hated that. Of course, she shouted at me one time when a 300 pound linebacker was barreling down at me. When I came to, I had two kids and was selling shoes." (Al to Chad) [826]
Alpat, Rochelle npr one of the models that wanted to be an Allanté-girl [506]
Alpha Club npr a high intgelligence club [620]
Alpha Gonna Get 'Em npr Bud's own fraternity; members: Bud, Ahmed, Francis and Gud; mottos: "Lookie, lookie, we're gonna get some nookie." and "We'll do good on our tests, so we'll feel some breasts." [706]
Al's Angels npr Al's football team in hell; players: Al, Peg, Kelly, Bud, Marcy and Jefferson [1120]
Al's father expr [515] although he's dead he appears and talks to Al; he told him that Abraham Lincoln, Socrated and the 3 Stooges (Mo, Larry, Curly) are laughing, because Peg sold his Playboy collection; besides Marilyn Monroe doesn't even know that Al exists [407]
Al's Grew npr writing in Al's own room [603]
Alshi npr Al's nickname given by Yvette, a blonde woman in one of Al's dreams [501]
Al's mother expr [311, 319, 423] sometimes she drank a Bloody Mary [422]
Amazing Homes npr a magazine read by Peggy; issue "Home Plans" [515]
Amber npr Marcy's niece from Los Angeles [904, 908, 915, 923]; Amber's mother sent her to Marcy to get her out of the bad L.A. neighbourhood where she grew up; Bud keeps on trying to get her into his bed, but he only succeeded once [904]
"Amos And Andrew" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]
Andrew Johnson High npr the high school playing against Al and his team in 1966 [516]
"And That's When My Hound Dog Started Looking Good To Me" npr title of a song on the radio [817]
Andy npr
(1) a former classmate of Milton; he thought Bud would be Andy, because he looked like a hippie [318]
(2) a gay man that danced with Peggy [505]
Angela npr Miss Beverly Hills; she participated in the Miss Spring Break election [1018]
Angie npr the beautiful, diligent and nice girlfriend of Aaron Mitchell [808]
"Anna Karenina" npr title of a videotape Marcy had; Jefferson, Al and Peggy didn't want to watch this movie [521]
"Anna (Go To Him)" npr title of Al's favorite song (by Arthur Alexander); once it was the second song of 5000 [518]
Anonymous Shoppaholics npr an organisation for shopping-addicted people [924?] (< Anonymous Alcoholics + shopping)
Anonymous Unemployed npr an organisation for unemployed people, e.g. for Jefferson [907]
a normal day expr "Let's pretend it's any normal day and I'm coming home from work. Kelly failed another test, Bud's dealing three cards Monty at the old folk's home and Peg's in Oprah coma. I just earned 75 cents slaving in the shoe mines." (Al to Buck) [319]
Antoine npr a masseur in Marcy's and Jefferson's favorite beauty studio [716]
Antoine's Under The El npr a beauty studio; Marcy took Peg to Antoine's because of her 25th anniversary [918]
"Anything Goes" npr Kelly's song (according to Bud) [313]
April npr a girl on the Trumaine University that had to choose between a basket ball player and Bud [926]
April May June npr one of Bud's flames; his first date [217]
Aquarium npr Aquarius (according to Kelly); her zodiacal sign** [420]
Architectural Digest npr a magazine subscribed by the Rhoades but read by the Bundys [220]
Aroevoir! int Au revoir! (according to Kelly) [406]
Arians npr the name of a football team playing against the Polk High Panthers [304]
Ariel npr a model and one of Bud's girls; he is her manager [1014]; she slept in the Bundys' house [1021, 1103]
"Art Allante P.I." npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]
Arti npr one of Kelly's dates; he's a pizza boy [501]
"A Ship Called Passion" npr a book about pirates read by Peg [718]
Ashland, Harry npr one of Kelly's date; he is 41 years old and a local politician; he has got a portable phone [514]
Ashley npr a former (blonde) classmate of Kelly [1008, 1017, 1018]
"Ask the dullard a question 25 ¢" expr a writing (by Bud) above Kelly; she didn't knew anything about this idea [414]
Asses And Tits npr a magazine for men; Al fotographed the centerfold and promised to "buy it tomorrow" [707] ?
Astoria npr a dog; full name: "Champion Astoria Lady of Marsady"; she participated in the Attenborough International Dog Show [524] ?
A Touch Of Bud npr an aftershave used by Bud [706]
Aunt Maddie npr the woman that baked Al's favorite pies [1111]
Aunt Maddie's Pies npr Al's favorite pie; motto: "My Pies Are Sweeter When You Share 'Em" [1111]
Aunt Ruth npr a pseudonym by Peg [302]
Aurora White npr Al's favorite toilet paper [523, 618, 722]

Babcock, Floyd npr owner of the rival shoe store in the New Market Mall [1016]
Babcock, Floyd, Jr. npr son of Floyd Babcock and classmate of Bud; he invented "only" a Mac-DOS printer [1016]
Baby Expo npr a mall where Jefferson had to go [602]
baby oven noun Peg (according to Al) [511]
B.A.D. abbr a club for bald men ("brothers in baldness"); abbreviation for "Bald American Dudes" [307]
Bald! syn Yes! (used by the members of B.A.D.) [307]
Bambi, Al npr the name on Al's cheques [108]
Bare Ankles npr a magazine for men (in the 19th century) [824]
Barney npr
(1) a little-known member of No Ma'am [809]
(2) a friend of Bud; they went to Fort Lauderdale [1017, 1018]
Barney's npr a place (restaurant or something like that) near the border with a lot of toilets [515]
"Basic Dream Interpretation" npr title of a book read by Marcy [112]
Bassmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al)
bathropolis noun Greek word where "bathroom" comes from, "a quiet place away from the camels and women" (according to Al) [515] (< bathroom + Akropolis)
batteries noun Peggy needs them for her "friends" [306]
Bazooka Joe npr a name for Al (according to himself) [602]
Bea npr an aunt of Al [517]
Beaf Truff npr Al's and Peg's favorite restaurant (according to Peg) [420]
Beamis, Marilyn npr one of Al's former dates; they met each other on the beach again; she told him that he was the best [321]
Beatty, Warren npr a pseudonym by Al for a restaurant [311]
Beaver npr an actor ("Leave It To Beaver") that appeared at Foodie's Supermarket [520]
Beaver Knee npr a city in Tennessee where the Bundys stopped on their trip to Dumpwater [202]
Becky npr a talkshow watched by Peggy with topics like "Men - Scum Or Slime?" [416]
Bedwetter B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly) [603]
be a Bud v/t to be socially dead (according to Kelly) [406]
"Beachers" npr title of a videotape Marcy had; Al wanted to watch this movie, because he thought there would be a lot bikini girls [521]
Bee Bee's npr a restaurant where Peggy and Marcy ate [602]
Bela npr the dog of the Rhoades; shot by Al with a gun [104] (<? Bela Lugosi [actor of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" by Ed Wood])
Bellringer B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (Kelly) [607]
Beltski, Markus npr a former classmate of Steve and Marcy; he was the captain of the ice hockey team, now he's a crane operator [317]
Ben npr the character related to Bud ("Pease In A Pod") [909]
Bender, Conny npr a former classmate of Peggy and her rival; she is the wife of Jack (1) [317, 318]
Bennett, Robby npr Kelly's 12½ years old admirer and son of the owner of Easy Off Jeans [922]
Berkowicz, Incence npr one of the models that wanted to be an Allanté-girl; her first name is French [506]
Beta npr the system of the Bundys' VCR [315]
Betsy npr Captain Courage's name for a tool to clean the toilet [718]
Betty npr one of Peggy's friends; they go to the same beauty salon [612]
Big Apple nrp Los Angeles (according to Kelly) [610]
Big B. npr a pseudonym by Bud [503]
Big Bad Momma npr a GLOW-girl fighting against Al ("Survive three minutes with GLOW wrestler and win 10000 $"); GLOW stands for "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" [417]
Big Boys Ratchet Set npr a ratchet set Al wanted to buy [601]
Big 'Uns npr a magazine for men [619, 716, 720, 802, 809, 811, 812, 820, 821, 905, 907, 908, 909, 911, 917, 924, 925, 1002, 1004, 1008, 1013, 1025, 1101, 1102]; edited by Flint Guccione [1025]
Big 'Uns Channel npr Al's favorite TV channel [1021]
Bill's Montain Top Drive-In npr a restaurant where Kelly tried to work [521]
Billy npr
(1) one of Kelly's friends [204]
(2) a boy known by Kelly and Bud; his father became the vice president of his company [508]
bimbo noun an extremely dumb person; Kelly has often been called a bimbo [411 by Marcy, 419 by Bill Palomino]
Bimbolina npr a name for Kelly (given by Bud) [414] (< Bimbo + ???)
Bimbo Sapiens npr the species where Kelly belongs to (according to Bud) [923] (< bimbo + Homo Sapiens)
Bimbostein npr Kelly (according to Bud) [318] (< bimbo + Frankenstein)
Bingo npr one of Peg's favorite games [921]
Birdie, Al npr wrong name for Al given by Joe Morgan [911]
Bitches In Heat npr a magazine for Buck [621]
black adj the color of some of Al's teeth [404]
Blackbeard npr a doberman [503]
Black Big 'Uns npr a magazine for men; read by Griff [905, 1113]
Black Box npr a magazine subscribed by the Bundys [919]
"Black Cop, White Girl" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]
Bladder Buster npr the name of Griff's popcorn [1123]
blank screen expr a name for Kelly (by Bud) [319]
bleached blanket bimbo expr a name for Kelly (by Bud) [320]
bleen adj a color created by Kelly with terrible side effects [1005] (< blood + green)
blonde adj
(1) Kelly's hair-color
(2) Al's favorite hair-color [204]
Blondy npr the nickname for Tiffany (used by Marcy) [212]
blue adj the color of the Dodge [409]
Blue, Dr. Jonathan npr the presenter of "People To Laugh At" [608]
Blue Suede Shoes npr an idea of Al and Steve; they had 700 pairs and they wanted to sell them to the Elvis fans in the Bundys' house [303]
"Blue Velvet" npr the song of Al and Sandy (a former cheerleader) [613]
Bob npr a man in the "People To Laugh At" show that has seen God [608]
Bob's Beta Collection npr video store for Betamax-tapes in Milwaukee [315]
Bob's Pre-owned Socks'n'Stuff npr the store where Al buys his clothes [313]
Bogoda, Abe npr the fifth football player that was contacted for the Polk High Homecoming Dance in order to introduce the new vice president [418]
Bogus npr one of Kelly's dates; he's the driver of a hearse [310]
BonBons npr Peg's favorite sweets [320, 402, 1112]
Bonderly, Roger npr a rich man at the party where the Verduccis were [525]
Bon Jovi, Bud npr a pseudonym by Bud [321] (< Bud + John Bon Jovi)
Boondy npr wrong pronunciation for "Bundy" [902]
booty soup noun a meal prepared by Kelly [318]
"Booty And The Beast" npr title of an x-rated movie [907] (< booty + "Beauty And The Beast")
Bosco npr a rare Caribean turtle in an aquarium in Chicago; born in 1901, died 1989 because Bosco was stolen by Steve [410]
"Bottoms Up" npr a game played by Al, Peg, Marcy and Jefferson [1008]
Boudoir npr a magazine for men read by Bud [intro 301-401]
Bower, Jim npr Al's sidekick in the shoe store [405] ?
Bowlarama npr a bowling club where Al went with Peggy on her birthday [420]
Bowman, Piper npr one of Kelly's rivals for the Allanté commericial; she has stolen the Bundy Bounce [506]
"Bow wow thank you Mam" expr the dog-version of "Wham bam thank you Mam" [201] ?
boy-go-round noun a name for Kelly (given by Bud) [403]
Boz npr a friend of Bud; they call themselves "amigos"; he has a date [320]
Bradshaw, Terry npr he visited Polk High for two months in 1965 [1009]
brain noun Kelly's brain is beating, not her heart (according to herself) [521]
Brandt, Brandi npr Playboy's playmate 10/87; born 1968; she has a small mole under her left knee; her favorite movie is "The Big Boss"; she wanted a pair of shoes in Al's store and she didn't have to pay for them [407]
Branson Bugle npr a magazine [1108]
"Brasil: Land Of Rubber And Sunshine" npr a geographical report written by Bud [214]
"Breast Gladiators" npr a show [521]
"Breast Monsters" npr a show [521]
"Breasts" npr title of a TV-series created by Al Bundy where he wants "to work personally with it" [610]
Breast Virginia npr a state where Al wanted to go [605] (< breast + West Virginia)
Brenda npr the woman who moved in the former house of the Johnsons; she asked Al to help her [509]
Brian npr a son of Jimmy (1); one of Kelly's dates; he wants that she gets a tattoo ("Brian"); he's a son of Mae West and a zombie (according to Al) [211]
"Bridge Ends Here" npr title of a book read by Al [607]
"British Babes Need Discipline" npr title of a movie on the Bundy World Tour [622]
Broke Cha Cha Cha npr a dance (for Al) [419] ?
broken egg adj+noun a symbol for the male brain thinking about marriage (according to Al) [418]
brother noun the address of members of B.A.D. [307]
brown adj
(1) color of the Dodge [305, 409, 522, 603, 623, 715, 809, 817, 902]
(2) Peg's real hair color
(3) the color of the first not-working second-hand-car that Al bought before he got his brown Dodge [409]
(4) color of the water in the Bundys' house [708]
Brunhilda npr a name for Peg given by Al [606]
Bruno npr
(1) the care-taker of Kelly's school; she wanted to date him [313]
(2) Als fictional prison-mate [524]
Bubble Double Dee npr a typical working woman (according to No Ma'am) [809] (< bubbles [tits] + DD [bra measure])
Bucato, Bobby npr one of Kelly's dates; he's the boyfriend of one of Kelly's friends [316]
Buck npr the first dog of the Bundys [-1003]; he's Bud's dog [201] and should be castrated [201]; once he got a catalog for underwear, a representative wanted Buck to vote for him, a realtor wanted to sell him a house and a credit institute sent him a credit card [216]; he's the Shoe-Dog of the Shoe family [408]; Buck's toilet is the garden of the Bundys (according to Marcy) and/or the garden of Marcy (according to Al) [512]; even other dogs are using Marcy's garden as a toilet (accoring to Al) [524]; he gets "Nutrition Dog Food 50% More Cat Parts" [606]
buck-naked adj to be without Buck (according to Kelly) [811] (< bucknaked)
Budafuoco, Joey npr Bud's alter ego 1992 [803] (< Joey Buttafuoco + Bud)
Bud Chops npr a meal; Kelly is so hungry that she wanted to eat Bud [317]
Buderace npr Bud's alter ego 1988 [803] (< Bud + Liberace [deceased gay entertainer])
Bud Light npr one of Bud's pseudonyms [506] (< Bud Bundy + Budweiser Light [a beer])
Bud Minister B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al) [603] ?
Budrich npr a variation of Bud's name by Al [820]
Budro npr pseudonym for Bud [1102]
"Buenos nochos!" expr Good night! (in Spanish according to Kelly) [511]
Bulls-Pistons npr Bud wanted to go to this game, because he didn't believe that the Valentine's card from April May June was not faked by Kelly [217]
Bullwinkle npr CIA-codename for Jefferson [820, 914]
Bumblebee npr Bud's name as a wrestler [1007]
BUN acro Bud's favorite TV-station; abbreviation for "Big 'Uns Network" [1021]
Bundo npr alter ego of Al in the Old West [824] (< Bundy + Hondo)
bundy v/t
(1) to make a Bundy out of a person; Al to Steve: "We'll bundy you up." [209]
(2) to steal, e.g. "Don't bundy that book." [302]
"Bundy!" expr a curse (according to Kelly's friends) [316]
Bundy, Al npr a middle aged husband and father of two kids; he's a shoe salesman and he hates women (especially fat ones in his store) and loves girls; besides he hates his life [518, 521*] and his wife, but he never cheated on her (and he never would) [612]; he likes beer [319, 404, 506, 518, 604, 607], juice [101, 204, 208, 211, 409], bowling [405] on Thursday [212], fishing [301, 314, 512*], violence [308, 501, 502, 507], pizza with a lot of chesse [505, 508], picking his ear [601 with a pencil], putting his right hand into his pants [101] and going to the nudie bar [607]; he showers very rarely [513*], he lies and refuses to hug anybody; he smoked as a child [322]; he snores thru the nose, mounth and ears [502]; he works at Gary's Shoes in the New Market Mall and often talks about fat women and his job [501]; sometimes he thinks of suicide [101], being dead [521*, 807] or has strange nightmares [422]; he told his mother that he wants to become the President of the United States of America [314]; he was collecting baseball cards as a child [214] and records (45 rpm) [518]; he wants his own room [217] and a mini washer for his socks [601]; he frequently talks about scoring four touchdowns in a single game (number 33) with the "Panthers" versus "Andrew Johnson High", where his team won the High School City Championship [516]; he was Polk High Panthers' Most Valuable Player in 1966 [418], at that time, he was 18 years old [804, 17 years old in 516**]; besides he was New Market Mallers' Most Valuable Player in 1983 and 1990* [504]; zodiacal sign: cancer [804]; he prefers white 2-ply toilet paper [415] and his favorite toilet paper is "Aurora White" [618, 722]; his favorite TV show is "Psycho Dad"; besides he has to cry when he sings the hymn of the USA and [401] and if he listens to the theme of "Lassie" [811] or watches "Shenandoah" [623], "Shane" or "Bambi" [612]; he never gets the chance to watch "Hondo" on TV [222, 824]; he drives a Dodge but he's not the owner yet [804]; he has an "I'm Married - Shoot Me" t-shirt [316], an "I Fish Therefore I Am" t-shirt [914, 1011], a "Kiss The Cook - Kill The Wife" apron [401] and once Marcy gave him a "Stay In School Or This Could Be You" t-shirt [1009]; as he wrongly blew up the sign "Al Bundy Field" three organisations wanted to prevent the re-erection: the "National Organisation of Women", the "National Organisation of Fat Women" and the French Government [1009]; sometimes he or other people use nicknames: e.g. Al "The King" Bundy [107 given by Luke, 420 by himself], Al "Icky" Bundy [113 given by Spike ?, 420 on a fictional TV-show], Al "Dan'l" Bundy [403]; Al "The Starving Shoe Salesman" Bundy [417]; Al "Hercules" Bundy [501 given by Yvonne, a blonde woman in his dream], Al "Daddy" Bundy [604 given by Kelly]; sometimes he mentions God [322, 401, 408, 411, 503, 524] or prays [517, 518, 520, 607]; once he thought that he has seen God [608]; he loves Buck [606], eats dog food [606] and even wants to be a dog [423, 513*, 525*]; he was drunken on the day of his marriage [612] and when Bud was conceived [504]; besides he saved the Earth and a hundred other planets by providing his smelling socks to some aliens [507]; he never goes to elections [514*] and does not pay taxes [514*], but once he was the Godfather of the Jeopardy Lane [514]; he doesn't like French people [513, 515]; an uncle of Peg pointed a gun at him on the day of their marriage [515]; once he worked as a security guard at the Polk High School [516] and as a cleaner [611]; sometimes he's falling from the roof or out of the window [608] or has migraine [611]
Bundy, Al "Dan'l" npr one of Al's pseudonyms (given by Bud) [403] (< Al Bundy + Daniel Boone)
Bundy, Alf npr Al Bundy; the sixth person that was contacted for the Polk High Homecoming Dance in order to introduce the new vice president [418]
Bundy, Amadeus npr one of Al's relatives; when Graham Bell took out a patent for the telephone, Amadeus Bundy tried to get a patent for shouting as a cheaper alternative [603]
Bundy, Axl npr pseudonym by Al; member of the band "Shoes'n'Socks" [709]
Bundy, Billy-Ray npr Bud's alter ego 1993 [803] (< Billy-Ray Cyrus + Bundy)
Bundy, Bud npr short for Budrick [209, 218, 524, 806, 815, 1115]; the intelligent son [101] of Al and Peg ; he hardly gets a chance with girls, so often he has to peep [207, 421]; he's a member in the Pussycat Theatre for lifetime [209]; he had a gold-fish [215]; once he got A, A, A and B in his school report [218]; his birthday was given as 22 th January [703]; his middle name is Franklin [806, 1015]; he has a "Run 'Em And Wreck 'Em Rally" [113], a "Reepers" t-shirt [512], a "Georgetown" t-shirt [603] and a "First In Line For Lovin'" t-shirt [611]; once he wore a "Bundy. Please Help Us"-sign [321]; besides he has a Ghostbuster cap [416], a Raiders jacket [603] and cap [604, 608]; he's the first Bundy on a college [319]; he went to Trumaine University [711-1021]; he is the president of his own "Alpha Gonna Get 'Em" fraternity [706] and he joins "Delta Delta Sigma Pi" [804]; he reads a lot of magazines for men [423, 522*], e.g. Danish magazines [423]; he's dreaming of an own apartment, a corvette and Miss February [523]; he worked at the Department of Motor Vehicles [902] and was fired later [1001] as he worked too much; he plays in the soccer team "Reepers" [512, 513]; he has several latex dolls [603, 605, 701] and his doll Isis J. Blowupdoll can be seen [703]; he wants to be the evil rapper "Grandmaster B." and says to know MC Hammer [521]; he worked as a chimney-sweep for a short time [1001]; the No Ma'am guys celebrated his first "sleep-over" [1021]; he sold "Star Maps" for 25$; he had a short love-affair with Gary [1110]; he slept with Crystal [521], Janie [713], Dee Anna [725], Amber [904], Ashley [1008], Esmeralda [1013] and Ariel [1021]; his TBC-test has been positive [1111]; his clothes are from La Petite Puff [? 524]
Bundy, Eddie npr an aunt of Al [613]
Bundy, Edwin npr an uncle of Al; he was an illustrative object on a college [319]
Bundy, Eugene npr a relative of Al; probably a cousin; the father of Stymie Bundy Junior; he was in prison and married Ms. Penza [511]
bundyfy v/t to sleep with a woman [521, 524]; Al to Bud: "You mean that was you bundyfying that girl over there?" [521]
Bundy, Prof. Ginger npr pseudonym of Kelly for Bud's university; she's an astronautics expert [1005]
Bundy, Headless npr Bundy, Wrong Way
Bundy, Heather npr an aunt of Al; wife of Joe Bundy [613]
Bundy, Iggy npr a relative of Al; probably a cousin [511]
Bundy, Indiana npr Bud's alter ego 1990 [803] (< Indiana Jones + Bundy)
Bundy, Jebediah npr Al's grandfather [616]
Bundy, Jimmy npr a cousin of Al [725]
Bundy, Joe npr a deceased uncle of Al; husband of Aunt Heather [613]
Bundy, Kelly npr the pretty daughter of Al and Peg; she is (artificially) blonde and very dull [602*, 612*], but she can fall in love with several guys during one night; she has the Bundy forehead (like a dolphin) [113]; Al calls her lovingly "pumpkin"; she could be "a wooden toy" or "the other woman" according to her careers adviser [206]; twice she got at least three F and a D in her school report [218, 305]; Al confounded her hair with straw after seeing Peg's mother naked [222]; she has a "Property Of Chicago Jail" shirt; once she wore a "This Is Our Father. Please Give"-sign [321]; she was conceived in the Dodge [419], her birthday was given as 27th November [703] (but February** in 420) and she was born backwards [420] in the Bundys' garage [419]; she admits that she is the stupidest girl in America [406]; according to Al her IQ is lower than the temperature when she is having fever [501]; she is a member of a sorority [422]; her first boyfriend was Mikey Clemens [1110]; Kelly got her first job as a dancer in a rock video [414]; her first serious job is a weather girl [419], then she graduated from high school [502]; she was a model [506, 521, 524, 604, 609], but didn't pass the smiling course [521]; she became the Allanté-girl [506]; later she worked as "The Verminator" [622-902] and performed this character for Pest Boys Extermination Co.; later she worked as a waitress [708-804]; she attends the Larry Storch School of Acting and was "The Student of the Month" [916]; she was very sad because of Buck's death, so her family gave her moths, ants, goldfish and the cockatoo Tweety as an alternative [1003]; once she impersonated Marie Curie [1005]; besides she likes cartoons [508, 610*, 612*], especially Garfield cartoons [416, 506, 520*, 1009], Yogi Bear [416] and Bugs Bunny [611]; she can smell money [321]; sometimes she dreams of being the President of the United States [505], but she doesn't know the difference between "earning" and "paying" [506] and between "on" and "off" [509, 602]; her name is pronounced "Kellee" according to herself (in front of the vice presidents of Weenie Tots Inc. [517] and the Hubbard kids [521]); she's a very good pool billiard player [604], but she could read not before the age of 10 [612]
Bundy, King Kong npr
(1) a wrestler not related to Al Bundy [1007, 1012?]
(2) Peg's nickname (according to Al) [1012?]
Bundy, Leicester npr a relative of Al; probably a cousin [511]
Bundyland npr an idea of Al for a theme park; "the happiest place on earth" [423] (< Bundy + Disneyland)
Bundymobile npr the car of the Bundys [503]
Bundynomics npr "The minute a Bundy has good luck he immediately starts building up an equal amount of bad luck. That's simple Bundynomics." [804] (see also The Bundy Curse - 3)
Bundy, Peggy npr short for Margaret [1008, 1010]; Al's wife; she's very lazy; she smokes [101, 102, 105, 106, 109, 110, 206, 212, 219, 303, 304, 307, 311-314, 316, 401, 402, 408, 409, 416-418, 421, 423]; she prefers buying new clothes to washing them; during the day she likes to watch all the day time talkshows (e.g. "Oprah"), eating tons of bonbons (without getting fat, though); her red hair used to be brunette [615]; she is attracted by handsome young men [523] (e.g. Mel Gibson [515, 516]), but just like Al she would never cheat on her partner; she had her own dark brown car [103, 208, 221, 407, 502, 515, 520]; she wins a red Chrysler convertible [220, reappears in 502]; her maiden name is Wanker and her family is from the rural Wanker County, Wisconsin, "where everyone is relative" [507]; she's the "Bumper Queen" of the Bundys' insurance [208]; her favorite bra is called "Fancy Figure 327" [306] and she was Miss Teenage Wanker [1113]; she plays accordion [503, 512] and sometimes she is singing [401, 417]; her birthday is on 12th April [703 only month, 1116]; she has a mystery pack in the refridgerator [415], whose hallucinating content is eaten by the band Anthrax [619]; she worked at Muldin's [108] for a short time; she can smell money [321]
Bundy, Poo npr an aunt of Al; on Christmas Eve the Bundys did find an old fruitcake made by Aunt Poo [213]
Bundy, Reginald npr a pseudonym by Bud; reviewer of the Times [721]
Bundy, Sheila npr a cousin of Al [613]
Bundy, Spex npr a name for Al given by Bud when Al wore glasses [607]
Bundy, Steve npr a pseudonym for Steve Rhoades in order to play bowling; a "cousin" of Al, but he's an adopted Bundy; Steve: "That would explain my hygiene, grammar and my ability to walk upright." [209]
Bundy, Stymie C. npr a rich deceased uncle of Al; he was the only male Bundy that died because of natural causes; he was never married (that's the reason according to Al); Kelly pronounced his name "Steemie"; Al called him "Uncle Buckwheat" or "Uncle Gang", Kelly "Uncle Spanky" [511]
Bundy, Stymie Junior npr the son of Eugene Bundy and Miss Penza; he is "the product of our greed" (according to his mother) [511]
Bundy Sunday Funday expr a special day proclaimed by Al [623]
Bundy, Tito npr Bud's alter ego 1989 [803]
Bundy, Wrong Way npr one of Al's relatives; the real inventor of the gun, but he never knew where he should shoot, so was named Headless Bundy [603] ?
Bundy, Yul npr a name for Bud if he had to sell all his hair (according to himself) [415] (< Yul Brynner + Bundy)
Bundy, Zeppo npr the fourth Marx brother = Al (according to himself) [319]
Bup npr
(1) a name for Bud used by Kelly when she was talking about him [509]
(2) a pseudonym by Bud when he called the "People To Laugh At" show [608]
Burgermeister B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Peg) [603]
Burger Trek npr a fast food chain where Al had a job, later also Peg; slogan: "To go where no burger went before" [314]
Bushwacker B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly) [603]
Bus Station npr a (nudie) bar where Al and Jefferson went to, because their wives were pregnant [602]
Burned Beyond Recognition npr a band; Kelly and Bud wanted to buy a ticket for the concert [822]
Burnt Siena npr the color of the Dodge [803]
Buruth, Bob npr the king of the fortune-tellers from the south; one of the five important fortune-tellers in Chicago [618]
Butter npr pseudonym of Peg's mother on her hotline [1012]
Buttwagger B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)