cabin boy-girl noun Marcy's function on the pirate ship [718]
Cadillac npr the car that Peg wanted when Al said that he is going to buy a new car [409]
calorically challenged expr fat (politically correct) [1001]
campignons noun champignons (according to Kelly) [402]
Camp Squahary npr a camp where Steve was as a child [403]
Campy's Yardsale npr the place where Peg bought a globe-like ash-tray [423]
Candy npr the girl that participated in the "You Can't Miss"-show [717]
Canock npr possibly Marcy's maiden name (according to Al) [205] ?
Canyon, John npr the captain of the airplane from Chicago to New York City [309]
"Can You Top This?" npr a game played by three gods; "One said »Let's make him a shoe salesman.« The next one said »Let's give him a red head. « And then one god, probably a cruel hungover god, said »I know, I know, let's not let him eat yet never starve.«" (Al) [602]
Captain Biology npr a wrestler that should fight against King Kong Bundy [1007]
Captain Courage npr alter ego of Al [718]
Captain Hank npr a captain that should marry Marcy and Jefferson in the Bundys' garden via a radio set [512]
Captain's Table npr a bar where Al and Peg wanted to go [101]
car noun a place where Al has no wife and no kids [221]
Carl npr the name of the postman (according to Peg) [521]
Carla And Her Amazing Disappearing Vegatables npr a rock band and a stripper (according to Bud) [810]
Carlito npr Al's nickname for Carlos [1022]
Carlos npr one of Kelly's dates, but it seemed as he would not be interested in her [1013, 1022]; he helped Al to build a doghouse for Lucky [1022]
Carol npr one of Bud's flames [218]
Carrie npr the character related to Kelly ("Pease In A Pod") [909]
Carter, Muffy npr the judge for the cause Bundy vs. Fitzwilly [503]
Cat npr alternative sure name for Peg, Kelly and Bud, because that is the only name Kelly can spell [809]
Cathy npr wrong name for Kelly by Matt [304]
Chad npr the quarterback of Tremaine Jacksons and one of Kelly's date; Bud gives him repetitional lessons [826]
Channel 7 npr the TV-station where "The Wheel Of Fortune" is broadcasted (according to Buck) [421]
Channel 67 npr the TV-station where Dr. Sandy works [308]
Channel 83 npr
(1) the TV station where Kelly worked as a weather bunny [419]
(2) the TV station where Miranda Cardinal works [1004]
Channel 99 npr the TV station in Chicago that originally produced Kelly's show [609?, 610]
Channel Master 2000 npr Al's remote control for the TV; "the Rolls Royce of remote controls" [609]
Cheerio Boobs npr a magazine for men (in England) [625]
Chernobyl Farms npr a farm that sells chicken with flippers and three drumsticks (7 cents a pound while the one with two drumsticks cost 1.19$ a pound) [305]
Chicago npr the city where the Bundys live [509]
Chicago Bears npr Al's favorite football team; he has a Bears-cap [321] and he sold his soul for them [1120]
Chicago Bulls npr a team; Al sent Marcy's pie to their dressing-room [217]
Chicago Cleavage npr Al's baseball team [911]
Chicago Daily Sentinel npr a newspaper [805]
Chicago's Milkolympics npr expression for women nursing their babies in Al's shoe store (according to Miranda Cardinal) [905] ?
Chicago's Ugliest Foot npr a competition where Al was one of the three judges; as a matter of fact that he thought that there would be a lot of beautiful women, he wanted to value by talent (2 points), by personality (2 points) and by tits (96 points) [422] ?
Chicago Tribune npr a newspaper [1025]
Chicago Vice npr the police department where Bud works (according to himself in front of Gloria) [202]
chicken noun nickname for Marcy (by Al)
Chico's Warehouse npr a warehouse where Peg bought a container [423] ?
Chipmunks Cookies npr cookies that a girl wanted to sell Al [410]
Chitty-Chitty-Cheese-Bang npr the pastry-shop (in Wisconsin) where Hans worked too [513]
Chris npr a guy on the beach; one of Kelly's flames, but he's not interested in her; he's "working" on the perfect brownness since he was 12 years old [321]
Chrysler Cabrio npr a red car won by Peg [220, 502]
Chuck npr the character related to Buck ("Pease In A Pod") [909]
Chuck's Cheese Shak npr a pastry-shop in Tenouse/Wisconsin (near Wanker County) where Hans worked for 24 years; he made Al's favorite cheese-cake [513] ?
Chucky Cheese npr a restaurant for children (especially for birthday parties) where Al eated sometimes [621]
Church Of No Ma'am npr church founded by the members of No Ma'am in order to be exempt from beer tax [1004]
CIA Discout Shop npr a store where Al bought a device in order to control every call to a radio station [1025]
Cindy npr one of Kelly's friends; her father is a bank-robber [302]; she was in Kelly's show; therefore she paid 10 $ [609]
clapper noun a device in order to swith off the light by clapping with the hands; the D'Arcys have a clapper [521]
Clark, Crystal npr a cover-girl; Bud photographed her for his calender "Women of Trumaine"; she was born as a man [1016]
Claudia npr Miss New York; she participated in the Miss Spring Break election [1018]
Cleaner Greener Chicago npr one of Marcy's civic action groups [825]
Clemens, Mikey npr Kelly's first boyfriend [1110]
Cliff npr a guy that called up Kelly [212]
Clips npr the hairdresser's shop of Peg, Marcy and Sonya (1) [405] ?
Club Bundy npr Bud (according to himself) [320]
Club Bud npr Bud's room [316] resp. Bud (according to himself) [523]
Clyde npr one of the homeless' in the New Market Mall [303]
Cobra npr one of Kelly's dates; his real name is Stanley [101]
Cockrain, Neill npr a man looking very old, but he's only 30 years old and has 8 children [410]
cockroach noun an insect living before mankind appeared and surviving it; the reason for this is because they eat junk (according to Al) and so do the Bundys [402]
Coco npr a cosmetics producer; a former Polk High student and Al's girl-friend; real name: Helen Granowitter [726]
Co-ed Softball Participant npr a trophy won by Al (after marriage) [302]
"Coffee Cup For Two" npr title of the movie watched by the Bundys on Kelly's birthday [721]
coffin noun "I'm a man and a man's home is his coffin." (Al) [402]
Collectibles npr an auction catalog [908]
Colonel Jugg npr pseudonym by Al as a manager of The Juggs [1108]
Come'n'Go Motel npr a motel in Wisconsin where Al and Peg went to [109, 113]
Commercial Land npr part of the theme park "TV World" where Kelly worked as the Verminator hunting roaches [622]
Constitutional Rights expr "The right to life, nudity and the pursuit of happiness." (Al) [809]
Consuela npr Al's name for Peg, because he told people she were his foreign housemaid [825]
cook v/t something Peg don't want to do; she cooks very rarely [404]
Cook County School For Interior Decoration npr a course taken by Peg (for 2000 $) [515]
Cool, Rick npr the DJ of K-FOSSIL [518]
copper-roof noun Peg (according to Al) [204, 207] ?
cops noun policemen
(1) "We're Bundys. We hate cops." (Al) [617]
(2) "We're Bundys. We don't call cops. People call them on us." (Peg) [617]
"Cops" npr title of one of Al's favorite TV-series [1106]
couch noun the only thing that loves Al, even if he's bald [307]
couch-inflammation noun a desease of Peg (according to Al) [416]
Court Jester B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Peg) [603]
craftmatic adjustible girl expr a name for Kelly (by Bud) [621]
Craig npr
(1) a former date of Peggy [211]
(2) a guy that called up Kelly [212]
Crazy Perzigian's Budget Dog Inn npr an animal shelter for Buck (for the time the Bundys went to England) [624]
Crossdresser B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)
Crystal npr Bud's first real woman; she went with him to a Vanilla Ice concert [521]
Cub 'Uns npr a magazine for men (in Cuba) [1109] (< Cuba + Big 'Uns < Cubans)
Curie npr a scientist that had not his own room; that's the reason why his wife got the Nobel Prize (according to Al) [106] (< Pierre Curie)

Dadgummit npr Fuzzy McGee's mule [710]
Dadmobile npr Bud's name for the Dodge [607]
Daily Chronicle npr a newspaper [909]
Daily Tribune npr a newspaper [1004, 1006]
Dallas, Jack npr a private investigator where Al had a job as a cleaner [611]
Dancer npr one of Santa Claus' companions (according to Al) [213]
Danish Dames Magazine npr a magazine [423]
D'Arcy, Jefferson npr the neighbour of the Bundys and Marcy's second husband [512-]; before his marriage, he was in prison [512, 804] for fraud [512]; at High School he played the triangle in the band; he's a member of No Ma'am (secretary); he is a classic gigolo; usually he can avoid to get a job, so he goes to the beauty salon all day; he was a CIA agent [1109, 1123] and his code name was Bullwinkle [820, 914]; he was fired as he couldn't kill Fidel Castro [1109]; he is also a National Guard lieutenant [1114]; his dad was a gigolo too and he died in a tanning booth [723]; his mom was an exotic dancer and was eaten in the nude by her snake at the airport [723]; he had an "I Love Mary" and an "I Love Marty" tatoo on his bottom [1019]
D'Arcy, Marcy npr the neighbour of the Bundys; she is very partner dominating; her first husband was Steve Rhoades [101-415] and her second is Jefferson D'Arcy; Al often teases her because of her flat chest [601, 602] and calls her a "chicken" [113, 402, 404, 410, 414, 416, 502, 519, 524*, 602, 606*]; once he wanted to flatter Marcy and called her a "turkey" [1009]; often she is confounded with a man [522]; she has a sister [419, 512] that is beautiful and a physician [419] and in her youth she had several dogs, e.g. Chester [423] and Winkums [614]; she is wearing contact lenses [520]; besides she has a gold fish [502]; she reads a lot [112, 113] and she hates baseball [214]; she goes to a psychiatrist [319]; she is very politically correct and fighting sometimes for fat or ugly women; other campaigns she supported were "Cleaner Greener Chicago" [825] and "Guns For Toys" [1008]; she owns an original Barbie doll [214]; she is an Elvis-fan and member of an Elvis fan-club [303]; she would cheat on Steve by sleeping with Elvis or Arnold Schwarzenegger [303]; she worked in "The Leading Bank of Chicago" [-204]; then she went to the "Kyoto National Bank" [204-], the greatest bank of Japan [1020], where she worked at the drive-in window for a while [408-501]; she drives a red BMW series 3 [516, 623, 724] and a Mercedes [1010, 1017, 1022, 1109, 1114, 1123] model SL with the license plate Illinois KDG 12 [1101]; she's a member of F.A.N.G. and calls herself a Republican [704, 925]; besides she was "The Mouth Of The Month" [404]; sometimes she is smoking [422]; the day after her marriage she wore a "I went to Clyde's no blood test needed wedding chapel and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" t-shirt [512]
David npr a name for Bud given by Al [606] (< ???)
death noun Al looked at a picture of Peg and saw the death [515]
"Death Wish 6" npr title of a TV-series watched by Al [1124]
Debbie npr
(1) one of Kelly's friends [109]
(2) one of Bud's flames; she's 18 years old [204]
Dee Anna npr Jimmy's new girl-friend [725]
Deliverance Hotel npr a hotel in Branson/Missouri where the Bundys stood; there is a "Ned Beatty Suite" and the gay concierge wanted to make a canoe trip together with Bud [1108] (< "Deliverance" [Ed O'Neill's first movie])
Delta Delta Sigma Pi npr a fraternity [804]
Dennis npr a restaurant mentioned by Kelly [311]
Derrick npr a man from Pioria that called the "People To Laugh At" show [608]
Devils 666 npr the football team of the devil; players: Eric the Red, Attila the Hun, Dschingis Khan, Brutus and Goliath [1120]
Devore npr name on a sweets box of Peg [312]
Dexter npr one of Al's sidekicks [822]
Dinner With Anthrax npr a contest won by Bud and Kelly [619]
Dishwasher B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.
Dixon, Alan L. npr the Secretary of State that signed Al's driving license [720]
Dodge npr Al's car [515, 603]; bought 1974 on Route 12; once the Dodge has been stolen, so Al told the insurance that he had a Stradivari and the "Mona Lisa" in the trunk [724]; the car was brown but turned red after a car washing in Traugott's Scrub House [917]; Al said that he had it already on the day of his 4 touchdowns triumph [1107]
Dodgenstein npr a Dodge "made from the parts of other dead Dodges" [817] (< Dodge + Frankenstein)
dog food nouns often eaten by the Bundys [606 Kelly and Bud]
"Dominique" npr one of Peg's favorite songs [102]
Donald npr one of Santa Claus' companions (according to Al) [213] (< Donald Duck)
Donatello npr the stuffed turtle of Bud (according to Kelly) [518] (< Donatello [one of the Ninja Turtles])
Dondito npr a guy that called up Kelly [212]
Donna npr the name of the reindeer of Santa Claus in the Lakeside Mall [213]
"Don't mess with a Bundy" expr the writing next to Heather McCoy only dressed with a towel [418]
Douglas, Buster npr the creator of Open Sesame, an aftershave used by Bud [505] ?
Dr. Angela npr a psychological radio show followed by Peg and Marcy [805]
Dr. Bundy npr a name used by Al and Peg in order to book a table in a restaurant [105]
Dream Magazine npr a magazine [915, 1005, 1009, 1011, 1012, 1110]
Dr. Fur npr a hair-restorer used by Steve and Al which consists of dog food [307]
Dr. Mustang npr a store for replacement parts where Al bought the little Mustang-horse [105]
Dr. Plierson npr the dentist of Marcy and Al [404]
Dr. Richelieu npr a marriage counsellor where the Bundys and Peggy's parents went [1013]
Dr. Sandy npr a TV-show on Channel 67 about erotic and weather watched by Peg [308]
Dr. Shoe npr a shoe telephone service by Al Bundy [408]
Dr. Spock npr the author of a book for mothers read by Peggy [606]
DTV abbr a TV-station watched by Al and the Grim Reaper; abbreviation for "Death Television" [807]
Duelling Banjos npr a band [301, 313] (< Duelling Banjos [refering to a scene from O'Neill's first movie "Deliverance"])
"Duke Of Earl" npr a poem recited by Al [609]
Dumpwater npr a town in Florida; murders every five years since September 1967 [202]; one of the attractions of this is city is "The House That Stands The Gravitation" [202] ?
Dust npr a scent for old women (according to Marcy) [921]
Dust Buster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by his date) [603]
Dweep npr one of Kelly's friends; he was in prison; "Human life means nothing to me!" [109] ?
Dynamite npr the name of Al's right fist [203]

Earv's World of Scrap npr a scrap-dealer where Al wanted to buy an old generator for his Dodge [803]
East Dakota npr a state of the USA (according to Kelly) [419]
Easy Eddy npr a former friend of Peg that wanted to date Al; she had the number 198 for Johnny B. Goods [113]
Easy Off Jeans npr the jeans produced by the Bennett familiy; commerical with Kelly Bundy [922]
Eau De Bring 'Em All On npr Kelly's perfume (according to Bud) [518]
Edna npr a former classmate of Peggy and Al [317]
Eduardo npr an employee of the beauty studio where Jefferson goes [704]
egg noun a symbol for the male brain (according to Al) [418]
Egg McBig 'Un npr Al's favorite burger [1105?]
Einstein npr a scientist that had his own room (according to Al) [106] (< Albert Einstein)
Einstein's Theory Of Relativity npr "Mom and Dad are my relatives, therefore I am." (according to Kelly) [322]
Elfineer npr one of Al's second jobs [1113] (< elf + engineer)
Eli npr a former classmate of Peggy and Al [317, 318]; he's a psychiatrist [318]
Elk Head Lodge npr the lodge where Al and Jefferson wanted to stay in order to fish [1011]
"Ellen And Her Dog" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]
Elmo npr a man who wanted to flirt with Peggy and Marcy in Las Vegas; he calls himself "The Wild Elmo" [417]
Elvis npr a dead singer; the king of Rock'n'Roll; once it looked like Al exuded a picture of Elvis; the Bundys tried to commercialize it; "Picture with sweat Stain" (20 $), "Elvis' you ain't nothing but a Hound Dog" (a hot dog), "Feed the dog that saw Lassie" (5 $), "Heartbreak Hotel" (Kelly's room) [303]
Elvis Tent Camp npr a tent camp in the Rhoades' house organized by Marcy [303]
Embassy Jewels npr a store where Al wanted to buy a wrist watch for Peg [103]
Ephus npr a city in Kentucky where the Bundys stopped on their trip to Dumpwater [202]
"Escape From New York" npr title of a movie [622]
Esmeralda npr the Spanish cousin of Carlos, one of Kelly's dates; she wants to go to a convent but couldn't resist Bud [1013]
Essence De Free Clinique npr one of Bud's aftershaves [518]
"Ethical Dilemma" npr a psychological game played by Al, Peg, Marcy and Jefferson; Al: "I don't want to spend the night with two people I can't stand - and Jefferson." [614]
Eugene npr
(1) an usher that participated in the "You Can't Miss"-show; he had one and a half woman [717]
(2) the pseudonym by Bud for the Virgin Hotline [907]
"Euritrea!" expr Heureka! (according to Kelly) [506] (< heureka: I got it [Greek])
Euryops npr a galaxy where the dangerous comet came from that was diverted by the aliens from Philydion [507]
Eviction Trust npr the credit bank where the Bundys got the money for their house from [704]
eyes noun Al's eyes are owned by a gas station; Peg has pawned them [305]