F expr Kelly's standard vote at school [218, 305, 319] (< failed)
Fancy Figure 327 npr Peg's favorite bra (by Francine's of Hollywood) [306]
F.A.N.G. acro Marcy's women's club; abbreviation for "Feminists Against Neanderthal Guys" [814]
Fanny npr one of Peggy's friends [212]
Farmer Iggy's Almanac npr a book read by Al [816]
Fat Charly npr one of Al's friends; he had the number 50 for Johnny B. Goods [113]
fat women adj+noun a topic often mentioned by Al [204, 303, 508, 607, 608, 612]
Fawn npr a former classmate of Kelly [1008, 1017, 1018] and admirer of Bud [1008, 1013]
FBI Agent Mahoney npr an FBI agent [617]
Feburary** noun the month of Kelly's birthday [420]
feet noun one of Al's smelling body-parts [205, 522]
Feetman npr a mentioned family; they made a yard sale too [423]
Felix D. Katt npr a Mouse Lawyer in heaven judging Buck [1003]
Femme npr a magazine read by Peg including a partnership test [512]
Fergie npr Al's toilet after Peg's re-decoration of the bathroom [515]
Ferguson npr Al's favorite toilet [305, 515]; his father had his own Ferguson too; produced in Maine; "the Stradivari of toilets", "the king of dumps" [305]; Al: "We are Americans. We have the right to use the best toilet-system in the world." [515]; Al knows what his toilet is thinking [515]
Fern npr one of Peggy's friends [212, 403]
Ferrari npr the car that Kelly wanted when Al said that he is going to buy a new car [409]
Festival Of The Big 'Uns npr a festival in Stompville where Peggy's mother was [606]
"Filth" npr title of a video-tape in the Hop-On-Inn [308]
Final Exit npr title of a book read by Al [611] and a man in front of the Lakeside Theaters [1006]
Final Vinyl npr a record store where Al has found his favorite song ("Anna") [518]
Finley npr one of the families living in the Jeopardy Lane; they have a Beagle [524]
Flap Jack Johnny's npr a restaurant where Peggy and Marcy ate [602]
Flashback npr a rich reverend for nudists that married Griff and his wife [1004]
flea circus noun Buck's job for the Bundy yard sale [423]
Flemming, Todd npr one of Peg's boyfriends [317]
flood v/t one of Al's regular mishaps [309 airplane]
Flopsy npr the blond secretary of Mr. Shnick of Weenie Tots Inc. [517]
Fluffy npr the blonde lover of Mr. Vandergelder [309]
Fluvio The Hunchback npr alter ego of Bud; he's the First Mate [718]
Food npr a magazine read by Peg [215]
Foodie's Supermarket npr a department store where the Bundys lived because they had no air conditioning and Al is the one millionth customer by cutting in front of Marcy [519]; there is a competition between the Bundys and the D'Arcys; the winner gets food and other things for 1000 $ [520]
Four 'Uns expr Bud reads an issue of Big 'Uns and sees double [1109]
"Forrest Hump" npr title of an x-rated film [907] (< "Forrest Gump" + hump)
FOX Viewing Position expr the family holds various pieces of metal and tin foil around the living room in order to get FOX [909, 1005]
Fraggle's Of Hollywood npr an underwear store mentioned by Peggy [522] ?
France npr "It's a foul little country but they sure do know how to write a check." (Al) [406]
Francine's Of Hollywood npr a shop for underwear in Oconomowoc (Wisconsin); slogan: "If you got the boulders, we've got the holders." [306]
Frankenstein's Son npr codename for Bud [1009]
Freddy npr Bud's gold fish; it died when Bud was 5 years old [317]
Friday noun the days when the Bundys eat (according to Al) [314]
Frosty No-Man npr a name for Marcy (by Al) [505]
full-back noun Al's football position [304]
future welfare hustler expr Kelly (according to Bud) [502] ?
Fuzzy npr a man mentioned by Al [523] (< Fuzzy McGee)

Gale Sayers Middle School npr Robby Bennett's school [922]
garbage man noun
(1) the job that Al has (according to Peg) [317]
(2) the job that Al wants, but he failed the aptitude test [320]
garbage salesman noun Al's job (according to himself) [318]
"Garfield Spools The Picnic" npr the title of a comic book given to Kelly by Vinnie [518]
garlic noun the taste of Al's socks [1008]
Gary npr Al's boss [111]; she is a top businesswoman [906, 916,1001] and is #401 of the Forbes 400 [906]; she is definitely a woman; in earlier episodes Al's boss seemed to be a man (Gary survived a plane crash [111] and Al sends flowers to his widow)
Gary's Aerobics Studio npr the aerobics studio next to the shoe store; both are owned by Gary [1001, 1116]
Gary's Angels npr a bowling team; players: Al, Jefferson, Bob, Griff, Bud (reserve) [924?]
Gary's Happy Soles Footwear npr a factory for shoes where children work owned by Gary [1102]
Gary's Shoes And Accessories For Today's Woman npr the store where Al works [303, 407, 422, 509, 525, 612, 723]; slogan: "Shoes to fit every foot" [303]; once the store seemed to be sold [723] and another time Al renamed it "Gary's Shoes and Accessories for Today's Men" [906]
Gaspasser B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al)
George npr an ugly guy that sent a Valentine's card for Kelly [217]
George's Diner npr a place where Jefferson should work [1024]
George S. Patten High School npr a high school with a football team; the team has been renamed to "Jackie O. First Ladies" [910]
Ghostbuster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly) [603]
gillis noun cheese additive (according to Al) [519]
Ginevra npr the name of a pin-up in one of Al's magazines; he told Peg that her name should be Ginevra [511]
Gino npr the killer of The Mob [1014, 1015]
Girlie Girl npr official No Ma'am beer [921, 1004]
Girls With Big 'Uns npr a magazine for men [707, 820, 823]
Gloria npr Bud's friend in Dumpwater; he told her that he's a millionaire [202, 203]
God npr the creator of the mountains, the lakes and the beer (according to Al) [523]; once Al thought that he has seen God [608]
Godawful npr a clothing store where Kelly and Bud bought some gifts for Al [814]
God's Cathedral expr the garden of the Bundys (according to Al) [512]
God's Shoes npr a product invented by Al Bundy (after regaining consciousness after a fall where he saw God and the perfect shoes); he designed these shoes in a period of 40 days and 39 nights (one night he watched a football match) [608]
godzilla v/t to go or move; used only for fat women (< Godzilla [Japanese monster])
goegraphy noun geography (according to Kelly) [322] ?
"Go Griff" expr writing on t-shirts sold by Jefferson [1025]
Good Ship Hooter Pop npr a special kind of roller coaster; "If my left me, I'd jump on the Good Ship Hooter Pop. I'd have a smile on my face and a face on my smile." (Al to Peg's father) [1002]
"Goody Goose" npr title of a book that Kelly read for the Hubbard kids [521]
Goofy npr one of Santa Claus' companions (according to Al) [213]
"Go Panthers - Dance Friday night after Homecoming game" expr writing on a paper at the Polk High School [516]
"Go to college on Mars" expr writing on a paper at the Andrew Johnson High School [516]
Grandbastard B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly) [614]
Grande Clown npr Yvette's nickname for Myron [406]
Grandfather B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al) [604]
Grand Flasher B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by his blonde date) [603]
Grandma B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)
Grandmarshall B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Peg) [603]
"Grandma's Frozen On The Portal Step" npr title of a song performed by a country singer [813]
Grandmaster B. npr one of Bud's alter egos [603, 604, 607, 608, 611, 803]; the rapper from the streets of New York; the B. stands for "brother of an idiot" (according to himself, because Kelly asked what the B. stands for) [603] (< Grandmaster Flash + Bud)
Grandmaster Virgin npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly) [616]
Grandpappy B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly) [607]
Grange, Rhett npr Matt thought Al would be Rhett Grange [304]
Granowitter, Helen npr Coco
Grasshopper B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al) [604]
Gravedigger B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.
Great Red Pregzilla npr a name for Peg (by Al) [605]
Great White Hooter Hunter npr a name for Al (according to himself) [602]
Great White One With One Sock npr Al's alter ego on Borneo [313]
green adj
(1) the color of the tiles in Al's toilet-room [305]
(2) the color of some of Al's teeth [309, 404]
(3) the color related to Al's luck (according to Madame Olga) [309]
(4) the color of the second not-working second hand car that Al bought before he got his brown Dodge [409]
(5) the color of the cheese in the mouse-trap of the Bundys [415]
(6) the color of Al's socks [507]
(7) the color of Al's underpants
"Greensleeves" npr Steve's favorite song [403]
Griff npr Al's sidekick at Gary's Shoes and a member of No Ma'am [904-906, 911, 913, 914, 916, 917, 921, 923-925, 1001, 1004-1007, 1012, 1015-1019, 1021, 1023, 1025]; he's lefthander [924] and divorced [904, 905, 911, 1007]; his ex-wife got his last name, so he's just called Griff [1114]
Grillton noun hell [1120] (< grill + Hilton)
Grinchmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by a TV host)
groovy adj the only word people used in the 60ies (according to Kelly and Bud) [318]
Grushoe Memorial Field npr a football field where Al, Jeff and Thad played football against Jack and his team; referee: Bud [910]
G-spot noun 10-spot (according to Kelly) [321]
Guccione, Flint npr editor of "Big 'Uns" [1025] (< Bob Guccione [editor of "Penthouse"])
Guido npr the doorman of the Hop-On-Inn [308]
Guns For Toys npr one of Marcy's civic action groups [1008]
gymnastics noun no kind of sport according to Al; men interested in gymnastics are like women [402]
gyno-American noun/adj American woman [814] (< gyne: woman [Greek] + American)

Habib npr a name for a (colored) foreign person [623, 723]
Habib-shirt npr a shirt with the name "Habib" on it; a negative symbol for Al [623]
"Hail baby!" expr the traditional greeting in front of Peg [605]
Hair! syn No! (used by the members of B.A.D.) [307]
Hakbar The Monster npr the king of the tarot-cards from South Wisconsin; one of the five most important fortune-tellers [618]
Halle npr a pin-up girl for the Church Of No Ma'am [1004] (< Halleluyah)
Hammond Indiana Film Festival npr a film festival where Al won 10000 $ [925]
Handyman's Workbench 5000 npr a workbench "assembled" by Al and Jefferson [620]
Hans npr the man that makes Al's favorite cheese-cake [513]
Happy Brat Toys npr a store in the New Market Mall [111]
"Happy Hookers Go To Washington" npr title of a movie on the Bundy World Tour [622]
Harriette npr a name for Peggy given by Al [606] (< ???)
Harris npr the guy that should make an "I Love Marcy" tatoo for Jefferson but he wasn't able to tatoo a "C" [1019]
Hawaii Contest expr a contest in Steve's bank; the deadline was 2 pm [408]
Haynes, Ironhead npr the author of the "Ten Commandments Of The Church Of No Ma'am" [821]
Haynes' Underwear Darning Set npr something Al bought in a shop; it was too much for his credit card, because Peggy bought too many things [521] ?
Hearty Pup npr Buck's dog food, also eaten by Al [606]
"Heavenly Darkness" npr the only movie (on Beta) the Rhoades could bring for the "Bundy Night at the Cinema" [315]
Heidi npr the girl that repared the refridgerator of the Bundys; she's young and beautiful; Al and Steve are watching her drinking beer [206]
Helga npr Kelly's turkey [1111]
hell noun a topic often mentioned by Al [204]
Hell Hole National Park npr a park in New Mexiko (near Lucifer) [523]
Helluary noun name of a month; Al: "For me it's been one long continuous year since I got married. Actually, a long month: Helluary." [502] (< hell + january/february)
Hemphley's npr a department store; Marcy advised Peg to go there [705]
Henderson npr a family living in the Jeopardy Lane [513, 524]
Henry npr
(1) father of Marcy [710]
(2) a gate-keeper that participated in the "You Can't Miss"-show; he had one woman [717]
Herbert npr a member of B.A.D. [307]
"Heureka!" expr a phrase used by Al in Lucifer/New Mexico [522] (< heureka: I got it [Greek])
Higgins npr he works at Scott'n'Gary selling cars [409]
histerical blindness noun Al's state seeing Peg's mother naked in the bathroom [222]
Holly npr a girl known by Kelly and Bud; her father founded his own company [508]
hombres noun the name for Al and Steve driving a Mustang '65 [105]
Homeplate Athletic Shoes npr a store that Al wanted to buy with his 12000 $ for early retirement [723]
Home Pregnant Test npr a test used by Peg and Al; Kelly showed Al how to use it [511]
Home Shopping Network npr Peg's favorite TV-channel
"Home Sweet Hell!" expr a phrase said by Al in front of their house [404]
"Hondo" npr title of a movie directed by John Farrow and released on 27th November 1953; starring: John Wayne, Geraldine Page, Ward Bond, Michael Pate, Lee Aaker, James Arness and Rodolfo Acosta; content: Army despatch rider Hondo Lane discovers a woman and her son living in the midst of warring Apaches and he becomes their protector; Al's favorite film [221, 222, 824]
"Hooter Monsters From Jupiter" npr title of a movie that Al and Jefferson wanted to watch [521]
Hooters npr the name of a nudie bar [811]
Hooters In High Heels npr a magazine for men; Al tried to save the money for the new issue [705]
hoover noun/syn Peg (according to Al) [221]
Hop-On-Inn npr a motel [308]
"Hot Girls" npr a movie watched by Al [206]
Hot New Boats npr a magazine read by Al [826]
"Hot Talk With April" npr radio show of WHIP [926]
Howard Bowman's Motel Suite npr a restaurant where Al ate (spoiled) mussels [1020]
"How Do I Love Thee" npr a show hosted by Bink Winkleman where the object is a Bundy natural: surviving torture [220]; the Bundys have won a bowling shot, a wrist watch, a toaster, a tumble-drier and a car [220]
Hubbard npr a family with at least seven children (January, March, April, May, June, July, December); Kelly was their baby-sitter [521]
"Hugh Grant Blows The Blues" npr a tape that Al wanted to buy [917]
Hulot npr one of the families living in the Jeopardy Lane; they're French [423]
human hand-wash expr a name for Kelly (by Bud) ?
human trampoline expr a name for Kelly (by Bud) [418]
humma noun/syn bread (in Al's archaic language he's using when his mouth is full of food)
Hummer npr a friend of Bud; they went to Fort Lauderdale [1017, 1018]
Hungry Puppy Dog Food npr dog food; commerical Kelly Bundy as a dog (instead of Lucky) [1011]
Hungry Undie npr an underwear store where Peg and Mary went shopping [912]
Hunkstrom, Sven npr a good baseball player; he should play instead of Al; Peg liked him [504]
Hurricane Hole npr a place in Sweetbucket (Florida) with time sharing apartments; Bud and Kelly got Al and Peg a second honeymoon there in order to have the house for themselves for the "Dinner with Anthrax" [619]