"I am blind!" expr
(1) Al's standard phrase if he sees a naked, ugly woman [222 Peg's mother, 714 Peg's and Marcy's bottoms]; once Jefferson sprayed a deodorant into Al's eyes [520]
(2) a phrase used by Kelly because she tried to take a picture and flashed into her eyes [420]
Ice Hole npr a beer; commerical with Kelly Bundy [903]
Ida's npr chips eaten by Al [102]
idiot noun some one like Al (according to Peg) [423]
Ike npr a friend of Al and member of No Ma'am (Sargeant at arms) [911-914, 921, 925, 1001, 1004, 1005, 1007, 1012, 1015, 1019, 1021]; he's married and the name of his wife is Frannie; he's an Elvis-fan [1007?]
Illustrated Guide to Atlanta's Nudie Bars npr a guide to the nudie bars of Atlanta given to Al and Griff by Jefferson [1025]
I LOVE HER npr the car number of the BMW of Jefferson [516]
I LOVE HIM npr the car number of the BMW of Marcy [516]
"I love you" expr a phrase hardly used by the Bundys [217, Peg to Al, later Al to Peg]; Al thought the idea that he should say "I love you" to Peg came from TV-shows like "Phil" or "Oprah", but it was Marcy's idea [217]
"I'm A Woman, Hear Me Roar" npr one of Peg's favorite songs [102]
important adj to be a PhD. or a shoe salesman (according to Al); "I think it's a terrible world where someone without a high school diploma makes more than someone important like a PhD. or a shoe salesman." [419]
Insano npr a fictional baby-name
Instant Hair npr a hair-restorer used by Steve and Al [307]
intergalactic zoo adj+noun Al wanted to give Peg to the aliens for their intergalactic zoo, but they didn't want her [507]
Iron npr the name of Al's left fist [203]
Irv's Smelters npr a softball team playing against the New Market Mallers [504]
"I Shoot 'Em 'Cos They're Injuns" npr title of a movie with John Wayne [710]
Isis J. Blowupdoll npr Bud's "girlfriend" [701, 1002]; an "oh-so-lifelike-you-can-take- her-home-to-meet-mom" rubber woman (according to Kelly) [703]
"Is That Rudolph's Nose Or Daddy's?" npr title of a song performed by a country singer [813]
isuzu noun (alien language) an alien fuel made out of Al's old stinky socks [507]
"It's A Malcolm X-Mas" npr title of a movie for Christmas on the Black Entertainment Network [813] (< Malcolm X + X-Mas)
"It's A Wonderful Life" npr title of a movie watched by Peg but hated by Al; "It's a horrible life. Do you know the reason they never made a sequel? Because, when the guy came back, he killed himself. And this time he took that angel with him. This must be written by a woman. This stinks. It bites. It blows." (Al) [813]
"I want shoes!" expr the fat ladies' standard phrase in Al's shoe store [218]

Jack npr
(1) a former classmate of Peggy and Al; he's the husband of Conny Bender and Al's rival [317, 318]
(2) the half-back of the George S. Patten High School [910]
Jackie O. First Ladies npr a football team [910]
Jackson, Slick Stick npr a pool billiard player playing against Kelly [604]
Jacobsen 360 npr a lock "unlocked" by Bud and Kelly [318]
Jagger Richards, Bud npr a pseudonym by Bud in front of a lot of slutty girls [414] (< Bud + Mick Jagger + Keith Richards [Rolling Stones])
Jane Mansfield npr the name of a planet (according to Al) where he wanted to land [305]
Janie npr
(1) one of Kelly's friends [404]
(2) Jimmy's bride; she has made love to Bud twice [713]
Jasmin npr belly dancing alter ego of Peg [1112]
jealousy noun a feeling a real man never shows to a woman (according to Al); "Aaron, let me explain something to you. You don't know anything. Even if a man is jealous, he can never, ever tell that to a woman. Well, that's like saying »Here, here's a hand grenade. Put it down my pants.« Once they know you're jealous, they've got you by your Bobbit. You will have lost your last ounce of dignity and, like the once mighty Mahi Mahi, you'll end up on a Poo Poo platter in the Tiki hut of life." (Al) [814]
Jeannie npr a friend of Kelly; she was the perm victim in her TV-show [609]
Jefferson, Thomas npr a renaissance man, architect and songwriter (according to Bud in front of Kelly) [322]
Jenkins npr a family; Al used their garden as a toilet; according to Al it's a good place and the roses have won awards in that year [515]
Jennifer npr an imaginary friend of Marcy when she was a child [605]
Jeopardy Lane npr the street where the Bundys and the D'Arcys live [514]
Jibberish npr language spoken in Wanker County [815]
Jiggly Room npr the favorite nudie bar in Chicago of Al and No Ma'am [912, 1020]; for a short time the nudie bar was turned into a coffee house; "Boy, they really hit us where it hurts this time: turning the nudie bar into a coffee house." (Al) [809]; there is a silicon-free day on Thursday [912]
Jim npr
(1) pseudonym by Bud [302]
(2) one of Kelly's dates; he was the third in that week [422]
(3) a Radio presenter; Al destroyed the radio during his show [502]
(4) a little-known member of No Ma'am [809]
Jimbo npr one of Peg's and Al's former classmates [318]
Jimmy npr
(1) one of Peg's former classmates and dates; he has a "Peggy" tattoo; she stood him up so he had to marry another person called Peggy (she is fat); Peggy Bundy didn't recognize him ("Craig, Ted, Rodrigo?") [211]
(2) a man working for Channel 83 when Kelly was the weather bunny [419]
(3) a cousin of Bud and Kelly [725]
Jim's Bowlarama npr a bowling alley where Al went with Peggy on her birthday [420]
Jim's Bowling Alley npr Al's favorite bowling alley; the fact that he and his friends haven't been able to bowl on Thursday anymore (because it was women's day) was one of the reasons to found No Ma'am [809]
Jim's Fish, Chips And Insurances npr an insurance; besides he prepares cats but tells everyone it would be tuna [503] ?
Jimmy Dick And The Night Sticks npr a band [218]
Joanie And The Slashettes npr a band performing in Kelly's show [609, 610]; revised name: Joanie and the Hep Cats [610]; they performed following songs: "Star", "Bed", "Slut", "Death" [609], "Sex", "Milk" and "Book" [610]
Joe's Cocktail Lounge npr a bar where Steve (sailor) and Marcy (slut) went to for a role-playing [214]
Joey npr
(1) a friend of Bud [101, 217, 418]
(2) a boy that has thrown garbage consisting of old fish in front of the Bundys' house [213]
(3) one of the children camping with Al, Steve and Bud [403]
John Hancock Center npr a house in Chicago [308, 1008]; Steve and Marcy made love on the observation deck of this building [308]
Johnny npr a guy that sent a Valentine's card for Kelly; he's the cutest boy of Kelly's school (according to herself) [217]
Johnny B. Goods npr the Bundys' favorite fast food restaurant; Peg met there her dream-man and Al [113] (< "Johnny B. Goode" [a rock'n'roll song] + goods)
Johnson npr
(1) one of the families living in the Jeopardy Lane [104]; they left the street [509]
(2) a player of Irv's Smelters; he had the number 15 [504]
Johnson Impeachers npr the name of the football team at the Andrew Johnson High School [516]
John Wayne Movie expr Al's life (according to Steve) [208]
Jowl Boy npr nickname for Al (by Peg)
"Joy Slut Club" npr title of an x-rated film [907] (< Joy Luck Club + slut)
Juan npr he works for 555-STALLION [205]
Judy npr
(1) one of Kelly's friends; she dated the guy that Kelly wanted to date [113]
(2) Marcy's grandmother [605]
Jugs O'Plenty npr a magazine read by Bud [701]
Junior, Dan'l npr one of Bud's pseudonyms (given by Al) [403] (< Daniel Boone + Junior)
Jupiter, Jim npr a TV aerobics instructor; the healthiest man in Chicago; his show is watched by Peggy and Marcy [402]
junk food adj+noun the Bundys' standard food [301]
jurassic adj fat (used only by Al for women)

Kaiser npr an air conditioning from 1942; Al bought it for 17$ [519]
KDG 12 npr the license plate of Marcy's Mercedes SL (for the state Illinois) [1101]
"Keep 'Em Down" npr title of a book read by Marcy; full title: "Keep 'Em Down, Keep 'Em Down, Keep 'Em Down - A Woman's Guide To Happiness" [509]
Kellyna npr a variation of Kelly's name by Al [820]
Kennedy, Bud-Bud npr a pseudonym by Bud [714]
K-FOSSIL npr a radio station where Al wanted to know the name of a song ("Anna") [518] ?
KID 1 expr writing on a t-shirt of Kelly (in Al's nightmare) [601]
KID 2 expr writing on a t-shirt of Bud (in Al's nightmare) [601]
KID 3 expr writing on a t-shirt of the baby (in Al's nightmare) [601]
"Kids - You're Bigger Than They Are" npr title of a book read by Marcy [109]
KILL ME npr the car number of Peg's father; Al wanted it too [516] ?
King Al, Hammock 1, Bangkok expr Al's fictional address [1011] ?
King Roach npr Bud's job in the "Commercial Land" [622]
Kippy's npr a restaurant where Peggy used to eat for breakfast [219]
Klaus npr the name of Steve's Mercedes (according to Marcy) [321]
"Know Your Mouse" npr a book written by Mike Semon and read by Bud [215]
Konakai npr a sweetener used by the Bundys [102]
Kostrowski, Brenda npr the new (huge-hootered) neighbour of the Bundys; she lives in the house where the Thompsons lived [509]
"Kung Shoe" npr title of TV-series with a man wearing fighting footwear; created by Al Bundy [610] (< Kung Fu + Shoe)
Kyoto National Bank npr the bank where Marcy works [113, 204, 902, 1009, 1020]