L.A. abbr short for Long Island (according to Kelly) [522] (< Los Angeles)
Lady Briard npr a champion dog; the owner wanted to pay 10000 $ for Buck breeding with her [524]
Lake Chicamocomico npr a poisoned lake where Al bought a lot [112, 512, 517]; Al got the lot no. 31 [512]; Jefferson has been involved in this scandal [517]
Lake Chunky npr a place where Al wanted to fish [714]
Lakeside Mall npr a rival mall to the New Market Mall, "where shopping is not only fun, but a message" [213, 216]
Lance npr a member of B.A.D. [307]
Larry Storch School Of Acting npr a course taken by Kelly [909, 916, 925]
Larry Storch School Of Heating Plant And Air-Conditioning Repair npr a course taken by Gary, Al's boss [916] ?
La-sag-nee npr Lasagne (according to Kelly) [416]; an Italian meal
Las Bud npr Las Vegas (according to Bud) [417] (< Las Vegas + Bud)
Las-ga-nee npr Lasagne (according to Kelly and Vinnie) [518]
Leavin npr one of the families living in the Jeopardy Lane [617]
Leech Day npr Christmas (according to Al) [401]
Lefkowitz, Butter npr a girl that wanted to become Miss Weenie Tots; in front of the jury she said that she wants to be a woman doctor [517]
Lenhart, Barb npr a former classmate and rival of Marcy; she didn't like her [209]
Les Miserables expr name for Peg and Marcy (by Al) [925]
"Let's bowl!" expr a phrase often used by Al [209]
"Let's Put The Lights On The Trailer" npr title of a song performed by a country singer [813]
"Let us sit on your Nest Egg" expr writing "on" Marcy as a chicken in the window of her bank [902]
Lewis, Cheese npr Marcy's name as a referee [504]
librarian-killer noun an adequate job for Al (according to himself) [302]
library noun
(1) a synonym for a horse-race-track according to Al and Steve [221]
(2) a place where Kelly never wanted to go [318]
Lisfield, Mary Ellen npr one of Al's high school flames [802]
literature noun e.g. Garfield cartoons (according to Kelly) [518]
Littlefield Party npr a party for rich people where the Verduccis wanted to go; therefore Charlie had to kiss a fat woman [525]
Littlehead, Jeff npr a man that works for NBS and produced Kelly's show [610]
Little League MVP expr a trophy that Al won (before marriage) [302]
Lola npr
(1) a former classmate of Milton; he thought Kelly would be Lola, because she looked like a hippie [318]
(2) a blonde dancer in the "People To Laugh At" show that has seen God [608]
Long John Buck npr Buck's name on the pirate ship [718]
Lorraine npr a talkshow watched by Peggy with topics like "Men - Couldn't You Just Puke?" [416]
Louie npr one of Al's friends; he's a plumber [310]
Louis npr the name of the police man that Al gave 18 tickets, e.g. because his car radio was too loud [503]
Louise npr one of Peggy's Afroamerican friends [212, 403]
Lovely Zelda npr the blonde girl on the show "How Do I Love Thee" [220]
"Love Me For My Understanding"-Dress npr one of Kelly's dresses (according to Bud) [217] ?
Lower Uncton npr a town in England; the residents must kill the last male Bundys inside their city limits in order to end the curse [624]
lubricant noun used by Jefferson and Marcy [517*] and by Al and Peggy [518]
Lucifer npr a town in New Mexiko where the Bundys had to stop because Kelly caused an accident [522]; writing: "Lucifer/New Mexico. Days over 100° last year: 365" [523]
Lucky npr the second dog of the Bundys; reincarnation of Buck [1003-]
Lucky Bowling Socks npr Al's special bowling socks; they should expel ghosts from the basement [212]
Luyah npr a pin-up girl for the Church Of No Ma'am [1004] (< Halleluyah)

Madame Inga npr a fortune-teller using a crystal sphere; one of the five most important fortune-tellers in Chicago [618]
Madame Olga npr a fortune-teller invited by the Rhoades [309]
Madame Rachel npr a baby clairvoyant seen by Marcy and Peggy [602]
Madame Zelda npr a psychic scam that has been running by Jefferson D'Arcy [618]
"Madame Zousaka" npr title of a videotape Marcy had; Jefferson, Al and Peggy didn't want to watch this movie [521] ?
Maharadja Bundy npr alter ego of Al; "Why can't you have dreams like me? You know, where you're Maharadja Bundy. You know. And women with 4 hooters feed me Ding Dongs all day." [112]
Malaian A 2/20 Stilettos npr the shoes of Vanessa Van Pelt; they're so cheap that are only worn by beggars and wives of shoes salesmen[611]
Malone, Bonny npr a former classmate of Peggy; she had a baby before she graduated from school [421]
Mama Walton npr Peg (according to Al) [419] ?
"Man!" expr an invective (according to Marcy) [206]
Mandy npr
(1) an unattractive friend of Kelly; they went to a concert of Jimmy Dick and the Night Six [218]
(2) a cousin of Marcy [1122]
March, Terry npr a blonde girl; she's the reason why Kelly wanted to bleach her hair at the age of 7 [312]
Marcy B. Rhoades Aerobics Studio npr the fictional name for the new room in the Rhoades' house (given by Peg) [106] (< Marcy Rhoades + Susan B. Anthony Aerobics Studio)
Marcy's father expr Marcy didn't know his (biological) father [222]
Marcy's mother expr she had three husbands that commited suicide [101]; she wanted to marry again [204]; Steve didn't like her [222]; she ate a lot of eggs, maybe that's why Marcy has legs like a chicken (according to Steve) [222]; Marcy hates her [403] and she didn't love Marcy (according to ???) [512]; she is 60 years old and plays drums [406]; she used the money that earned Marcy during the summer for her other daughter's university [419]
Marilyn npr one of Kelly's friends [205]
Mark npr a speaker of WHIP [926]
Markowitz, Mad Thursday npr the king of the crystal spheres; one of the five important fortune-tellers in Chicago [618]
Marla npr Miss Detroit; she participated in the Miss Spring Break election [1018]
"Marry a redhead!" expr a curse (by Al) [314]
Mary npr
(1) an aunt of Marcy [512]
(2) the designer of the Bundys' couch; pronounced "Marý" [815]
Massey, Hiram S. npr a rich man in the hotel where Al and Peggy were (because of Buck's credit card) [216]
Mate Bundy npr the name for Al (given by the "captain") when he worked at Burger Trek [314]
Matt npr a football player (fullback); Kelly likes him, but he's not interested; Bud gives me repetitional lessons; his sure name may be Gibson [304]
Mavis npr one of Peggy's friends; they go to the same beauty salon [612] ?
Maxi Force 911 Easy Loader npr a bra that Peggy would wear if she won't be able to get a Fancy Figure 327 [306]
Mayor McCheese npr the mayor of Chicago (according to Al) [514]
McAbelly npr a name for Al given by Peg [220]
McBundy, Seamus npr an ancestor of Al that insulted a fat, ugly witch who then imposed a curse on the village and all future male Bundys; lived 1653 in Lower Uncton [624]
McCoy, Heather npr a beautiful girl that dated Bud; he wanted to revenge on her, because she has stolen his clothes and was running his underwear up a flagpole in the sixth class; five years later 75 students are still laughing at him ("I pledge allegiance to the underpants of the United Shorts of Bud Bundy.") [418] ?
McFee, Scooter npr the only Polk High football-player, that was as successfull as Al Bundy; later he killed a lot of people and was taken to a lunatic asylum [1009]
McFee, Winston npr a historian from Lower Uncton; Al named him wrongly Lucky Strike, Benson & Hedges, etc. [624]
McGee, Fuzzy npr one of Al's favorite actors [710]
McHackney, Thelma npr a former classmate of Peggy and girlfriend of Teddy (1) [318]
McKenn, Jim npr the second football player that was contacted for the Polk High Homecoming Dance in order to introduce the new vice president [418]
"Me And The Shiksa" npr a title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of the show when they were in Hollywood [610]
"Meet The Man That Met Andy Griffith" npr title of a show in Dumpwater; commercial on page 2 of the Dumpwater Floridian [202]
Meg npr the girlfriend of Aaron Mitchell before and after Angie; she looks like an Afro-American Peg [808]
Mel npr the character related to Al ("Pease In A Pod") [909]
Melvin's Tattoos npr a store where Kelly and Brian wanted to get a tattoo [211]
men noun all men are idiots (according to Kelly) [418]
"Men And Other Primates" npr title of a book read by Marcy [107]
Mercedes 500 SL npr the car that was hit by the Bundymobile [503]
micro-brain daughter nouns a name for Kelly (used by Bud) [517] ?
Midnight Madness Sale npr an idea of Al and Griff where they sell shoes disguised as wolves; Al's explanation: "Wolves - night - moon - shoes." [916]
Milton npr one of Peg's and Al's former classmates; he was a swot [318]
Milwaukee npr a city in Wisconsin where the Wankers live [107, 205]; Al to Peg: "The town they build around your mother." [408]
Mindy npr a former classmate of Kelly [1008, 1017, 1018]
Mini Puffs npr cereals not eaten by Al, because the pack was empty [315]
Miss Cheese npr a competition where Kelly wanted to participate in [604]
Miss Spring Break npr an award of Kelly; election in Fort Lauderdale [1017, 1018]
Miss Teenage Wanker npr an award of Peg [1113]
Miss Weenie Tots npr Kelly as the spokesgirl for Weenie Tots Inc. [517, 604]
Mitchell, Aaron npr one of Al's sidekicks; a Polk High graduate who sees Al as a hero [808]
"Mixed Up At The Hospital"-Theory npr Bud's theory that he's not the natural brother of Kelly; that must be Vinnie Verducci [518]
Mixmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by his blonde date) [603]
Model npr a magazine read by Kelly [308]
Modern Gal Weekly npr a magazine read by Kelly and Peg [716, 717, 721, 722, 919, 1005, 1014, 1020, 1022, 1023, 1110, 1114]
Modern Wife npr a magazine [722]
Monadixil npr a hair-restorer used by Steve [307]
Monday noun the day Kelly has a test (mathematics), so she decides on wearning a mini-skirt [415]
Monique npr
(1) one of Bud's faked dates; "she" is a shop-window dummy [320]
(2) an oversize model car pooling with Al [825]
Monty npr on a normal day Bud is dealing 3 card Monty at the old folk's home [319]
Moonbeam npr hippie-pseudonym for Bud [318]
Mopsy npr a black twin pin up appearing in one of Jefferson's dreams [605]
Morgan, June npr a former "friend" of Peg (from Wanker County); Al wanted to marry her, because he thought she was part of Jefferson's joke [1026]
Morgan, Kathleen npr a fat lady that Charlie Verducci had to kiss [525]
Morty npr the owner of Morty's Shoe Store [218]
Morty's Shoe Store npr a rival shoe store [218]
Motel 2 npr the place where Kelly and her friends stood [610]
Motorcycle Brides npr a magazine for men read by Al (mentioned by Peg) [511] ?
motor oil noun Al's 15th anniversary gift for Peg [619]
Mountain Spring Water npr Marcy's mineral water that Al had to carry to their shack [301]
Mountains, Rocki npr a huge-hootered striptease dancer [912]
Mount St. Helens npr a nickname for Steve (given by Marcy) [102]
Mr. Albino npr the name of Kelly's hairdresser (according to Bud) [310]
"Mr. Belvedere" npr title of TV-show; Al is not interested in this show, so he could sleep with Peg [405]
Mr. Blum npr a man trying to flirt with Peggy at the Polk High Homecoming Dance; he has an electrical shop [418]
Mr. Collins npr a man living in the Jeopardy Lane; he wears women's clothes [401]
Mr. Empty Pants npr a comic strip drawn by Peg and published in Modern Gal [716]
Mr. Fletcher npr the man that Peggy should marry (according to Kelly if Al is leaving her [405]
Mr. Fluffy npr the name of the cat of the Verduccis [525] (> Mr. Fluffy ["Unhappily Ever After"])
Mr. Foodie npr the owner of Foodie's Supermarket [520]
Mr. Freddy npr the barber of Russ [310]
Mr. Idiot npr name for Al; Peggy said "Idiot", but Al wanted to be called "Mr. Idiot" in his own house [404]
Mr. Lacious npr the barber of one of Al's friends [310]
Mr. Maurice npr the former hair-stylist of Marcy [405]
Mr. Mike npr name for a special part of Steve (given by Marcy) [201]
Mr. Puddin' Belly npr a nickname for Al (given by Peg) [509]
Mr. Rudnick npr the man that Peggy should marry (according to Bud) if Al is leaving her [405]
"Mrs. Assfire" npr title of an x-rated movie seen by Al in the videostore [907] (< "Mrs. Doubtfire" + ass)
Mrs. Donnelly npr a mentioned woman [408]
Mr. Shimokawa npr Marcy's boss; the chief of the Kyoto National Bank [1020]
Mr. Shnick npr the president of Weenie Tots Inc. [517]
Mrs. Jones npr the teacher of Kelly's course for models [609]
Mrs. Gillis npr an old lady that shopped at Foodie's; Al said that she's the blue-hair cheese-thief; "Gillis" should be the underground expression for "cheese additive" (according to Al) [519]
Mrs. McCalvy npr a 50 years old woman living near the Bundys' house [420]
Mrs. McGinty npr an old woman living in the Jeopardy Lane [322, 401, 524]; she's was one of the victims of the peeping tom [322]; he has a dog [524]
Mrs. Bridges npr a woman living in the Jeopardy Lane [112] ?
Mr. Sock npr a character in the NBS-series "Shoe Trek" starring Joe Piscopo [610]
Mrs. Santa npr Peg (according to "Santa Claus" Al in front of Joey) [213]
Mrs. Shoe npr Peg (according to Al) [408]
Mrs. Wicker npr Kelly's (fat) principal; she dated her husband [313]
Mrs. Wickers npr a woman living in the Jeopardy Lane; he brought some potatos for "Godfather" Al [514]
Mr. Takahashi npr the boss of the Kyoto National Bank [113]
Mr. Tellyman npr a name for Al given by the employee of Photorama, because he has sung a variation of the "Banana Boat Song" [507]
Mr. Vandergelder npr Marcy's boss; he drives a Rolls-Royce [309]
Mr. Wicker npr one of Kelly's dates [313]
Mr. Williams npr a small and crazy man hit by Steve; he used to destroy cars (Mercedes) [315]
Mr. Youheavener npr a sociologist mentioned by Al [219]
Ms. Beyer npr the home economics teacher of Kelly and Peggy [421]
Ms. De Groot npr the librarian of the Oakwood Library; she always thought that Al is a loser [302]
Ms. Penza npr the wife of Eugene Bundy; mother of Stymie Junior [511]
Ms. Weigel npr the lawyer of the Hop-On-Inn [308]
Muffy npr the girl on the bed in Al's commerical for "Dr. Shoe" [408]
Muldin's npr a shop where Peg worked for a short time [108]
Mullin npr one of the families living in the Jeopardy Lane [617]
Mullins, Mona npr one of Vinnie Verducci's girlfriends [525]
Murphy npr
(1) a huge-hootered woman in Al's new hair salon [310]
(2) one of the families living in the Jeopardy Land [617]
Murray npr a member of B.A.D. [307]
Mustang '65 npr
(1) a car that was restored by Al and Steve; the car had been stolen [105]
(2) a car bought by Jefferson [616]
M-word expr married [617]
"My Little Black Book" npr Kelly's huge (!) book with all the names of her boyfriends [1124]
"My Partner, My Wife, My Life" npr title of a book read by Marcy [103]
Myron npr one of Kelly's dates; he's ugly and is interested in pencils; she dated him because Yvette all her "real" friends [406]
Mystery Pack npr something to eat prepared by Peg (with hallucinating content) [415, 421, 619]

Namath, Joe npr a pseudonym used by Al [517] (< Joe Namath [football player?])
Nancy npr Al thought that would be Kelly's name [301] (< Nancy Spungen [girlfriend of Sid Vicious])
Natalie npr pseudonym by Kelly [302]
National Academy Of Elvis Imitators npr a union of Elvis imitators which sent 6 Elvises to the house of the Bundys: 3 white Elvises, 1 Japanese, 1 Afro-American and 1 in a wheel-chair [303]
National Enquirer npr a newspaper [312, 519]; Al asked Peg if this is the newspaper with the "A woman baked cookies - strange but true"-article [312]; in order to cut Marcy at Foodie's Al read the (fictional) headline "Steve Rhoades married Cher" [519]
National Inquisitor npr a newspaper read by Peg [313, 409] with headlines like "»Smoking can be good for you« says North Carolina Farmer" [313], "Housewives Deserve 75 Thousand Dollars A Year Says Expert" [409], "Local Man Thought Dead, Discovered Alive" [409], "One Woman in 2 Doesn't Know What EHP Means" [409]
National Investigator npr a newspaper read by Bud, Kelly and Peg [407]
National Tattler npr a newspaper read by the Bundys [802, 823]
navigator noun Kelly's function on the pirate ship [718]
NBS npr a broadcasting station in Hollywood that wanted to produce Kelly's show [610]
Nelson npr a rich man at the party where the Verduccis were [525]
Neutrum npr one of Kelly's dates [806]
"Never Marry!" expr the only thing the children learned by camping with Al [403]
New Market Mall npr the mall where Al works [407, 525, 612]
New Market Mallers npr a softball team consisting of Al , Peg, Bud and other players [211, 504], which is part of the twenty-store and under mall league [504]; they lost the games against the team of the "Kiss Me Cosmetics Company", the team of "Shakey Achers Geriatric Care Center" and the team of the "Christian T-Shirt Store" [211]
New Widow npr a magazine read by Peg [919]
Nicholson, Kimberly npr playmate born in 1969; she has the "Hooters Of The Month" in the November-1988-issue of Big 'Uns; turn-ons: fast cars, long walks on the beach and young Rod Stewart; turn-offs: men who smoke, war and old Rod Stewart [820]
No Ma'am acro men's club [809, 911, 913, 914, 921, 1001, 1004, 1007, 1012, 1015, 1019, 1021, 1026, 1112]; members: Al, Jefferson, Bob Rooney, Griff, Ike and Officer Dan; they like to go to the nudie bar "Jiggly Room" and the official beer is "Girlie Girl" [921, 1004]; abbreviation for "National Organisation of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood" [809] or "Numb Old Men Anxiously Awaiting Moricians" [1007]
No Ma'am's Land npr name of a fictional land where No Ma'am rules; Al to Marcy: "You're in No Ma'am's Land now, baby!" [809]
Norris npr one of the New Market Mallers [504]
North Georgia npr a state of the USA (according to Kelly) [615]
Northside Aerobics Studio npr Kelly's favorite aerobics studio [1001]
Nuit Princesses npr chocolate eaten by Peg [1009]