Oakwood Library npr the library where Al took the book "The Little Engine That Could" in 1957 [302]
Oaties npr cereals not eaten by Al, because the pack was empty [315]
Office Of Bingo Affairs npr an office that informs Peg about Bingo events; "No doubt a bureau of alcohol, tobacco and useless blood-sucking spouses." (Al) [921]
Officer Dan npr an officer [809]; he worked for the FBI before he became an officer for the Chicago police [617]; he's married and a member of No Ma'am [809, 821, 906, 911, 913, 914, 1012, 1019]
Oh-She-Whose-Head-Can-Never-Be- Seen-In-A-Car expr a name for Kelly (by Bud) [418]
"Oil up the stud - 25 ¢" expr writing on a paper behind Bud [521]
Oklahoma Nude npr a show visited by Al driving to Los Angeles [522]
"Old Aid Song" npr a song performed by Axl Bundy & Co. for old people [709] (< old + Life Aid)
Ole Empty npr nickname for the refridgerator by Al [416]
Oliver npr a speaker of WHIP [926]
One Rock npr a city in Georgia where the Bundys stopped on their trip to Dumpwater; Peg had to say that she is pregnant because they were too fast [202]
Oozing Meat npr a band; Bud and Kelly wanted to go to their concert [403]
Open Sesame npr Bud's aftershave by Buster Douglas; it smells like a mixture of Noxzeema and vaseline (according to Kelly) [505] ?
Oprah npr Peggy's favorite talkshow hosted by Oprah Winfrey [918, 1001]
Oprah coma npr state of Peg in front of the TV (according to Al) [319]
Oprah-holic noun a person addicted to the talkshow aired by Oprah Winfrey (< Oprah [TV-show] + alcoholic)
Oprah Land npr an Oprah museum [1001]
Oprah's Fatapalooza Tour npr an Oprah promotional tour where they are "displaying the weight she lost in giant glass jars - many giant glass jars" [817] (< fat + Lollapalooza)
Otis npr one of Peg's "friends" [1001]
Otitis Media npr a band [904] (< Otitis media [a bacterial infection of the inner ear])
Oui int
(1) "Hell - yes, we'll sell daddy and collaborate with the Germans." (Kelly)
(2) "Yes, take our country, but please let us live to make our creamy sauces." (Kelly) [726]
(< oui: yes [French])

Paco The Magnificent npr alter ego of Jefferson; fiance of Scarlet [718] ?
Palomino, Bill npr the presenter of the weather report on Channel 83 [419]
Panthers npr Al's football-team at Polk High [304, 418, 516]
"Panthers Crush Taft" expr writing on a paper at the Polk High School [406]
Paradise Trailer Park npr a park on Southwest Georgia where Al tried to find Ida Mae and Zemus [701]
Parasite's Day npr Mother's Day (according to Al) [401]
"Passion" npr a game [1116]
Patch-Bag npr Marcy (according to Al) [422]
Patty npr the character related to Peggy ("Pease In A Pod") [909]
Patty Brite Cosmetics npr Peg's job for a very short time [314]
Paul npr the waiter on the table of the Bundys [311]
Paulina npr an oversize model car pooling with Al [825]
Payton, Walter npr the third football player that was contacted for the Polk High Homecoming Dance in order to introduce the new vice president [418]
Peace npr hippie-pseudonym for Kelly [318]
Peamon npr the president of "The Leading Bank of Chicago" [408]
"Pease In A Pod" npr
(1) a sit-com with Mel (the husband), Patty (the wife), Carrie (the daughter), Ben (the son) and Chuck (the dog) [909]
(2) theme song of the TV-series [909]
Peetie npr the name of Marcy's cuckoo clock [713]
Peg's mother expr [206, 310, 322, 408, 414, 509, 514, 518] wife of Ephraim Wanker; they live in Wanker County; [101, 111, 205]; she's very, very fat [201, 205, 501, 520, 606*]; according to Al she's a man resp. the product of 150 years of incest [315] or a flying zombie [418]; she has two tatoos ("Love" and "Hate") on her breasts* [421]; she can be heard [1002, 1003, 1008, 1010, 1012]
Peng Beetle npr a poisonous kind of beetle under conservation [819]
Penthouse npr a magazine for men [221, 511]
People Magazine npr a magazine [1120]
"People To Laugh At" npr a show hosted by Dr. Jonathan Blue where Al presented his God's Shoes [608]
"Pep Squad Rally Gym Fri Noon" expr writing on a paper at the Andrew Johnson High School [516]
Pest Boys Extermination Co. npr the company where Kelly worked as the Verminator
Pete npr
(1) the "wife" of Andy; he cooked for Al [505]
(2) a little-known member of No Ma'am [809]
Peterson, Dan npr one of Kelly's dates; he's the boyfriend of one of Kelly's friends [316]
Peterson, Gary npr Gary [111]
pets noun living beings that have a short life in the house of the Bundys, e.g. a budgerigar (died because Al used the toilet) [315], a gold-gish [317]; the Rhoades have a gold fish [315]
Pharao's Eye npr the name of the diamong of the Van Pelts [611]
Phi Alpha Delta npr a fraternity that organised the Miss Spring Break election together with Rock TV [1017]
Philosopher-Waitress npr the definition of Kelly's job (by herself) [708]
Philydion npr the planet where the aliens came from that were photographed by Al [507]
Photorama npr the store that should develop the pictures of Al and the aliens; slogan: "Our mission ... your pictures." [507]
Pierce, Courtney npr a former classmate of Steve and Marcy; now she has a beard and is selling vegetable for 3,20 $ [317]
Pies & Cookies npr a company that makes pies in order to jump out of them [217]; Marcy ordered a pie with the writing "Take me, I'm yours" on it for Steve [217] ?
Pig Batch npr ingredients for Peg's cookies [312]
Pimple Poppie npr a name for Bud used by Kelly [301] ?
pink adj the color of Al's Ferguson after Peg's re-decoration [515]
"Pin The Tail On The Shoe Salesman" npr a game played in heaven [614]
Piscopo, Joe npr an actor playing in the NBS-series "Shoe Trek" [610]
Pitman npr one of the Bundys' neighbours [201]; he has a dog named Doridge which he wanted to mate with Zeus the Olympus [201]; he has a son that Kelly wanted to date [201]
Planet Bimbo npr the planet where Kelly belongs to (according to Bud) [913]
"Planet Of The D-Cups" npr title of a movie [608]
Plato npr a Greek philosopher; he had some theories about women but decided on camping with the guys (according to Al's father) [407]
Playboy npr a magazine for men [407, 506, 511?, 522, 621] collected by Al's father and then by Al himself; Al's father showed him his collection when Al was 12 years old [407]
Playgirl npr a magazine [621, 716]
Playpen npr a magazine for men [511, 812]
Playtime npr a magazine with naked men read by Kelly [111, 314] and taken by Peg [111]; the magazine is also read by the blonde woman in the hairdresser's shop [405]
Pluto npr a Greek philosopher (according to Vinnie Verducci) [525] (< Pluto [a planet] instead of Plato)
PMSachusetts npr a state for women (according to Al) [605] (< PMS [premenstrual syndrom] + Massachusetts)
P-O-K-E expr Kelly's misspelling of P-O-L-K [304]
Polaski npr a family living in the Jeopardy Land [112] ?
Polk Dots npr the cheerleader team of the James K. Polk Panthers [304]
Polk High npr [421, 516] the school of Al, Peg, Kelly and Bud; full name: James K. Polk High School
Polk, James Knox npr the 11th president of the United States of America [304]
"Polk High Song" npr title of a song performed by Al and Aaron [808]
"Polk stinks" expr a writing on the wall at the Polk High School [406]
Poo Bear npr
(1) Al's name for Peggy (according to herself) [602]
(2) Peggy's name for Al (according to herself) [611]
Pool & Co. npr an expensive clothing shop in London [625]
Poppy's By The Tree npr a hotel in Dump Water/Florida; 8 $/night; motto: "If we don't got it, you shoulda brought it." [202]
Pop Warner MVP npr a trophy that Al won (before marriage) [302]
Porsche npr
(1) the car that Bud wanted when Al said that he is going to buy a new car [409]
(2) the car that Kelly bought when she was the weather bunny for Channel 83 [419]
Potter, Tim npr a former classmate of Peggy and Al; he was the president of the last class; now he's the owner of Tim's Funeral Directors [318]
Prancer npr one of Santa Claus' companion (according to Al) [213]
Pregnaho npr a state for pregnant women; an idea of Al [605] (< pregnant + Idaho)
Pregnant Father a magazine read by Al [602]
pregnasaur noun a pregnant woman (according to Al) [605] (< pregnant + dinosaur)
pregzilla noun a pregnant woman [605] (< pregnant + Godzilla [Japanese monster])
pre-Peg expr the time before Peg [613]
Presley Accessories Inc. npr the company of Ollie and Lou; Bud wanted to buy fountain-pens "Elvis slim", fountain-pens "Elvis fat", "Love me tender" toilet paper and Jailhouse Rock soaps [303]
Pretty Petite 204 npr Marcy's emergency backup-bra [306]
Privett, Leo npr the husband of Marie Privett; he wanted to pay 5000 $ for Peg's hair [415]
Privett, Marie npr the wife of Leo Privett; she wanted Peg's hair for a wig [415]
PRODUCER npr Al's car number for the shoe convention in Los Angeles [522]
Professor Lavar npr Peg's professor at the Cook County School For Interior Decoration [515]
"Psycho Dad" npr Al's favorite TV-series [501, 621, 813, 823, 913, 914]; Al writes it "Syko Dad" [913]
"Psycho Mom" npr title of a TV-series watched by Peg [621]
Puggy Weaver Memorial Cup npr a bowling cup [926]
pumpkin noun nickname for Kelly by Al; in German: Dumpfbacke; in French: Lapin Rose
"Pump That Rump" npr title of Al's favorite rap video [805]
Pundy, Peggy npr a pseudonym used by Peggy for the TV-show "Dr. Sandy" [308]
Puschkin, Nikolai npr a basket ball player from Chechenia admired by April, one of Bud's flames [926]
Pussycat Theatre npr a theater; Bud is a member for lifetime; he payed the membership instead of using the money for bowling lessons [209]