Rabatina npr the name of a statue in the New Market Mall; she's the goddess of shopping [507]
rabbit noun an animal; Al wanted to catch the rabbit in his backyard, because it ate his carrots; he tried it using water; poison-gas, a gun, a flame-thrower and dynamite [508]
Radio 600 npr a radio station that boycotted Al Bundy [1025]
Rafaello npr a dancer that should dance with Kelly for Bud's fitness video [1014, 1015] ?
Raisin Bran npr name on a cereal packing gnawn by a mouse [215]
Ramon npr an aerobics instructor at the Northside Aerobics Studio where Kelly and her friends go [1001]
Randolph npr the manager of the Elk Head Lodge [1011]
Ray Ray npr leader of a gang beating up Al [802]
Ray's Bar npr a bar where has stolen some christmas gifts for his family [712]
Raywick Sisters npr a tap-dance group performing at Kelly's school to the music of "Duelling Banjos" [313]
read v/t to watch television (according to Peg in front of Al) [321]
red adj
(1) the artificial color of Peg's hair [101-1124]
(2) the (original) color of the Dodge [917, 1107, 1109]
Red Nose Bar npr a bar at the Lakeside Mall where the reindeer Donna is [213]
Reepers npr Bud's soccer team [512, 513]
reincastrated adj reincarnated (one of Kelly's mistakes) [1025]
Renee npr the first model that had only one name (according to Kelly); she lives in a dormitory for old models [521]
Reverend Al npr Al's alter ego for the Church Of No Ma'am; "He married for our sins." [1004]
Reverend Appleby npr the reverend that Marcy wanted for her marriage with Jefferson [512]
Reverend Feltcher npr a reverend that told the Bundys that they are not allowed to enter his church anymore [304]; in the church he's talking about Kelly's way of life [401]
rhino-American noun/adj a fat American woman [814] (< rhinoceros [big animal] + American)
Rhoades, Marcy npr D'Arcy, Marcy [101-416]
Rhoades, Mildred npr an uncle (!) of Steve; he is a florist [222]
Rhoades, Steve npr the neighbour of the Bundys and Marcy's first husband; his middle name is Bartholomew [112, 926]; he went to a congress against the penny [112]; he worked in "The Leading Bank of Chicago", became the manager of the bank [204] and was kicked out later [408]; he likes rafting [210] and playing chess with his German friend [220]; once he had a full beard [210]; he married Marcy on Valentine's Day [217]; at school he used to play accordion [313] and sousaphone [402, 414]; he wants to be a rodeo clown [415]; he had a Mustang '65 [105] and drives a Mercedes [204, 216, 219, 301, 319-321, 401, 503]; he has a "What's gnu at the Chicago Zoo?" t-shirt [410] and a "I'd walk a mile to kiss a reptile" t-shirt [410]; he worked a very short time for "Slippers" [410-415]; he left Marcy to become a ranger in a National Park [416]; first he was the driver of the dean of the Trumaine University [917], then he became the dean himself [926]
Rick npr one of Peg's and Al's former classmates [318]
Ricki npr
(1) a name for Kelly given by Al [606] (< ???)
(2) Al's shoe groupie [612]
Rimhollow, Sidney npr a shoe salesman from Tulsa that Al has seen in heaven; he invented God's Shoes before 1925; they had the idea for the Shoe House McBurger [608]
Ritter npr one of the families living in the Jeopardy Lane; they have an Irish Setter [524]
Robert npr an imaginary friend of Marcy when she was a child [605]
Roberta npr a friend of Kelly that was in her show; therefore she paid 10 $ [609]
Robby npr a friend of Bud [204]
Rock TV npr a broadcasting station that organised the Miss Spring Break election [1017]
Rodrico npr
(1) a former date of Peggy [211]
(2) the body-builder that participated in the "You Can't Miss"-show [717]
Roger npr
(1) one of Kelly's dates [105]
(2) a little-known member of No Ma'am [809]
Roland npr one of Marcy's dates [423]
Romance npr a magazine [722, 804]
Romantic Roast npr a coffee; commerical with Kelly Bundy (Leila) and Jefferson D'Arcy (Lance) [1023]
Romantic Roast Lance Pumps npr a product created by Al Bundy [1023]
Rommel, Erwin npr the owner of the Kaiser air conditioning before Al bought it [519]
Rooney, Bob npr a friend of Al and member of No Ma'am (treasurer) [809, 821, 905, 906, 910-914, 921, 923-925, 1001, 1004, 1005, 1007, 1012, 1015, 1019]; he's a butcher [923] and is married to Louise; wise saying: "Even Big 'Uns look bigger when they're tax-free!" [1004]
Rose, Rhonda npr a girl that wanted to become Miss Weenie Tots; in front of the jury she said that people should more respect nature and the environment [517]
Roul npr the real name of Zorro; an exotic dancer [207]
Ruben npr the teacher's pet in the class of home economics [421]
RU Dead 42 npr a pesticide; commercial with Kelly Bundy as the Verminator [808] (< are you dead? + 42)
Rubio The Cruel npr alter ego of Steve Rhoades [718]
Russ npr one of Al's Afro-American friends [310]
Rusty npr the dog of Peg's mother that was eaten by her; Al doubts that a dog "could accidentally wrap itself in bacon and fall in a microwave oven" [501]

Sal npr a pseudonym for Al (given by Peg) for the TV-show "Dr. Sandy" [308]
Salt Water npr the name of one of Kelly's dates; he is a real bimbo; he dated him after Harry Ashland [514]
Samantha npr a friend of Kelly [409]; she was in her show; therefore she paid 14 $ 50 ¢ [609]
Satan npr name of a watchdog in the New Market Mall [218]
Satan's Toothache npr Al (according to Marcy) [420]
Savage npr a New Market Maller; he had the number 22 [504]
Sayers, Gale npr the first football player that was contacted for the Polk High Homecoming Dance in order to introduce the new vice president [418]
Scared Rich npr a program of the Department of Juvenile Corrections that "bussed some kids over to the shoe store to see me work. The guards made 'em watch for three hours. Even the most hardened criminals were in tears." (Al) [616]
Scared Single npr a program for the youth wished by Al [616]
Scarlet npr alter ego of Peg; a princess [718]
Scary Mary npr a show where Al wanted to promote his "God's Shoes" [608]
"Schindler's Lust" npr title of an x-rated movie [907] (< "Schindler's List" + lust)
Schmidt npr a family living in Philadelphia; they sent a christmas gift for the Rhoades but taken by the Bundys [213]
Scoopy npr a dangerous animal from Peru; Steve takes it with him [411]
Scott'n'Gary npr a car vendor [409]

Screen Idol npr a magazine [812, 824]
Sea Dodge npr a ship; Al was taking Peg on a cruise for their 25th anniversary [920]
Sea-Going-C-Cups npr a magazine for men (in the 16th century) [718]
Sean npr one of Kelly's friends; he likes him [109]
sea weed noun the Bundys' standard food [103, 219, 302, 319]
"See Me, Touch Me, Feel Me, Marry Me, Kill Me" npr one of Al's favorite oldies [501]
Self Touchers Quarterly npr a magazine (for Bud) [921]
Semon, Mike npr the author of "Know Your Mouse" [215] (< Mike Semon [property master of the Sony Studios where "Married ... With Children" was taped])
Señor Pueblo (UN-diplomat) npr the name Bud used in a contact-ad [509]
"Shakespeare - The Friendly Ghost" npr a show (according to Kelly) [322] (< Shakespeare + Casper - The Friendly Ghost)
Sharon npr a talkshow watched by Peggy with topics like "Men - Upright Dogs With Paychecks" [416]
Sharper Infant npr a store where Marcy went to [605]
Shatman, Bobby npr he liked Terry March (blonde) more than Kelly (not yet blonde) [312]
Sheila npr one of Peggy's friends [212]
Sheldon npr a guy that sent a Valentine's card for Kelly, but she is not interested [217]
"Shenandoah" npr title of a TV-show where Al turns sentimental [623]
"Sheos" npr title of a movie; a Kelly Bundy production of an Al Bundy film with no help at all from Bud Bundy; starring: Kelly Bundy, Al Bundy, Buck Bundy, not Bud Bundy and Peggy Bundy as the monster [925] (< shoes [but in the alphabet the "e" comes before the "o" according to Kelly])
Sherry npr a man from Iowa that called the "People To Laugh At" show [608]
Sheryl npr the name of Eb Wanker's hen [606]
Shirley npr Bud's pillow [304]
Shoe npr the family consisting of Dr. Shoe (Al), Mrs. Shoe (Peg), Kelly Shoe (Kely) and Bud Shoe (Bud) [408]
shoe anecdote nouns one of Al's stories of fat women in the shoe store [1118] ?
shoe convention nouns a convention where Al has to go, because he's the one that earned least (7 years succesively), so he has to introduce the one who made the most [320]; although he hadn't the permission he wanted to go to the shoe convention in Los Angeles (using the name Jim Thompson) [520]
shoecumentary noun a documentary about shoes [925] (< shoe + documentary)
Shoe Dog Shovels npr another idea by Al [320]
shoe groupie nouns a girl flirting with a shoe salesman [612]
shoe hallucination nouns the reason why Al thinks of the same song all the time (according to Marcy) [518]
Shoehorn npr nickname for Al as a player of the Chicago Bears; headlines on "The Chicago Examiner": "Bears 5 and 0 - Is Shoehorn Bundy for real?", "Shoehorn - A Shoe-In for MVP", "Bundy shoehorns Bears into Playoffs" [1120]
Shoe House McBurger npr another idea of Sidney Rimhollow; John Wayne said that the burger should look like shoes [608]
Shoe Lights npr a "million dollars"- invention by Al Bundy [320]
shoe mines noun the place where Al works as a slave (accoring to himself) [319]
Shoe News npr a shoe magazine; headline of one issue: "Giant Idiot Makes Movie" [925]
shoes noun one of Al's smelling accessories [209]; they can be used as a gun [311]
shoe salesman noun Al's job [101-1124]; the job with the lowest income [314]; a shoe salesman earns less than a dish-washer, a boy that cleans the street removing dead animals and a man cleaning toilets (according to Peg), less than a street player, a clown and a high school professor (according to Kelly) and less than a newspaper carrier, a test animal and a professional minigolf player (according to Bud) [408]; the worst job (according to most Americans) [414]; Al says that a shoe salesman is the farrier of the 20th century [502]
Shoes'n'Socks npr a band [709]
Shoe Town npr a fictional town in one of Al's stories [501]
"Shoe Trek" npr title of a TV-series playing in the 23th century created by Al Bundy [610] (< shoe + Star Trek)
Shoe Yeti npr a name for Al used by Marcy [714]
"Short Haired Women In Banking" npr a TV-show where Marcy has been interviewed; she had to pay 35 $ [609]
"Show your spirit. Help keep Polk clean" expr writing on a paper at the Polk Highschool [406]
Sid npr Al thought that would be Bud's name [301] (< Sid Vicious)
"Silence Of The Loins" npr title of an x-rated movie [907] (< "Silence Of The Lambs" + loins)
Simpson npr he worked in "The Leading Bank of Chicago"; he had the best parking space until he died; Steve Rhoades got his parking space [309]
Single-Gene npr the gene that every male has from his birth until his marriage [1118]
Singletary, Mike npr the fourth football player that was contacted for the Polk High Homecoming Dance in order to introduce the new vice president [418]
Sixtoe npr a city in Arkansas where the Bundys went to for holidays [202]
skilled illiterate expr Al (according to Peg) [310] ?
Skippy npr the deceased 400 lbs. center of the Polk High Panthers [910]
Skitoo, Bobby 23 npr a former DJ of K-FOSSIL (according to Al) [518]
slippers noun a special kind of shoes; Al's slippers smell worse than his feet (according to Peg) [319]
Slippers npr the fifth greatest exotic animal company where Steve works [411]
Smith npr one of the New Market Mallers; he had the number 5 [504]
Smith, Bud npr Bud wanted this new name for himself, because Al was filmed by illegally returning the book "The Little Engine That Could" [302]
Smith, Peggy npr a pseudonym by Peggy [418]
SOAP noun writing "on" Kelly in the men's bathroom [304]
society noun "Society somehow separated the sexes. It made some people women. I don't know why. I'd rather be dead. It made women weaker. They're meant to do things for men. Men aren't made to do things for women ... until they're married and the law makes
them." (Al) [211]
socks noun one of Al's smelling accessories [108, 111, 507, 508]; they can be used as a gun [311] or as fuel for alien starships [507] and they can walk (according to Peg) [506]
"Son of a woman from Wanker!" expr a curse (Al to Bud) [902] ?
Sonora Streaming Desert Tortoises npr a football team playing against Tremaine Jacksons [826]
Sonya npr
(1) one of Peg's friends [405]
(2) one of Bud's "easy" dates; she's an exchange student [806]
Soot From The Fireplace Toujour npr a meal prepared by Peg (according to Al) [317] ?
South 40 npr an insurance; "The farmer's best friend next to a sheep and a tall wheat field." [806]
South Georgia npr a state of the USA (according to Kelly) [615]
Spare Tire Dixon npr the player of Andrew Johnson High playing against Al and his Panthers in 1966 [516]
Special Agent Bundy npr Al's name at Foodie's (used by an apprentice) [519]
Special TV Reception Adapter Glasses npr special glasses worn by Bud; he tells Kelly that he can watch TV even if the TV is out of order; Kelly believed him and paid 20 $ [411]
Spectra Vision npr a cable-channel that showed a box fight Al wanted to see [109]
Speedy npr one of Peg's and Al's former classmates; he plays golf [318]
"Spell It!" expr a curse used by Bud for Kelly [316]
"Spell The Word" npr a TV-show watched by Peg [111]
Spike npr he works at Johnny B. Goods [113]
"Spike Le Bee - N.Y. City School Teacher" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]
"Spin The Father" Kelly should play this game if her children want to know who their father is (according to Bud) [401]
Splib npr a little-known member of No Ma'am [1004]
Sports Illustrated npr a magazine [1120]
Sports Time Magazine npr a magazine read by Peg [221]
Springtime In Baghdad npr a pesticide tested by Kelly [819 v 820 ?]
Squab, Mona npr a just-married woman from Carl Lake/Wisconsin participating in the show "How Do I Love Thee"; she's the wife of Roland and a directory assistance operator [220]
Squab, Roland npr a just-married man from Carl Lake/Wisconsin participating in the show "How Do I Love Thee"; he's the husband of Mona and a TV repair man [220]
Squish Magazine npr the magazine where Lovely Zelda appears naked [220]
Stage 8 noun the place where Kelly's NBS-show was recoreded [610]
Stairmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.
Stanley npr the spider in Bud's room [317]
Stanton npr a city where Peggy's mother was because of the zombie festival [606]
Starla npr Bud's pen-pal; he wrote her that he looks like Brad Pitt, lives in a French country house, drives a Porsche and that his father is dead; she's Lonnie's girlfriend; together with Lonnie she took the Bundys as hostages [1123]
Starship Bundy npr Al (according to himself) [726]
Stevarino npr a nickname for Steve (by Al) [105]
Steve Rhoades' house expr a chicken restaurant in Walkegan after it has wrongly been wrecked [316]
Steve's father expr he sold secret information during the World War [222]
Steve's mother expr [314, 415] the difference between her an a bowling shot is that a bowling shot has no beard (according to Marcy) [222]; she gets the money of Steve's life insurance [316]; she lives in Cincinnati [412]
Steve's Road House npr a house that should be wrecked (and not Steve Rhoades' house) [316]
Sticky npr a little-known (Mexican) member of No Ma'am [1004]
Sticky The Clown npr Bud's favorite clown as a child; Peg invited him (for 5 $) for Bud's 18th birthday [616]
Stinging-Nettle-Alga-Tofu-Shake npr a drink mixed by Jim Jupiter [402] ?
Stinkwater npr the name of Dumpwater (according to Bud) [202]
Stones, Chuck npr the husband of Mimi [209]
Stones, Didi npr the daughter of Mimi Stones; she plays bowling and gets 200 points [209]
Stones, Frank npr a son of Mimi [209]
Stones, Mimi npr a former classmate and rival of Peg; she met her playing bowling [209]
Stones, Roscoe npr a son of Mimi [209]
Storch, Larry npr a former actor and the owner of the Larry Storch School of Acting
"Striiiike!" expr a phrase used by Al when he's bowling [209, 420, 520 with a turkey]
"Strip Study" npr a game played by Bud and Ariel [1021]
Studio 8 npr the set where Kelly's show has been produced [610]
Stupid Girl In Chains npr a magazine for men [703]
Sugar Whoopies npr cereals bought by Peggy [601]
sulphur noun the symbol for the 16th marriage anniversary (according to Al) [103]
Super Deluxe Patty Party Beginner's Set npr a cosmetics set that Peggy bought for 250 $ [314]
Super Mom expr/syn Peg (according to Al - ironically) [313]
Susan npr a classmate of Kelly [421]
Susan B. Anthony Aerobics Studio npr Marcy's favorite fitness studio [106]
Sven npr
(1) Al's co-worker where he had to unload lobsters, because he couldn't pay in a restaurant [216]
(2) a man who should play for the New Market Mallers instead of Al [504]
Sweatbucket npr a town in Florida where Al and Peg went [619]
sweat of the dead expr Al's special kind of sweat (according to himself) [319]
Swensen npr a man that works in the same bank as Steve [408]

Tabackie-And-Clam-Ice-Cream npr one of the "strange" ingredients of Peg's sandwiches [606]
Taek-Won-Donut noun a self-defense course for fat women [1006]
talkshows noun Peg's favorite TV-shows dealing with topics like "Sugar coma - Is is ruining productivity at home?" [312]
Tang npr instant orange juice [407]
Tang Margerita npr a drink that Al wanted to drink in his garden [519]
Tangwich npr one of Al's strange sandwiches consisting of bread and Tang [407]
Tanoose npr a village in Wisconsin near Wanker County [513]
Tapmaster npr name for Steve used by Marcy [313]
Tears & Vomit npr one of Kelly's and Bud's favorite bands [311]
Ted npr a former date of Peggy [211]
Teddy npr
(1) one of Peggy's date; boyfriend of Thelma McHackney [318]
(2) a friend of Bud; they call themselves "amigos"; he has a date [320]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Coffin npr a special kind of coffin shown to Bud and Kelly [710]
Teethless McKenzey npr she had the number 110 for Johnny B. Goods [113] ?
telephone units monster expr a name for Peg (used by Al) [514] ?
Ten Little Toe-Nails npr a beauty studio frequented by Peg [106] ?
Tenouse npr a city in Wisconsin near Wanker County where Chuck's Cheese Shak is [513] ?
Tequila npr the drink that Al drank too much before his marriage [503]
terminal disease noun marriage (according to Al) [710]
Terry's Bar npr a bar; Peg thought Al would be there [107]
Thad npr former (male) quarter-back of the Polk High Panthers; now a woman [910]
"Thank you, Dad!" expr ironical phrase by Kelly and Bud; often provocated by Peg [203, 204, 213]
"Thank you, Mom!" expr ironical phrase by Kelly [320]
"Thank you, Mr. Rhoades!" expr Kelly and Bud to Steve, because he cooked [210]
"Thank you, Mrs. and Mr. Rhoades!" expr a phrase used by Kelly and Bud [308]
"That Idiot Al" npr a fictional show where Al would have to pay 10000$ to Peg [205]
The ABC Of A Good Marriage expr
(1) "Appreciation, balance and consideration." - from the book "The Woman Is Always Right" (Jefferson) [802]
(2) "Air conditioning, beer and »Could you shut up, so I can enjoy my air conditioning and beer«." (Al) [802]
The Amish Quarterly npr a magazine read by the Bundys [919]
The Anti Bud Meeting npr a meeting mentioned by Kelly [605]
The Bad In Life expr "Work, kids and Habib-shirts." (Al) [623]
The Balance Between Ping And Pong expr one of Kelly's scientific theories [1025]
"The Battle Hymn Of The Republic" npr the song that Marcy sings when she is sleeping with Steve [407]
The Bedtime Story npr a story told by Al; "It's not a happy story, it's a story of great sadness: Once upon a time, there was a man who sold shoes. He was a good man, but somehow good things never came to him. Did I mention he was a great athlete in high school? People cheere him. That was before the red thing appeared. Darkness fell on Shoe Town. Who would take on the red beast? Who would battle it? Who would marry it? The little shoeman stepped forward - or perhaps the others just stepped back? At any rate, an unholy union was born. So were two unholy children. And the lonely shoeman, who once had been a mighty athlete in high school and scored four touchdowns in one game and had many offers to junior colleges and could have made something of his life ... laid down and died. The End." (Al) [501]
The Beginning Of The Bundy Era expr the day when Al has won with the New Market Mallers (6th June 1982) [504]
The Bennett Family Motto expr "We see it. We want it. We get it." [922]
The Best Bundy Christmas Ever expr [412]
The Best Of The Old Oprah npr a shop with Oprah stuff (Oprah t-shirts, etc.); an idea of Peg [1001]
The Birthday Hop npr a dance by Peg on her birthday (according to Bud and Kelly) [306]
The Bowman Bounce npr this bounce corrisponds to the Kelly's "Bundy Bounce"; Piper Bowman has stolen it by flirting with Bud [506]
"The Bridges Of Madison County" npr a movie with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep; the director's cut has additional 11 minutes Clint sponge bathing Meryl; shown in the Lakeside Theaters [1006]
The Bundy Anti Baby Meeting npr a meeting of Al (treasurer), Kelly (secretary) and Bud against Peg's baby [605] ?
The Bundy Baby Meeting npr a weekly meeting of Peg, Al (treasurer), Kelly (secretary) and Bud [603, 605] ?
The Bundy Bounce npr a special bounce created by Kelly for the commercial of the Allanté-car [506]
The Bundy Burger npr the special burger made by Al; the secret is the old ash and the old oil [401]; Al sold them for 5 $ when they made a yard sale [423]
The Bundy Charm expr violence [620]
The Bundy Cheer expr "Whoa Bundy!" [209, 420, 703]
The Bundy Cloud Of Failure expr a variation of the Bundy curse [609*, 610]; Al: "Nothing bad happened to me. It's possible that the Bundy cloud of failure has passed over me and onto my kids like I only dreamt possible." [610]
The Bundy Credo expr
(1) "When one of us is embarrassed, the rest of us feel better about ourselves." (Al) [313]
(2) "A Bundy never wins, but a Bundy never quits" (Al) [423]
(3) "A Bundy never eats." (Bud) [423]
(4) "A Bundy never learns." (Kelly) [423]
(5) "A Bundy never cares." (Bud) [423]
(6) "A Bundy never dies." (Kelly) [423]
(7) "Lie if your wife is a waking. Lie if your belly is aching. Lie if you think she's faking. Lie, sell shoes, lie." (Al) [725]
(8) "Hooters, hooters, yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters on a girl that's dumb." (Al) [725]
The Bundy Curse expr
(1) "Your mother is just a Bundy by marriage. She's part of the curse. But we are blood Bundys. We are truly doomed." (Al to Kelly) [420]
(2) "The foot odor thing." (Peg) [804]
(3) "The minute a Bundy has good luck he immediately starts building up an equal amount of bad luck." (Al) [804]
The Bundy Day npr Al's name for their day on the beach [321]
The Bundy Decennium npr the 90ies* (according to Al), because Al wanted to make a lot of money (20000 $) by selling 10000 pairs of shoes to the Chicago police [514]
The Bundy Dollar Day npr a day declared by Al; he told Peg, Kelly and Bud, that they should try to earn at least 1 $; besides he wanted to triple the amount [414]
The Bundy Fanclub expr Peg, Kelly and Bud (according to Al - ironically) [312]
The Bundy Forehead npr the special forehead every Bundy has; like the one of a dolphin [113] ?
The Bundy Hammer npr the hammer that every male Bundy gets from his father; Al got it from his dad [603]
The Bundy Holidays npr the holidays in Dumpwater/Florida (according to Kelly) [202]
The Bundy Kebab npr a special meal consisting of Al and Bud that Peg would prepare for 250000 $/year [419] ?
The Bundy Legacy expr "What they don't finish in 30 seconds, they never finish." (Peg) [603]
The Bundy Legend expr Al (according to himself when he was bowling) [420]
The Bundy Motto expr
(1) "We ain't got it." (Al) [202]
(2) "It sees us. It insults us. We kick its ass." [922]
The Bundy Nail npr a nail that was driven into a wall by Al's father with the Bundy hammer in order to put his hat on [603]
The Bundy Night At The Cinema expr a video-tape (on Beta) loaned by the Bundys and watched in their house [315]
The Bundy Philosophy Of Lying expr "The Bundys' proud name was built on a philosophy of lying. Well, lying, owing money and perhaps beer. Yes, lying, owing money and beer. The only thing that separates us from the Kennedys is that they have money." (Al) [725]
The Bundy Seed npr the Bundy blood; Al: "Bud <is> the carrier and the future of the Bundy seed and - by the way it looks - the last." [613]
The Bundy Shuffle npr do-it-yourself (practised by Bud) [1021]
The Bundy Tradition expr
(1) to vomit (according to Al) [312]
(2) "We will cheat our heineys off." (Al) [520]
The Bundy World Tour npr Al's annual week-long around the world vacation in the Bundy living room [622]
The Bundy Yell expr "I wanna die." (Al) [417]
The Bundy Yellow npr the color of the teeth of all male Bundys; often confounded with gold (according to Peg)
The Cannibal Of Chicago npr a name for Griff; Officer Dan arrested him to plan the celebration of his No Ma'am membership [1026]
The Captain And The Tenille npr name of a band; one of the favorite bands of Marcy; they are the support act for The Carpenters [801]
The Chicago Examiner npr a newspaper read by the Bundys [402, 514, 1120] or used to kill some flies [502]; headlines: "Healthiest Man In Chicago Drops Dead" [402] and "Floozy Brings Down Government - Married Alderman Caught With Teenage Bimbo" [514]
"The Cosmic Dog" npr a show on Channel 83 [419]
The Darker Planet npr/syn Peg (according to Al) [305]
The Devil Herself expr Peg (according to Al) [409]
The Dog Dream npr one of Al's dreams; he wants to be a dog [423]
The Dream Of The Male Bundys expr "Build your own room and live separated from your wife." [603] ?trans
The Dumpwater Floridian npr the name of a newspaper; headlines: "Poppy's Killer Strikes Again" and "Obnoxious Couple Found Dead" (Sept. 1972), "It Happened Again At Poppy's" and "»Ooh, That Must've Hurt«, says Sheriff" (Sept. 1977), "The Axe Is Back!" and "Hotel Is Safe Until 1987" (Sept. 1982), "New State Highway Planned" (Sept. 1987) [202]
The Evil Pair npr Al's wedding socks [313]
"The Family Keates" npr title of the theme song of a TV-series [909]
The Festival Of The Zombies npr a festival where Peggy's mother went to [606]
The 1st Commandment Of No Ma'am expr "Thou shalt not touch your own wife." [1101] ?
The 5 Days 24 Hours Daylight Moonlight Daylight Moonlight Day- light Moonlight Madness Sale expr one of Al's ideas for the shoe store, where he and Griff should look like wolves [714]
The 5 Demands Of No Ma'am expr
"Demand 1: You gals want a ladies' night? Try having it in the kitchen cooking for a man. Demand 2: Don't put on a dress and ask us if you look fat. Besides, it's not the dress that makes you look fat. It's the fat that makes you look fat. Demand 3: Don't ask us to talk or to cuddle after sex or before sex or during sex. You're lucky if we take our pants off. Demand 4: Don't ask us to say »I love you« over the phone. It's hard enough to say it to someone we're paying a dollar a minute to talk to. Demand 5: Stop talking about Fabio." [809]
The 4 Great Inventions expr "The bikini, the thong bikini, the really itchy thong bikini and Al's idea to put an aerobics studio next to the shoe store." (Jefferson) [1001]
The Fruit Of My Suffering expr money (according to Al) [409]
The Golden Shoe Horn npr the thing Al gets when he retires; "When I'm 65, I'll get the Golden Shoe Horn, which I can sharpen and fall onto when I'm 66." (Al) [826]
"The Grandmaster And The Squirrel" npr a movie (about a rapper who raps with the mole men) promoted in Peg's TV guide [502]
The Greatest Day In The History Of The Bundys expr the day the Bundys got hundreds of Weenie Tots (according to Al) [517]
The Greatest Sport Event Of All Times expr the day Al scored his four touchdowns (according to himself) [516] ?
"The Great Picnic Of Yogi Bear" npr a movie; Bud's grandmother wanted him to go to the cinema on his 18th birthday [616] ?
The Ground Rules Of The House npr "Rule number 1: There's two bedrooms, I get one alone. You two can share one. Just keep the door closed while your changin' I don't wanna kill the bait. Rule 2: Speakin' to me ..." (Al to Peg and Marcy) [714]
The Gutter Cats npr a (really existing) rock band; they looked for a rock video slut and found Kelly; Kelly said that she wants this group as the father of her child [414]
The Healthiest Man In Chicago npr the nickname for the aerobics instructor Jim Jupiter [402]
The Heavy Metal Hotline npr a telephone service called by Kelly [408]
"The Homeless Detective" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]
The Juggs npr a country duo (Peg and Kelly); they win a country singing contest in Branson/Missouri [1108]
The Just Store npr a store where the members of No Ma'am bought some things [1007]
The King Of Sports expr wrestling [1007]
The Last American Hero expr the working man (according to Al) [410]
The Leading Bank Of Chicago npr the bank where Steve and Marcy worked [-204, mentioned in 410]
"The Little Engine That Could" npr a book that Al checked out in 1957 while in elementary school [302]
"The Living Planet" npr title of a book read by Marcy [113]
The Lizard And I npr a magazine red by Peg [919]
The Lust Line npr a telephone service called by Bud [408]
The Man Who Met Andy Griffith npr one of the two "attractions" of Dumpwater [202]; he's the axe-murderer [203]
"The Masculine Feminist" npr one of Peg's and Marcy's favorite TV-shows hosted by Jerry Springer [809]
The Mob npr a credit bank that gave Bud money for a fitness video [1014]
The Nameless Shoe Salesman npr the name on Al's check-book [517]
The New Bundy World Order expr "Food, clean clothes and a huge-hootered oriental woman to replace the pregzilla Peg." [605]
The Perfect Man expr the bottom of Mel Gibson and no brain, because it should be a man (according to Peg and Marcy) [110]
The Perfect Woman expr the legs of Jamie Lee Curtis, the bottom of Jamie Lee Curtis, the face of Brigitte Bardot and the brain of Vanna White (according to Al, Steve, Barney and Morris) [110]
The President Dream npr Kelly dreams to be the President of the United States; her message to the American people is: "Let's all dance!" [505] ?
The Product Of Insanity expr Kelly (according to herself) [419] ?
The Product Of Our Greed expr Stymie Junior (according to Ms. Penza) [511]
The Product Of Our Love expr Kelly (according to Peggy in front of Al) [419]
The Real Scare expr Al's underwear; "And if you really want a scare, check out his underwear - if you dare!" (Peg) [614]
The Reaper npr a fictional baby-name [601]
The Red Danger npr Peg (according to Al) [1006] ?
The Red Plague npr Peg (according to Al) [521] ?
The Rules Of Basketball expr "Rule #1: No talking. And when you break rule #1, and you will, there's rule #2, which is: If I look at pretty girls walking up and down the aisles, and I will, you can't say »Are they prettier than me? «. Always know the answer will be »Yes, she is« and in some cases »Yes, he is«." (Al) [801]
The Secret Of The Bundy Marriage expr
(1) Peg: "Oh, no secret really. Just to be considerate. Accept each other for what you are. Don't point out the fact that the hair he's losing on his head is now growing out of his nose ... and his ears."; Al: "And accepting the fact that nowadays it's harder to figure out where her chest ends and her stomach begins." [101];
(2) "We don't believe in love. That's why our marriage works." [514]
The Shoe Commandments expr "Thou shall have shoes with toes stitched in. Thou shall have socks attached to the shoes. Thou shall have other things coming forthwith." (Al) [608]
"The Song Of The Married Men" npr title of a song performed by Al and some husbands at the mall [808]
The Sound Of Angels' Flushing expr rain (according to Al's father) [411]
The 30 Seconds Ride To The Moon expr Peg's definition of Al sleeping with her [322]
The 3 Giants expr "Einstein, Tyson, Heineken." (Al) [1001] ?
The 3 Magic Words expr
(1) "I am sorry." (Jefferson) [902]
(2) "You are fired." (Kelly) [902]
The 3 Things A Bundy Will Never Be expr "Rich, a snitch and regular." (Al) [820]
The Top 10 List expr a list of things to make Marcy more attractive to her husband; "10: Wear traditional Islamic garb covering all but the eyes. 9: Feather removing electrolysis. 8: Ski Mask. 7: Sew up holes in the ski mask. 6: Have attractive woman to stand in front of you at all times. 5: Beak job. 4: Put paper bag over ski mask. 3: Shave head, tattoo Cindy Crawford's face on back. Learn to walk backwards. 2: Poke out eyes of every man on Earth. 1: Get President to make every day Halloween." (Al) [1023]
The Traditional Bundy Greeting expr "I've got some bad news." [820]
The Traditional Re-Wrapping expr Christmas (according to Al) [213]
The Truly Great Scams expr "The Loch Ness Monster, Canada and now the tax-exempt Church Of No Ma'am." (Al) [1004]
The Tuxedos npr Steve's former band [402, 414]
The 2 Things A Bundy Never Does expr they never eat vegetables and don't tap-dance [313]
The 2 Things Peggy Bundy Never Does expr the first things is to cook, to hoover, to sew, to clean and to gasp for breath; the second things is doing gymnastics [402]
The Valley Of Death npr a place in the New Market Mall where the married men sit; "There they are, son. The lost souls, the feeble, the meek. The married." (Al to Aaron) [808]
The Vegetables Of My Suffering expr Kelly and Bud (according to Al) [409]
The Verducci Charm npr Vinnie has this special kind of charm (according to his father) [525]
The Verducci Masterplan npr Charlie's plans; Vinnie has to marry a rich woman [525]
The Wanker Translation Book npr a dictionary English-Jibberish [815]
The Wanker Triplets npr three aunts of Peg (triplets): Milly, Elena and Eadie [222]
The Wanker Waggon expr Peg's relatives (according to Al) [222]
The Way God Intended expr "No wife, no kids, no pain." (Al) [322]
The Why npr the band that played on the Polk High School Reunion [317, 318]
"The Woman Is Always Right" npr title of a book read by Marcy [802]
"They Exploded Out Of Their Bras" npr title of a movie by Joseph Zipper [706]
"The Young Ben Frankling" npr title of a series produced by NBS [610] ?
"Think Bingo And Grow Rich" npr title of a book read by Peg [921]
"Thinnergy" npr title of a diet book read by Marcy and given to Peg; it says that every person should try to avoid "negative food" [102] (< thin + energy)
Thompson, Jim npr a pseudonym by Al for the shoe convention in Los Angeles [522]
"Thumbs - Show 'Em If You've Got 'Em" expr theme of a parade in Wanker County [917]
Thumbsucker B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly) [614]
Thursday noun
(1) the day when Al is bowling [809]
(2) women's day in Al's favorite bowling alley [809]
(3) the silicon-free day at the "Jiggly Room" [912]
Ticonaroga npr a company that produces pencils etc.; Myron and his parents showed Kelly some pictures of their trip to this company [406]
Tiffany npr a 21 years old art student discovered by Bud in the park; she's from San Francisco and wants to go to New York City; she doesn't like bras, but she likes Modigliani, Kandinski, Chagall and American impressionists [212]
Tiger npr
(1) the name that Marcy gave Al in her dream [112]
(2) a nickname used by Peg [221]
(3) Steve's parents wanted to name him Tiger, "but then the yellow disappeared and they went with Steve" [321]
Time Magazine npr a magazine [1120]
Timmy Turtle npr Kelly's turtle [1102]
Tim's Funeral Directors npr the company of Tim Potter [318]
Toastmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.
"Toes!" expr Cheese! (in Wanker County that's where cheese comes from) [926]
toilet noun Al's favorite place [303], the place where he is still king [319], his home [515]
toilet paper noun Al prefers 2-ply toilet paper [415]; he wanted Bud to bring him some "presidental toilet paper" [517]
Tony npr the deceased barber of Al, Al's father and Bud; price for a hair-do: 1,25 $ [310]
Toonie npr a deceased aunt of Marcy; she was 68 years old [401]
toothpaste sandwich noun one of the "meals" Al prepares in order to have something to eat [314]
"Topeka!" expr Heureka! (according to Kelly) [506] (< heureka: I got it [Greek])
Top 10000 Classic Videos npr a TV-show that Kelly wanted to watch [501]
Topsy npr a black twin pin up appearing in one of Jefferson's dreams [605]
Tot Industries npr the company that produces Weenie Tots; owned by Lonnie's family [1124]
Tot, Earl npr Lonnie's father; owner of Tot Industries [1124]
Tot, Lonnie npr the guy that wanted to marry Kelly; Al accepted him as a son-in-law because his family owns Tot Industries; the marriage didn't take place because Al saw his future son-in-law in the "Jiggly Room" [1124]
Tot, Pearl npr Lonnie's mother [1124]
Tot, Tatum npr the sister of Lonnie; she wanted to marry Bud [1124]
Touchdown Bundy npr Al's high school nickname [304]; the former cheedleader Sandy called Al "Touchdown" [613]
"Touchdown Trivia" npr a show where Kelly [823] and Al participated
Town Drunk npr
(1) the name of Al's father (according to Peg) [601]
(2) a fictional baby-name [601]
Transmexican Motors npr a car company that wanted to build a new manufactoring plant on Al's football field, in order to produce the Xaguar GT [819]
Traugott's Scrub House npr a car wash where Jefferson worked for a short time [917]
Traugott, Walter npr an ex-CIA-agent; he knows Jefferson [820]
Tremaine Jacksons** npr the football team of Bud's college; quarterback: Chad [826] (miss-spelled < Trumaine)
Trixie npr one of Bud's dates; he used "Open Sesame", an aftershave by Buster Douglas [505] ?
Troy's npr a male strip club visited by Peg and Marcy [206, 207]; "Troy's is not responsible for valuables lost in any part of a dancer." [207]
Trumaine College npr Bud's college [711-?]
Tubro npr the fat Panamaian god of cash; Peg bought a statue for 195 $ [407]
Tunie npr an aunt of Marcy [401]
Turbo npr Tubro (according to Al) [407]
Turboman, Rock npr one of the actors of "The Young Ben Franklin", an NBS-show [610]
tussy noun
(1) a girl (used by Kelly)
(2) a girl that's not interested in Bud (used by Kelly and Bud); e.g. a fat old woman [717]
TV abbr television; Al's love [416]; the TV-set of the Bundys has 30 channels, a remote control and a colored console [416]; Peggy sold the TV-set in order to get some money for her trip to Las Vegas [416]; the Bundys watch shows like "I drink 'cause my dad's a shoe salesman" [604]; they have two TV sets, one in the living room and one in the upper floor [607*]; the Bundys get cable- TV (80 channels) for 60 $/month [609]
TV-thumb noun a desease of Peg (according to herself) [416]
TV World npr a theme park where Kelly worked [622]
Tweety npr Kelly's 1000$ cockatoo [1003]