UFO Magazine npr an esoteric magazine that pays 1 million dollars for the proof of the existence of aliens [507]
Uncle Sticky's Pimple Potion npr a potion mixed by Sticky Wanker [903]
Unconscious npr a Chinese philosopher (according to Kelly); wise saying: "It's better to have loved and lost then never to have seen »Lost in Space« at all." [922]
underwear noun if it is Al's it's alive and dancing (according to Peggy) [414] and smelling [520*]
Undy, Sal npr a pseudonym by Al [805]
Upper Uncton npr a town in England; the residents must insure that the Bundys die outside Lower Uncton so the curse becomes permanent and it stays as their tourist attraction [624]
useful adj e.g. UFOs; "Why do women see Elvis? At least men see something useful like UFO's." (Steve) [303]

Vanett, Greg npr one of Kelly's dates; he's the boyfriend of one of Kelly's friends [316]
Van Pelt npr a family; members: Adolph, Bruce, Franklin, Leonard, Vanessa and Tanya [611]
Van Pelt, Colonel Franklin npr an uncle of Vanessa; he wanted to give her a diamond called "Pharao's Eye" [611]
Van Pelt, Vanessa npr she went to Jack Dallas (but there was only Al) because he wanted him as a bodyguard for her and the diamond [611]
VCR abbr Video Cassette Recorder; according to Al: Video Something Recorder [108]
Ventura, Luke npr one of Al's sidekicks [101-107]; his face appears on the cover of "Shoe News" [925]
Veracruz de la Hoya Cardinal, Miranda npr TV-reporter [905, 906, 913, 920, 1004, 1006, 1021, 1025, 1102] from Ecuador* [913]; she works for WHBZ [913] and/or for Channel 83 [1004]
Verducci, Charlie npr the father of Vinnie [518, 525]; his full first name is Charles [525]; for the Verducci Masterplan he has read a book by Trump, the Wall Street Journal and "Rich Chicks In Chains" [525] ?
Verducci, Vinnie npr one of Kelly's dates [518, 525, 609]; his full first name is Vincent [518]; he's Kelly's natural brother (according to Bud) [518]; he was in her show; therefore he paid 50 ¢ [609]
Verminator npr Kelly's job in the TV World theme park [622, 808, 819, 902] (< vermin + Terminator)
Veronica npr a good woman, because she never had her period (according to Al) [301]
VHS npr the system of the Rhoades' video recorder [315]
Vicky npr
(1) a chamber-maid at Poppy's By The Tree; she gave Al a piece of paper ("Get out now") [202]
(2) a girl on the Polk High School Reunion; Al wrongly calls her Hooter [318]
(3) she was the slut of the week in Kelly's show [609]
Victor npr one of the children camping with Al, Steve and Bud [403]
"Viola!" int That's it! (according to Kelly, because she has an "F" in Spanish) [318] (< Voila!: That's it! [French])
violence noun Bundys love violence [506]
Vista npr a credit card accepted in Gary's Shoes [102, 303, 525, 612] (< Visa)
"Vital Social Issues'n'Stuff With Kelly" npr a show where Kelly and her friends discuss subjects like men's butts and the slut of the week [609, 610]; Jason Priestley had "The Butt Of The Week" [610]
vitamins noun/syn sugar (according to Al and Peg); they gave sugar to their children but said it would be vitamins [305]

WAGS npr a plastic doll, "The Perplexed Pup - Cartoon Cutie"; Kelly gives a poster of it to Bud [701]
Wagstock npr a family from Tuconsa/Iowa that got an Elvis package deal [303]
Waist Away npr a dietary drink; tastes like cow piss, salmon, garlic etc.; commerical with Kelly Bundy [912]
waitress noun "God's alternative to moms." (according to Al) [219]
Wally npr the owner of Wally's Pest Control; he catched the mouse in the Bundys' house [215]
Wally's Pest Control npr Wally's company [215]
Wang, Su Hun npr the winner of the lottery (60 million $) in which Peg has participated; he lived for two weeks in the USA [305]
Wanker npr Peg's maiden name [516] and family; they live from illegal distillation [222]; they like violence [606] (< wanker [a British invective])
Wanker, Blinky npr a cousin of Peg [815]
Wanker County npr [513, 606] a county in Wisconsin [423]; Indian name: "Land of the Big Gassy Possum"; for a trip you need purification tablets for water, meat, fish and grain and the Wanker Translation Book [815]
Wanker County Olympic Games npr [815]
Wanker, Dave* npr an uncle of Kelly [402] ???Bundy
Wanker, Eadie npr one of the Wanker Triplets; an aunt of Peg [222]
Wanker, Eb npr a cousin of Peg [606]
Wanker, Effie npr
(1) an aunt of Peg; the wife of Ephus Wanker [415]
(2) a cousin of Peg; she is married for the fifth time [606]
Wanker, Elena npr one of the Wanker Triplets; an aunt of Peg; she wanted to marry [222]
Wanker, Ephraim npr Peg's father [317, 606, 1002, 1010, 1013, 1026]
Wanker, Ephus npr an uncle of Peg; the husband of Effie Wanker [415]
Wanker, Harriette npr a niece of Peg; cousin of Bud and Kelly; she marries Jose [107]
Wanker, Henry npr one of Peg's deceased uncles [311]
Wanker, Hootie npr one of Peg's relatives in Wanker County; a cousin of Kelly; he's a mixture between an owl and a man [513]
Wanker, Ida Mae npr a cousin of Peg; mother of Seven [701]
Wanker, Irwin npr an uncle of Peg [222]
Wanker, Jeb npr a cousin of Peg [815]
Wanker, John* npr one of Kelly's relatives and one of her dates; he works in a feed store in Wanker County [222]
Wanker, Milly npr one of the Wanker Triplets; an aunt of Peg [222]
Wanker, Otto npr a (gay) uncle of Peg; he's the fourth of the Wanker Triplets (according to Al) [222]
Wanker, Pearly* npr an aunt of Kelly [402] ???Bundy
Wanker, Seven npr son of Ida Mae and Zemus Wanker; he's their 6th child [701-706, 708, 709, 711, 712, 714, 718]; Al declared him as a Bundy [703]
Wanker, Skeeter npr an aunt of Peg [815]
Wanker, Sticky npr an uncle of Peg [903]
Wanker, Toppie npr an uncle of Peg; he made it possible that Al will be a "test-animal" in jail [415]
Wanker, Zemus npr the husband of Ida Mae; father of Seven [701]
Wanker, Zigg npr a cousin of Peg [815]
Water-Pistol npr nickname for Griff (by "Butter") [1012] ?
Waters, Eric npr a former unattractive classmate of Kelly; he was "dating" her on the roof of the John Hancock Center; one toe had to be amputated; now he's attractive, a finance expert and very rich [1008]
Wayne, John npr Al's favorite actor; nickname: The Duke; plays in "Hondo" [222, 824]; he bet 5 $ (in heaven) that Al is able to make Peg buying back his Playboy collection [407]
"We Are Fami-Lee" npr a movie promoted on Peggy's TV guide [502]
Weaver, Puggy npr a good bowler; 256 points on 26th April 1965 [420]
Weenie Tots npr Al's favorite chemical food; delicious meat-flavored treats that evaporate after prolonged exposure to air; ingredients: beaks, claws and fingers*; they smell like rat shit (according to Al) [517]
Weezy npr the Afroamerican wife of Thomas Jefferson (according to Bud in front of Kelly) [322]
Welcome To BundyLand expr the Bundys' yard sale; the happiest pace on earth (according to Al); "Ask Winky the psychic dead bird a question: 25 ¢" (Kelly); "Pet the happiest dog on earth: 25 ¢" (Buck); "Wheel-O-Fun: 25 ¢ a ride" (Bud) [423]
Western Classic Theater npr a series where they showed "Hondo" [222]
"We've Only Just Begun" npr title of the wedding song of Peg and Al (by The Carpenters) [515]
WHBZ npr the broadcasting station where they send "Psycho Dad" [913]
WHIP npr a campus radio station on 106,2 FM (Trumaine University) [926]
white adj the color of Al's underpants [509]
Whiteman, Louis npr he got the black car that Al wanted; his father bought the car for 12000 $ [409]
Whoa int e.g. "Whoa, Bundy!" [209, 420, 503, 520], "Whoa, aliens!" [507], "Whoa, cash!" [522], "Whoa born!" [605], "Whoa, cable!" [609]; "Whoa, stealing old ladies' pension!" [618], "Whoa England!" [624]
"Who Drops Next?" npr a "game" played by the wives of the members of No Ma'am, who are trying to install a satellite antenna [1015] ?
"Why I Hate My Spouse" npr the name of a questionnaire for the "How Do I Love Thee"-show filled out by Marcy and Steve under the name of Peggy and Al [220]
"Why Me?" npr a psychological radio show listened to by "Peggy B." [518]
WIFE 1 expr writing on a t-shirt of Peg (in Al's nightmare) [601]
Wigs npr crackers or cookies eaten by Kelly [211]
Wilson npr a New Market Maller; he had the number 18 [504]
Winkleman, Bink npr he hosted the show "How Do I Love Thee" [220]
Winky npr a stuffed parrot that the Bundys wanted to sell for 25 ¢ [423]
Winthrope npr the brand of the Bundys' computer with a 3600 Baud modem, a VGA color monitor, a 40 MB harddisc and 7 MB RAM; price: 1900 $ instead of 2100 $ [319]
Woman npr a magazine [813]
women noun
(1) "Women, what are they good for? 2 C's: cooking and kitchen." (Al) [219];
(2) women get older, meaner and fatter (accoding to Al, Bud and some children) [403]
(3) all women are liars (according to Kelly) [418]
"Women Of Trumaine" npr a pin-up calendar with 12 girls created by Bud [1016]
Women's Career Day npr a project at Kelly's school [312]
"Women's World" npr a TV-show watched by Peg with subjects like "Men - herd 'em up and kill 'em all" [316]
work noun a horrible thing; Peg: "Kelly, maybe it's time we had a little talk. You're getting to be a big girl now. There's something I've put off telling you for a while but time is slipping by fast. I don't want you to learn it in the streets. Honey, there's a thing that men will want you to do. In fact, they'll expect it. Now, no woman really enjoys it. But we do it, get them to marry us and never do it again. That horrible thing is called »work«." [419]
"Wrestlepalooza" npr a wrestling show [1007, 1012] (< wrestling + Lollapalooza)
Wrigley Field npr a baseball field, where the No Ma'am guys played, in order to counteract the baseball strike [911]
WRTW a TV-channel watched by Al and Marcy in a bar [410]