Xaguar GT npr a car [819]
X, Griff npr a pseudonym by Griff [1025]
X-Mas Stuff expr a writing on a box containing old christmas gifts [213]
XS abbr the size of Al's underpants; XS stands for "extra snug" (according to Peg) [418] (< extra small)

Yanell, Yetta npr a girl; Bud called her up, but she's not interested in dating with [320]
"Year books now on sale in Activity office" expr writing on a paper at the Polk High School [516]
Yeast'n'Stuff npr the only beer the guys of No Ma'am could afford after the beer-tax increase [1004]
yellow adj the color of some of Al's teeth [404] and of the male Bundys
Yes Ma'am npr the writing on a t-shirt of Jefferson which he has under his No Ma'am t-shirt [809, 911]
Yoda npr a name for Bud (given by Kelly) [524] ?
Yodelin' Andy npr a singer; releases: "Yodelin' Andy's Yodel Songs", "Yodelin' Andy Yodels The Blues", "Yodelin' Andy Yodels The Hits" and "The Best Of Yodelin' Andy" [216]; a mixture between Trini Lopez and Pearl Ives (according to Bud) [216]
"You Are What You Were" npr a course taken by Marcy [502]
"You Can't Miss" npr a show with Bud, Henry, Eugene, Candy (the beautiful girl) and Rodrico (the body builder) [717]
"You Light Up My Life" npr title of Marcy's favorite song [1116]
Youngstown npr a city in Ohio where Elvis has been seen after Al exuded his picture [303] (< Youngstown [Ed O'Neill's hometown])
Yvette npr a 17 years old college exchange girl from France living in the Bundys' house for 500$ a month [406]

Zelmo The Badger npr one of the five important fortune-tellers in Chicago; he controlls the north [618]
Zeus npr an athletic shoe; commerical with Al Bundy [823?]
Zimmermann npr a family mentioned [204]
zombie noun a name for Al used by Peg [523]
Zorro npr a male stripper at Troy's [206]