Version 0.93


11.07.1948 Al's birthday [720]

12 variation of Al's number as a football player [523]

12.04. Peg's birthday [1116, month also in 703]

1-312-555-SCAM phone number of Pest Boys Extermination Co. [819, 901]

18 Al's age on the day of marriage [1118]

1-800-LEGS-UP phone number of Pest Boys Extermination Co. [808]

1-800-NO-DATE a hotline for Bud (according to Kelly) [316]

1-800-ZIPP-UP phone number of the Virgin Hotline [907]

18.11.1966 the day Al scored "four touchdowns in a single game" with the Panthers against Andrew Johnson High [318, year also in 304, 516, 615]

1-900-YUMMY phone number of the hotline where Peg's mother worked [1012]

1908 the wedding year of Al and Peg (according to Al) [810]

1965 the year where Al was "Rookie-Of-The-Year Shoe Salesman" [302]

1971 the wedding year of Al and Peg [not confirmed]

1974 the year Al bought his Dodge [724]

1979 the year Kelly had her first boyfriend [1124]

22.01.1974 Bud's birthday [703, year not confirmed]

23 number of the Bundys' children (officially) [415]

2524 variation of the D'Arcys' house number [1101]

27.11.1972 Kelly's birthday [703, year not confirmed]

3 number of hooters of a Martian babe; Al: "Men see UFO's because they have to. It's our way out. It's the only thing that keeps me going. Hopefully it will be on garbage day. A beautiful Martian babe with three hooters will come out. She'll say: »I can't speak. I have no parents and I don't know what good sex is«." [303]

33 Al's number as a Full Back [520, 601, 613, 615, 621, 626, 722, 910, 1114]

555-2878 the Bundys' phone number [304]

555-SHOE the phone number of Dr. Shoe [408]

6 m2 the screen-size of the TV set that the Tots gave to the Bundys [1124] ?

700 pounds weight of Peg's mother [1010] ?

796660158 number of people burned in hell [1120]

800000 miles on the tachometer of the Dodge [803]

8-Track the system of Al's cassette player; "the last great American sound system"; "8-tracks are to today's stereo systems what a girlfriend is to a wife: an earlier, better version." (Al) [724]

9 Peg's age on the day of marriage (according to herself) [1118]

9674 variation of the Bundys' house number [404, 408, 413, 414, 501, 503, 509, 510]

9764 the Bundys' house number [112, 211, 402, 513, 514, 517, 519, 521, 524, 608, 609, 620, 621, 625, 704, 713, 714, 720, 721, 722, 725, 804, 807, 811, 815, 824, 912, 922, 1007, 1011, 1022, 1106]; the house is on "ancient Indian shoe burial ground ... it's where the Native Americans would throw their moccasins when they got too stinky"

9766 the D'Arcys' house number


aarumm noun/syn butter (in Al's archaic language he's using when his mouth is full of food)

Abdominizer B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

"A Day In The Life Of A Shoe Salesman" npr title of a movie directed and produced by Al Bundy, co-produced by Kelly Bundy [925]

Adieu! int "A deer, a female deer." (Kelly) [726] (< adieu: bye bye [French])

aesthetically challenged expr ugly (politically correct) [903]

"A Fat Woman Came Into The Shoe Store Today" expr title of a fictional TV-series (used by Bud to name Al's stories of fat women) [801]

Agent Red syn Peg (according to Al); Football Player: "Al Bundy? The all-state Al Bundy?" Al: "I was." Football Player: "I thought you died in 'Nam." Al: "Actually, I started that rumor. I died here at home. A victim of Agent Red." [808]

al v/t to shout "Al"; "Peg, you're not allowed to al. There will be no aling for my entire vacation. I am not here." [622]

Al npr abbreviation for:

(1) Alfonz or Albert [never confirmed or indicated in the show]

(2) Alice (according to Jefferson) [1006]

Aladin npr pseudonym for Al (given by the members of No Ma'am) [1112]

Alberto, Alfredo npr pseudonym for Al (given by Griff) [1025]

Alga npr name for Al (by himself) in front of Helga and Inga, two blond, huge-hootered Swedish masseuses [1011]

"A Long And Tragic Story" npr a story told by Al; "It was 20 years ago. Polk High's big game. My girlfriend at the time, later became my wife, but that's another tragic tale, had this little habit of shouting at me while I was in the game. Of course, I hated that. Of course, she shouted at me one time when a 300 pound linebacker was barreling down at me. When I came to, I had two kids and was selling shoes." (Al to Chad) [826]

Alpha Club npr a high intelligence club [620]

Alpha Gonna Get 'Em npr Bud's own fraternity; mottos: "Lookie, lookie, we're gonna get some nookie." and "We'll do good on our tests, so we'll feel some breasts." [706]

Al's Angels npr Al's football team in hell; players: Al, Peg, Kelly, Bud, Marcy and Jefferson [1120]

Amber npr Marcy's niece [904, 908, 915, 923]

"Amos And Andrew" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]

Andrew Johnson High npr a high school [516]

"And That's When My Hound Dog Started Looking Good To Me" npr title of a song on the radio [817]

Angie npr the beautiful, diligent and nice girlfriend of Aaron Mitchell [808]

"Anna (Go To Him)" npr title of Al's favorite song (by Arthur Alexander) [518]

Anonymous Shoppaholics npr an organisation for shopping-addicted people [924?] (< Anonymous Alcoholics + shopping)

a normal day expr "Let's pretend it's any normal day and I'm coming home from work. Kelly failed another test, Bud's dealing three cards Monty at the old folk's home and Peg's in Oprah coma. I just earned 75 cents slaving in the shoe mines." (Al to Buck) [319]

"Anything Goes" npr Kelly's favorite song (according to Bud) [313]

April npr a girl on the Trumaine University that had to choose between a body-builder and Bud [926] ?

April May June npr one of Bud's flames [217]

Architectural Digest npr a magazine subscribed by the Rhoades but read by the Bundys [220]

"Art Allante P.I." npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]

A Touch of Bud npr an aftershave used by Bud [706]

Aurora White npr Al's favorite toilet paper [618, 722]


Babcock, Floyd npr owner of the rival shoe store in the New Market Mall [1016]

B.A.D. acro a club for bald men; abbreviation for "Bald American Dudes" [307] ?

Bare Ankles npr a magazine for men (in the 18th century) [824]

Barney npr a little-known member of No Ma'am [809]

Bassmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al)

bathropolis noun Greek word where "bathroom" comes from, "a quiet place away from the camels and women" (according to Al) [515] (< bathroom + Akropolis)

Bedwetter B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

Bela npr the dog of the Rhoades; shot by Al with a gun [104]

Bellringer B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.

Beta npr the system of the Bundys' VCR [315]

Big Bad Momma npr a GLOW-girl fighting against Al; the winner gets 10000$; GLOW stands for "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" [417]

Big Boys Ratchet Set npr a ratchet set Al wanted to buy [601]

Big 'Uns npr a magazine for men [619, 716, 720, 802, 809, 811, 812, 820, 821, 905, 907, 908, 909, 911, 917, 924, 925, 1002, 1004, 1008, 1101, 1102]; edited by Flint Guccione [1025]

Big 'Uns Channel npr Al's favorite TV channel [1021]

Bimbo Sapiens npr the species where Kelly belongs to (according to Bud) [923] (< Bimbo [stupid girl] + Homo Sapiens)

Bingo npr one of Peg's favorite games [921]

Bitches in Heat npr a magazine for Buck [621]

Black Big 'Uns npr a magazine for men; read by Griff [905, 1113]

"Black Cop, White Girl" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]

Bladder Buster npr the name of Griff's popcorn [1123]

bleached blanket bimbo expr a name for Kelly (by Bud) [320]

bleen adj a color created by Kelly with terrible side effects [1005] (< blood + green)

Bob's Pre-owned Socks'n'Stuff npr the store where Al buys his clothes [313]

BonBons npr Peg's favorite sweets [1112]

Bon Jovi, Bud npr pseudonym by Bud [321] (< Bud + John Bon Jovi)

Boondy npr wrong pronunciation for "Bundy" [902]

"Booty And The Beast" npr title of an x-rated movie [907] (< booty + "Beauty And The Beast")

"Bottoms Up" npr a game played by Al, Peg, Marcy and Jefferson [1008]

Bowlarama npr a bowling club where Al went with Peggy on her birthday [420]

"Breast Gladiators" npr a show [521]

"Breast Monsters" npr a show [521]

"Breasts" npr title of a TV-series created by Al Bundy where he wants "to work personally with it" [610]

Breast Virginia npr a state where Al wanted to go [605] (< breast + West Virginia)

"Bridge Ends Here" npr title of a book read by Al [607]

"British Babes Need Discipline" npr title of a movie on the Bundy World Tour [622]

brown adj color of the Dodge [305, 409, 603, 623, 715, 809, 817, 902]

Buck npr the first dog of the Bundys [-1003]

Buckminster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al)

Budafuoco, Joey npr Bud's alter ego 1992 [803]

Buderace npr Bud's alter ego 1988 [803] (< Bud + Liberace)

Budro npr pseudonym for Bud [1102]

Bullwinkle npr CIA-codename for Jefferson [820, 914]

Bumblebee npr Bud's name as a wrestler [1007]

BUN acro Bud's favorite TV-station; abbreviation for "Big 'Uns Network" [1021]

Bundo npr alter ego of Al in the Old West [824] (< Bundy + Hondo)

bundy v/t

(1) to steal, e.g. "Don't bundy that book."

(2) to hang; Al to Steve Bundy: "We'll bundy you up." [209]

Bundy, Al npr a middle aged husband and father of two kids; he's a shoe salesman and he hates women (especially fat ones in his store) and loves girls; besides he hates his wife, but he never cheated on her (and he never would); he likes beer, bowling (on Thursday), picking his ear and putting his right hand into his pants; he showers very rarely, he lies and refuses to hug anybody; he works at Gary's Shoes in the New Market Mall; he frequently talks about scoring four touchdowns in a single game (number 33) with the "Panthers" versus "Andrew Johnson High", where his team won the High School City Championship; zodiacal sign: cancer [804]; his favorite toilet paper is "Aurora White" [618, 722] and his favorite TV show is "Psycho Dad"; besides he has to cry when he listens to the theme of "Lassie" [811] or watches "Shenandoah" [623], "Shane" or "Bambi" [612] and he never gets the chance to watch "Hondo" on TV [222, 824]; he has a "I Fish Therefore I Am" t-shirt [914, 1011], a "Kiss The Cook - Kill The Wife" apron and once Marcy gave him a "Stay in School or this could be you" t-shirt [1009]; as he wrongly blew up the sign "Al Bundy Field" three organisations wanted to prevent the re-erection: the "National Organisation of Women", the "National Organisation of Fat Women" and the French Government [1009]

Bundy, Axl npr pseudonym by Al; member of the band "Shoes'n'Socks" [709]

Bundy, Billy-Ray npr Bud's alter ego 1993 [803] (< Billy-Ray Cyrus + Bundy)

Bundy, Bud npr short for Budrick [218, 524, 815, 1115]; the intelligent son of Al and Peg; he hardly gets a chance with girls; his birthday was given as 22 th January [703]; his middle name is Franklin [806, 1015]; he went to Trumaine University [711-1021]; he is the president of his own "Alpha Gonna Get 'Em" fraternity [706] and he joins "Delta Delta Sigma Pi" [804]; he worked at the Department of Motor Vehicles [902] and was fired later [1001] as he worked too much; he plays in the soccer team "Reepers" [512, 513]; he has several latex dolls [701] and his doll Isis J. Blowupdoll can be seen [703]; he wants to be the evil rapper "Grandmaster B."

Bundy, Daniel npr

Bundy Day at the Beach expr a special day declared by Al [321]

Bundy, Eddy npr an uncle of Al [613]

Bundy, Edwin npr an uncle of Al [319]

Bundy, Eugene npr the father of Stymie Bundy Junior; a cousin of Al [511] ?

bundyfy v/t to sleep with a woman; Al to Bud: "You mean that was you bundyfying that girl over there?" [521]

Bundy, Heather npr an aunt of Al; wife of Joe Bundy [613]

Bundy, Iggy npr a cousin of Al [511] ?

Bundy, Indiana npr Bud's alter ego 1990 [803] (< Indiana Jones + Bundy)

Bundy, Jebediah npr Al's grandfather [616]

Bundy, Jimmy npr a cousin of Al [725]

Bundy, Joe npr a deceased uncle of Al; husband of Aunt Heather [613]

Bundy, Kelly npr the pretty daughter of Al and Peg; she is (artificially) blond and very dull, but she can fall in love with several guys during one night; Al calls her lovingly "pumpkin"; her birthday was given as 27th November [703]; her first boyfriend was Mikey Clemens [1110]; her first job is a weather girl [419], then she graduated from high school [502]; later she worked as "The Verminator" [622-902] and performed this character for Pest Boys Extermination Co.; later she worked as a waitress [708-804]; she likes Garfield cartoons [1009]

Bundy, King Kong npr

(1) a wrestler not related to Al Bundy [1007, 1012]

(2) Peg's nickname (according to Al) [1012]

Bundy, Leicester npr a cousin of Al [511] ?

Bundyland npr an idea of Al for a theme park; "the happiest place on earth" [423] (< Bundy + Disneyland)

Bundymobile npr the car of the Bundys [503]

Bundynomics npr "The minute a Bundy has good luck he immediately starts building up an equal amount of bad luck. That's simple Bundynomics." [804] (see also The Bundy Curse - 3)

Bundy, Peggy npr short for Margaret [1010]; Al's wife; she's very lazy; she prefers buying new clothes to washing them; during the day she likes to watch all the day time talkshows (e.g. "Oprah"), eating tons of bonbons (without getting fat, though); her red hair used to be brunette [615]; she is attracted by handsome young men, but just like Al she would never cheat on her partner; her maiden name is Wanker and her family is from the rural Wanker County, Wisconsin, "where everyone is relative"; her favorite bra is called "Fancy Figure 327" [306] and she was Miss Teenage Wanker [1113]; her birthday is on 12th April [703 only month, 1116]; she has a mystery pack in the refridgerator [415], whose hallucinating content is eaten by the band Anthrax [619]; she worked at Muldin's [108] for a short time

Bundy, Poo npr an uncle of Al [213] ?

Bundy, Reginald npr pseudonym by Bud; reviewer of the Times

Bundy, Seven npr son of Ida Mae and Zemus Wanker [701-706, 708, 709, 711, 712, 714, 718]

Bundy, Sheila npr a cousin of Al [613]?

Bundy, Steve npr a cousin of Al; probably an adopted Bundy; Steve: "That would explain my hygiene, grammar and my ability to walk upright." [209]

Bundy, Stymie npr a deceased uncle of Al [511]

Bundy, Stymie Junior npr the son of Eugene Bundy and Miss Penza [511]

Bundy Sunday Funday expr a special day proclaimed by Al [623]

Bundy, Tito npr Bud's alter ego 1989 [803]

Bundy, Yul npr pseudonym by Bud [415] (< Yul Brunner + Bundy)

Burgermeister B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Peg)

Burger Trek npr fast food chain where Al had a job [314]

Bushwacker B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

Burned Beyond Recognition npr a band; Kelly and Bud wanted to buy a ticket for the concert [822]

Burnt Siena npr color of the Dodge [803]

Butter npr pseudonym of Peg's mother on her hotline [1012]

Buttwagger B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)


calorically challenged expr fat (politically correct) [1001]

"Can You Top This?" npr a game played by three gods; "One said »Let's make him a shoe salesman.« The next one said »Let's give him a red head. « And then one god, probably a cruel hungover god, said »I know, I know, let's not let him eat yet never starve. «" [602]

Captain Courage npr alter ego of Al [718]

Carla and her Amazing Disappearing Vegatables npr a rock band and a stripper (according to Bud) [810]

Channel 83 npr

Cheerio Boobs npr a magazine for men (in England) [625]

Chernobyl Farms npr a farm that sells chicken with flippers and three drumsticks (7 cents a pound while the one with two cost 1.19$ a pound) [305]

Chicago Bears npr Al's favorite football team; he sold his soul for them [1120]

Chicago's Milkolympics npr expression for women nursing their babies in Al's shoe store (according to Miranda Cardenal) [905] ?

chicken noun nickname for Marcy (by Al)

Chrysler Cabrio npr car won by Peg [220, 502]

Church Of No Ma'am npr church founded by the members of No Ma'am in order to be exempt from beer tax [1004]

Cleaner Greener Chicago npr one of Marcy's civic action groups [825]

Co-ed Softball Participant npr a trophy won by Al (after marriage) [302]

Colonel Jugg npr pseudonym by Al as a manager of The Juggs [1108]

Commercial Land npr part of the theme park "TV World" where Kelly worked as the Verminator hunting roaches [622]

Constitutional Rights expr "The right to life, nudity and the pursuit of happiness." (Al) [809]

cops noun policemen

(1) "We're Bundys. We hate cops." (Al) [617]

(2) "We're Bundys. We don't call cops. People call them on us." (Peg) [617]

"Cops" npr title of one of Al's favorite TV-series [1106?]

Courtjester B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Peg)

craftmatic adjustible girl expr a name for Kelly (by Bud) [621]

Crossdresser B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

Cub 'Uns npr a magazine for men (in Cuba) [1109] (< Cuba + Big 'Uns < Cubans)


Dadgummit npr Fuzzy McGee's mule [710]

D'Arcy, Jefferson npr the neighbour of the Bundys and Marcy's second husband [512-]; he's a member of No Ma'am (secretary); he is a classic gigolo; usually he can avoid to get a job, so he goes to the beauty salon all day; he was a CIA agent [1109, 1123] and his code name was Bullwinkle [820, 914]; he was fired as he couldn't kill Fidel Castro [1109]; he is also a National Guard lieutenant [1114]; his dad was a gigolo too and he died in a tanning booth [723]; his mom was an exotic dancer and was eaten in the nude by her snake at the airport [723]

D'Arcy, Marcy npr the neighbour of the Bundys; she is very partner dominating; her first husband was Steve Rhoades and her second is Jefferson D'Arcy; Al often teases her because of her flat chest and calls her a "chicken"; once he wanted to flatter Marcy and called her a "turkey" [1009]; she is very politically correct and fighting sometimes for fat or ugly women; other campaigns she supported were "Cleaner Greener Chicago" [825] and "Guns for Toys" [1008]; she worked in "The Leading Bank of Chicago" [-204]; then she went to the "Kyoto National Bank", the greatest bank of Japan [1020], where she worked at the drive-in window for a while [408-501]; she drives a BMW [516, 623, 724] and a Mercedes [1010, 1017, 1022, 1109, 1114, 1123] model SL with the license plate Illinois KDG 12 [1101]; she's a member of F.A.N.G. and calls herself a Republican [704, 925]

"Death Wish 6" npr title of a TV-series watched by Al [1124]

Deliverance Hotel npr a hotel where the Bundys stood [1108] (< "Deliverance" [Ed O'Neill's first movie])

Delta Delta Sigma Pi npr a fraternity [804]

Devils 666 npr the football team of the devil; players: Eric the Red, Attila the Hun, Dschingis Khan, Brutus and Goliath [1120]

Dexter npr one of Al's sidekicks [822]

Dinner with Anthrax npr a contest won by Bud and Kelly [619]

Dishwasher B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.

Dodge npr Al's car; bought 1974 on Route 12

Dodgenstein npr a Dodge "made from the parts of other dead Dodges" [817] (< Dodge + Frankenstein)

Dr. Richelieu npr a marriage counsellor where the Bundys and Peggy's parents went [1013]

Dr. Shoe npr a shoe telephone service by Al Bundy [408]

Dust npr a scent for old women (according to Marcy) [921]

Dustbuster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by his date)


Eau de bring 'em all on npr one of Bud's aftershaves [518]

Egg McBig 'Un npr Al's favorite burger [1105?]

Einstein's Theory of Relativity npr "Mom and Dad are my relatives, therefore I am." (according to Kelly) [322]

Elfineer npr one of Al's second jobs [1113] (< elf + engineer)

Elk Head Lodge npr the lodge where Al and Jefferson wanted to stay in order to fish [1011]

"Ellen and her Dog" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]

"Escape From New York" npr title of a movie [622]

Essence de free Clinique npr one of Bud's aftershaves [518]

"Ethical Dilemma" npr a psychological game played by Al, Peg, Marcy and Jefferson; Al: "I don't want to spend the night with two people I can't stand - and Jefferson." [614]

Eugene npr pseudonym by Bud for the Virgin Hotline [907]


Fancy Figure 327 npr Peg's favorite bra (by Francine's of Hollywood)

F.A.N.G. acro Marcy's women's club; abbreviation for "Feminists Against Neanderthal Guys" [814]

Felix D. Katt npr a Mouse Lawyer in heaven judging Buck [1003]

Ferguson npr Al's favorite toilet; "We are Americans. We have the right to use the best toilet-system in the world." [305]

Festival of the Big 'Uns npr a festival in Stompville where Peggy's mother was [606]

Final Exit npr

(1) a suicidal magazine [611]

(2) title of a book read by a man in front of the Lakeside Theaters [1006]

Fluvio the Hunchback npr alter ego of Bud [718]

Foodie's npr a department store where Al is the one millionth customer by cutting in front of Marcy [519]

Four 'Uns expr Bud reads an issue of Big 'Uns and sees double [1109]

"Forrest Hump" npr title of an x-rated film [907] (< "Forrest Gump" + hump)

FOX viewing position expr the family holds various pieces of metal and tin foil around the living room in order to get FOX [909, 1005]

Francine's of Hollywood npr a shop for underwear; slogan: "If you got the boulders, we've got the holders." [306]

Frankenstein's Son npr codename for Bud [1009]

Frosty No-Man npr a name for Marcy (by Al) [505]

Full back noun Al's football position [305]


garlic noun the taste of Al's socks [1008]

Gary npr Al's boss; she is a top businesswoman [906, 916,1001] and is #401 of the Forbes 400 [906]; she is definitely a woman; in earlier episodes Al's boss seemed to be a man (Gary survived a plane crash [111] and Al sends flowers to his widow)

Gary's Aerobics Studio npr the aerobics studio next to the shoe store; both are owned by Gary [1001, 1116]

Gary's Angels npr a bowling team; players: Al, Jefferson, Bob, Griff, Bud (reserve) [924?]

Gary's Shoes and Accessories for Today's Woman npr the store where Al works; slogan: "Shoes to fit every foot" [303]; the store seemed to be sold once [723]

Gaspasser B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al)

Ghostbuster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

Girlie Girl npr official No Ma'am-beer [921, 1004]

Girls with Big 'Uns npr a magazine for men [707, 820, 823]

God's Shoes npr a product invented by Al Bundy (after regaining consciousness after a fall where he saw God and the perfect shoes) [608]

godzilla v/t to go or move; used only for fat women (< Godzilla [Japanese monster])

Good Ship Hooter Pop npr a special kind of roller coaster; "If my left me, I'd jump on the Good Ship Hooter Pop. I'd have a smile on my face and a face on my smile." (Al to Peg's father) [1002]

Grandbastard B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

Grandfather B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al)

Grandflasher B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.

Grandma B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

Grandmarshall B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Peg)

"Grandma's Frozen On The Portal Step" npr title of a song performed by a country singer [813]

Grandmaster B. npr one of Bud's alter egos [603, 803]; the rapper from the streets of New York; the B. stands for "brother of an idiot" [603] (< Grandmaster Flash + Bud)

Grandmaster Virgin npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

Grandpappy B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

Grasshopper B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Al)

Gravedigger B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.

Great Red Pregzilla npr name for Peg (by Al) [605]

Great White One With One Sock npr Al's alter ego on Borneo [313]

Griff npr Al's sidekick at Gary's Shoes and a member of No Ma'am [904-906, 911, 913, 914, 916, 917, 921, 923-925, 1001, 1004-1007, 1012, 1015-1019, 1021, 1023, 1025]; he's lefthander [924] and divorced [904, 905, 911, 1007]; his ex-wife got his last name, so he's just called Griff [1114]

Grillton noun hell [1120] (< grill + Hilton)

Grinchmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by a TV host)

Guccione, Flint npr editor of "Big 'Uns" [1025]

Guns for Toys npr one of Marcy's civic action groups [1008]

gyno-American noun/adj American woman [814] (< gyne: woman [Greek] + American)


Habib npr a name for a (colored) foreign person [623, 723]

Habib-shirt npr a shirt with the name "Habib" on it; for Al a negative symbol [623]

Halle npr a pin-up girl for the Church Of No Ma'am [1004] (< Halleluyah)

Handyman's Workbench 5000 npr a workbench "assembled" by Al and Jefferson [620]

"Happy Hookers Go To Washington" npr title of a movie on the Bundy World Tour [622]

Haynes, Ironhead npr the author of the "Ten Commandments Of The Church Of No Ma'am" [821]

Helluary noun name of a month; Al: "For me it's been one long continuous year since I got married. Actually, a long month: Helluary." [502] (< hell + january/february)

Homeplate Athletic Shoes npr a store that Al wanted to buy with his 12000 $ for early retirement [723]

Home Shopping Network npr Peg's favorite TV-channel

"Hondo" npr title of a movie directed by John Farrow and released on 27th November 1953; starring: John Wayne, Geraldine Page, Ward Bond, Michael Pate, Lee Aaker, James Arness and Rodolfo Acosta; content: Army despatch rider Hondo Lane discovers a woman and her son living in the midst of warring Apaches and he becomes their protector; Al's favorite film [222, 824]

Hop-On-Inn npr a motel [308]

Hot New Boats npr a magazine [826]

"Hot Talk With April" npr radio show of WHIP [926]

"How Do I Love Thee" npr a show where the object is a Bundy natural: surviving torture [220]

humma noun bread (in Al's archaic language he's using when his mouth is full of food)

Hungry Puppy Dog Food npr dog food; commerical Kelly Bundy as a dog (instead of Lucky) [1011]

Hungry Undie npr a store for underwear, where Peg and Marcy went [912]

Hurricane Hole npr a place in Sweetbucket (Florida) with time sharing apartments; Bud and Kelly got Al and Peg a second honeymoon there in order to have the house for themselves for the "Dinner with Anthrax" [619]


Ike npr a friend of Al and member of No Ma'am (Sargeant at arms) [911-914, 921, 925, 1001, 1004, 1005, 1007, 1012, 1015, 1019, 1021]; he's married and the name of his wife is Frannie

Illustrated Guide to Atlanta's Nudie Bars npr a guide to the nudie bars of Atlanta given to Al and Griff by Jefferson [1025]

important adj to be a PhD. or a shoe salesman (according to Al) [419]

Insano npr a fictional baby-name

"I Shoot 'Em 'Cos They're Injuns" npr title of a movie with John Wayne [710]

Isis J. Blowupdoll npr Bud's "girlfriend" [1002]; an "oh-so-lifelike-you-can-take- her-home-to-meet-mom" rubber woman (according to Kelly) [703]

"Is That Rudolph's Nose Or Daddy's?" npr title of a song performed by a country singer [813]

"It's A Malcolm X-Mas" npr title of a movie for Christmas on the Black Entertainment Network [813] (< Malcolm X + X-Mas)

"It's A Wonderful Life" npr title of a movie watched by Peg but hated by Al; "It's a horrible life. Do you know the reason they never made a sequel? Because, when the guy came back, he killed himself. And this time he took that angel with him. This must be written by a woman. This stinks. It bites. It blows." (Al) [813]


Jasmin npr belly dancing alter ego of Peg [1112]

jealousy noun a feeling a real man never shows to a woman (according to Al); "Aaron, let me explain something to you. You don't know anything. Even if a man is jealous, he can never, ever tell that to a woman. Well, that's like saying »Here, here's a hand grenade. Put it down my pants.« Once they know you're jealous, they've got you by your Bobbit. You will have lost your last ounce of dignity and, like the once mighty Mahi Mahi, you'll end up on a Poo Poo platter in the Tiki hut of life." (Al) [814]

Jeopardy Lane npr the street where the Bundys and the D'Arcys live [514]

Jibberish npr language spoken in Wanker County [815]

Jiggly Room npr the favorite nudie bar in Chicago of Al and No Ma'am [1020]; for a short time the nudie bar was turned into a coffee house; "Boy, they really hit us where it hurts this time: turning the nudie bar into a coffee house." (Al) [809]

Jim npr a little-known member of No Ma'am [809]

Jimmy Dick and the Night Sticks npr a band [218]

Joanie and the Slashettes npr a band performing in Kelly's show [609]; revised name: Joanie and the Hep Cats [610]

Johnny B. Goods npr the Bundys' favorite fast food restaurant [113]

Jowl Boy npr nickname for Al (by Peg)

"Joy Slut Club" npr title of an x-rated film [907]

Jugs O'Plenty npr a magazine read by Bud [701]

Jupiter, Jim npr a TV aerobics instructor [402]


Kaiser npr air conditioning from 1942; Al bought it for 17$ [519]

"Keep 'Em Down" npr title of a book read by Marcy; full title: "Keep 'Em Down, Keep 'Em Down, Keep 'Em Down - A Woman's Guide To Happiness" [509]

Kennedy, Bud-Bud npr pseudonym by Bud [714]

KILL ME npr the car number of Peg's father; Al wanted it too [516]

King Al, Hammock 1, Bangkok expr Al's fictional address [1011] ?

"Kung Shoe" npr title of TV-series with a man wearing fighting footwear; created by Al Bundy [610] (< Kung Fu + Shoe)

Kyoto National Bank npr the bank where Marcy works [902, 1009, 1020]


Lady Briard npr a champion dog; the owner wanted to pay 10000 $ for Buck breeding with her [524]

Lakeside Mall npr a rival mall to the New Market Mall [213]

Larry Storch npr

Larry Storch School of Acting npr a course taken by Kelly [916]

Les miserables expr name for Peg and Marcy (by Al) [925]

"Let's Put The Lights On The Trailer" npr title of a song performed by a country singer [813]

Little League MVP expr a trophy that Al won (before marriage) [302]

Lovely Zelda npr girl on the show "How Do I Love Thee" [220]

Lower Uncton npr a town in England; the residents must kill the last male Bundys inside their city limits in order to end the curse [624]

Lucky npr the second dog of the Bundys; reincarnation of Buck [1003-]

Luyah npr a pin-up girl for the Church Of No Ma'am [1004] (< Halleluyah)


Madame Zelda npr a psychic scam that has been running by Jefferson D'Arcy [618]

Maharadja Bundy npr alter ego of Al; "Why can't you have dreams like me? You know, where you're Maharadja Bundy. You know. And women with 4 hooters feed me Ding Dongs all day." [112]

Mahoney, Dan npr an officer [414]; he worked for the FBI before he became an officer for the Chicago police [617]; he's married and a member of No Ma'am [809, 821, 906, 911, 913, 914, 1012, 1019]; he's an Elvis fan [1007]

Mayor McCheese npr the mayor of Chicago (according to Al)

McBundy, Shamus npr an ancestor of Al that insulted a fat, ugly witch who then imposed a curse on the village and all future male Bundys; lived 1653 in Lower Uncton [624]

McFee, Scooter npr the only Polk High football-player, that was as successfull as Al Bundy; later he killed a lot of people and was taken to a lunatic asylum [1009]

McGee, Fuzzy npr one of Al's favorite actors [710]

"Me And The Shiska" npr a title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of the show when they were in Hollywood [610]

Meg npr the girlfriend of Aaron Mitchell before and after Angie; she looks like an Afro-American Peg [808]

Milwaukee npr city in Wisconsin where the Wankers live [205]; Al to Peg: "The town they build around your mother."

Miss Cheese npr a competition where Kelly wanted to participate [604]

Miss Spring Break npr a title of Kelly [1018]

Miss Teenage Wanker npr a title of Peg [1113]

Miss Weenie Tots npr Kelly as the spokesgirl for Weenie Tots [517]

Mitchell, Aaron npr one of Al's sidekicks; a Polk High graduate who sees Al as a hero [808]

Mixmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by his date)

Modern Gal npr a magazine read by Kelly [716, 717, 721, 919, 1005, 1014, 1020, 1022, 1023, 1110, 1114]

Moonbeam npr hippie-pseudonym for Bud [318]

motor oil noun Al's 15th anniversary gift for Peg [619]

Mr. Empty Pants npr a comic strip drawn by Peg [716]

Mr. Puddin' Belly npr nickname for Al (by Peg) [509]

Mr. Shimokawa npr Marcy's boss [1020]

Mr. Sock npr a character in the TV-series "Shoe Trek" [610]

"Mrs. Assfire" npr title of an x-rated movie seen by Al in the videostore [907] (< "Mrs. Doubtfire" + ass)

Ms. Penza npr the wife of Eugene Bundy; mother of Stymie Junior [511]

Muldin's npr a shop where Peg worked for a short time [108]

Mustang '65 npr a car that was restored by Al and Steve [105]

M-word expr married [617]

"My Little Black Book" npr Kelly's huge (!) book with all the names of her boyfriends [1124]

"My Partner, My Wife, My Life" npr title of a book read by Marcy [103]

Mystery Pack npr something to eat prepared by Peg (with hallucinating content) [415, 619]


New Market Mall npr the mall where Al works

New Market Mallers npr a softball team, which is part of the twenty-store and under mall league [504]

New Widow npr a magazine [919]

Nicholson, Kimberly npr playmate born in 1969; she has the "Hooters Of The Month" in the November 1988-issue of Big 'Uns; turn-ons: fast cars, long walks on the beach and young Rod Stewart; turn-offs: men who smoke, war and old Rod Stewart [820]

No Ma'am acro men's club [809, 911, 913, 914, 921, 1004, 1007, 1019, 1021]; members: Al, Jefferson, Bob Rooney, Griff, Ike and Officer Dan; they like to go to the nudie bar "Jiggly Room" and the official beer is "Girlie Girl" [921, 1004]; abbreviation for "National Organisation of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood" [809] or "Numb Old Men Anxiously Awaiting Moricians" [1007]

No Ma'am's Land npr name of a fictional land where No Ma'am rules; Al to Marcy: "You're in No Ma'am's Land now, baby!" [809]

North Georgia npr a state of the USA (according to Kelly) [615]

Nuit Princesses npr chocolate eaten by Peg [1009]


Office of Bingo Affairs npr an office that informs Peg about Bingo events; "No doubt a bureau of alcohol, tobacco and useless blood-sucking spouses." (Al) [921]

"Old Aid Song" npr a song performed by Axl Bundy & Co. for old people [709] (< old + Life Aid)

Ole Empty npr nickname for the refridgerator by Al [416]

Oozy Meat npr a band [403]

Oprah npr Peggy's favorite talkshow

Oprah coma npr state of Peg in front of the TV (according to Al) [319]

Oprah-holic noun a person addicted to the talkshow aired by Oprah Winfrey (< Oprah [TV-show] + alcoholic)

Oprah Land npr an Oprah museum [1001]

Oprah's Fatapalooza Tour npr an Oprah promotional tour where they are "displaying the weight she lost in giant glass jars - many giant glass jars" [817] (< fat + Lollapalooza)

Otis npr one of Peg's "friends" [1001]

Otitis Media npr a band [904] (< Otitis media [a bacterial infection of the inner ear])

Oui int

(1) "Hell - yes, we'll sell daddy and colaborate with the Germans." (Kelly)

(2) "Yes, take our country, but please let us live to make our creamy sauces." (Kelly) [726]

(< oui: yes [French])


Paco npr alter ego of Jefferson [718]

Panthers npr Al's football-team at Polk High [516]

"Passion" npr a game [1116] ?

Patty Brite Cosmetics npr Peg's job for a very short time [314]

Peace npr hippie-pseudonym for Kelly [318]

"Pease In A Pot" npr theme song of a TV-series [909]

Pest Boys Extermination Co. npr the company where Kelly worked as the Verminator

Pete npr a little-known member of No Ma'am [809]

Philosopher-Waitress npr the definition of Kelly's job (by herself) [708]

"Pin The Tail On The Shoe Salesman" npr a game played in heaven [614]

Planet Bimbo npr the planet where Kelly belongs to (according to Bud) [913]

"Planet Of The D-Cups" npr title of a movie [608]

Playpen npr a magazine for men [812]

PMSachusetts npr a state for women (according to Al) [605] (< PMS [premenstrual syndrom] + Massachusetts)

Polk High npr the school of Al, Peg, Kelly and Bud; full name: James K. Polk High School

"Polk High Song" npr song performed by Al and Aaron [808]

Poppy's By The Tree npr a hotel in Dump Water/Florida; motto: "If we don't got it, you shoulda brought it." [202]

Pop Warner MVP npr a trophy that Al won (before marriage) [302]

Pregnaho npr a state for pregnant women [605] (< pregnant + Idaho)

Pregnant Father a magazine [602]

pregnasaur noun [605] (< pregnant + dinosaur)

pregzilla noun a pregnant woman [605] (< pregnant + Godzilla [Japanese monster])

pre-Peg expr the time before Peg [613]

"Psycho Dad" npr title of Al's favorite TV-series [501, 621]; Al writes it "Syko Dad"

"Psycho Mom" npr title of a TV-series watched by Peg [621]

Puggy Weaver Cup npr [924?]

pumpkin noun nickname for Kelly by Al; in German: Dumpfbacke; in French: Lapin Rose

"Pump That Rump" npr title of Al's favorite rap video [805]


red adj

(1) artificial color of Peg's hair

(2) color of the Dodge [917, 1107, 1109]

Reepers npr Bud's soccer team [512, 513]

Reverend Al npr Al's alter ego for the Church Of No Ma'am [1004]

rhino-American noun/adj a fat American woman [814] (< rhinoceros [big animal] + American)

Rhoades, Marcy npr D'Arcy, Marcy [101-416]

Rhoades, Steve npr the neighbour of the Bundys and Marcy's first husband; his middle name is Bartholomew [112, 926]; he worked in "The Leading Bank of Chicago" and was kicked out later [408]; at school he used to play accordion [313] and sousaphone [402]; he drives a Mercedes [204, 216, 219, 301, 321, 503]; he left Marcy to become a ranger in a National Park [416]

Roger npr a little-known member of No Ma'am [809]

Romantic Roast npr a coffee; commerical with Kelly Bundy (Leila) and Jefferson D'Arcy (Lance) [1023]

Romantic Roasts Lance Pumps npr a product created by Al Bundy [1023]

Rooney, Bob npr a friend of Al and member of No Ma'am (treasurer) [809, 821, 905, 906, 910-914, 921, 923-925, 1001, 1004, 1005, 1007, 1012, 1015, 1019]; he's a butcher [923] and is married to Louise; wise saying: "Even Big 'Uns look bigger when they're tax-free!" [1004]

Rubio the Cruel npr alter ego of Steve Rhoades [718]

Rusty npr the dog of Peg's mother that was eaten by her; Al doubts that a dog "could accidentally wrap itself in bacon and fall in a microwave oven" [501]


Scared Rich npr a program of the Department of Juvenile Corrections that "bussed some kids over to the shoe store to see me work. The guards made 'em watch for three hours. Even the most hardened criminals were in tears." (Al) [616]

Scared Single npr a program for the youth wished by Al [616]

Scarlet npr alter ego of Peg; a princess [718]

"Schindler's Lust" npr title of an x-rated movie [907] (< "Schindler's List" + lust)

Sea Dodge npr a ship; Al was taking Peg on a cruise for their 25th anniversary [920]

Sea-Going-C-Cups npr a magazine for men (in the 16th century) [718]

"See Me, Touch Me, Feel Me, Marry Me, Kill Me" npr one of Al's favorite oldies [501]

Self Touchers Quarterly npr a magazine (for Bud) [921]

"Shakespeare - The Friendly Ghost" npr a show (according to Kelly) [322] ?

"Shenandoah" npr title of a TV-show where Al turns sentimental [623]

"Sheos" npr title of a movie; a Kelly Bundy production of an Al Bundy film with no help at all from Bud Bundy; starring: Kelly Bundy, Al Bundy, Buck Bundy, not Bud Bundy and Peggy Bundy as the monster [925] (< shoes [but in the alphabet the "e" comes before the "o" according to Kelly])

Shirley npr Bud's pillow [304]

shoe anecdote noun one of Al's stories of fat women in the shoe store [1118] ?

shoecumentary noun a documentary about shoes [925] (< shoe + documentary)

shoe groupie noun a girl flirting with a shoe salesman [612]

Shoehorn npr nickname for Al as a player of the Chicago Bears; headlines on "The Chicago Examiner": "Bears 5 and 0 - Is Shoehorn Bundy for real?", "Shoehorn - A Shoe-In for MVP", "Bundy shoehorns Bears into Playoffs" [1120]

Shoe Lights npr a "million dollars"- invention by Al Bundy [320]

Shoe News npr a shoe magazine; headline of one issue: "Giant Idiot Makes Movie" [925]

Shoes'n'Socks npr a band [709]

Shoe Town npr

"Shoe Trek" npr title of a TV-series playing in the 24th century created by Al Bundy [610] (< Shoe + Star Trek)

"Silence Of The Loins" npr title of an x-rated movie [907] (< "Silence Of The Lambs" + loins)

Single-Gene npr the gene that every male has from his birth until his marriage [1118]

society noun "Society somehow separated the sexes. It made some people women. I don't know why. I'd rather be dead. It made women weaker. They're meant to do things for men. Men aren't made to do things for women ... until they're married and the law makes

them." (Al) [211]

Son-of-a-Woman-from-Wanker expr a curse (Al to Bud) [902] ?

South 40 npr an insurance ("The farmer's best friend next to a sheep and a tall wheat field.") [805]

South Georgia npr a state of the USA (according to Kelly) [615]

"Spike Le Bee - N.Y. City School Teacher" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]

Springtime in Baghdad npr a pesticide tested by Kelly [819 v 820 ?]

Stairmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.

Starla npr Bud's pen-pal; he wrote her that he looks like Brad Pitt, lives in a French country house, drives a Porsche and that his father is dead; she's Lonnie's girlfriend; together with Lonnie she took the Bundys as hostages [1123]

Starship Bundy npr Al (according to himself) [726]

Steve's Road House npr a house that should be wrecked (and not Steve Rhoades' house) [316]

Stupid Girl in Chains npr a magazine for men [703]


Taek-Won-Donut noun a self-defense course for fat women [1006]

"Tears & Vomit" npr title of a TV-series watched by Kelly and Bud [311]

terminal disease noun marriage (according to Al) [710]

"That Idiot Al" npr a fictional show where Al would have to pay 10000$ to Peg [205]

The ABC Of A Good Marriage expr

(1) "Appreciation, balance and consideration." - from the book "The Woman Is Always Right" (Jefferson) [802]

(2) "Air conditioning, beer and »Could you shut up, so I can enjoy my air conditioning and beer«." (Al) [802]

The Bad In Life expr "Work, kids and Habib-shirts." (Al) [623]

The Bedtime Story npr a story told by Al; "It's not a happy story, it's a story of great sadness: Once upon a time, there was a man who sold shoes. He was a good man, but somehow good things never came to him. Did I mention he was a great athlete in high school? People cheere him. That was before the red thing appeared. Darkness fell on Shoe Town. Who would take on the red beast? Who would battle it? Who would marry it? The little shoeman stepped forward - or perhaps the others just stepped back? At any rate, an unholy union was born. So were two unholy children. And the lonely shoeman, who once had been a mighty athlete in high school and scored four touchdowns in one game and had many offers to junior colleges and could have made something of his life ... laid down and died. The End." (Al) [501]

The Bennett Family Motto expr "We see it. We want it. We get it." [922]

The Best Bundy Christmas Ever expr [412]

The Best Of The Old Oprah npr a shop with Oprah stuff (Oprah t-shirts, etc.); an idea of Peg [1001]

"The Bridges Of Madison County" npr a movie with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep; the director's cut has additional 11 minutes Clint sponge bathing Meryl; shown in the Lakeside Theaters [1006]

The Bundy Bounce npr a special bounce created by Kelly for the commercial of the Allanté-car [506]

The Bundy Charm expr violence [620]

The Bundy Cloud Of Failure expr a variation of the Bundy curse; Al: "Nothing bad happened to me. It's possible that the Bundy cloud of failure has passed over me and onto my kids like I only dreamt possible." [610]

The Bundy Credo expr

(1) "When one of us is embarrassed, the rest of us feel better about ourselves." (Al) [313]

(2) "A Bundy never wins." (Al) [423]

(3) "A Bundy never eats." (Bud) [423]

(4) "A Bundy never learns." (Kelly) [423]

(5) "A Bundy never cares." (Bud) [423]

(6) "Lie if your wife is a waking. Lie if your belly is aching. Lie if you think she's faking. Lie, sell shoes, lie." (Al) [725]

(7) "Hooters, hooters, yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters on a girl that's dumb." (Al) [725]

The Bundy Curse expr

(1) "Your mother is just a Bundy by marriage. She's part of the curse. But we are blood Bundys. We are truly doomed." (Al to Kelly) [420]

(2) "The foot odor thing." (Peg) [804]

(3) "The minute a Bundy has good luck he immediately starts building up an equal amount of bad luck." (Al) [804]

The Bundy Legacy expr "What they don't finish in 30 seconds, they never finish." (Peg) [620]

The Bundy Motto expr

(1) "We ain't got it." (Al) [202]

(2) "It sees us. It insults us. We kick its ass." [922]

The Bundy Philosophy Of Lying expr "The Bundys' proud name was built on a philosophy of lying. Well, lying, owing money and perhaps beer. Yes, lying, owing money and beer. The only thing that separates us from the Kennedys is that they have money." (Al) [725]

The Bundy Seed npr the Bundy blood; Al: "Bud <is> the carrier and the future of the Bundy seed and - by the way it looks - the last." [613]

The Bundy Shuffle expr do-it-yourself

The Bundy Tradition expr "We will cheat our heineys off." (Al) [520]

The Bundy World Tour npr Al's annual week-long around the world vacation in the Bundy living room [622]

The Bundy Yell expr "I wanna die." (Al) [417]

The Evil Pair npr Al's wedding socks [313]

"The Family Keates" npr theme song of a TV-series [909]

The 1st Commandment Of No Ma'am expr "Thou shalt not touch your own wife." [1101] ?

The 5 Demands Of No Ma'am expr

"Demand 1: You gals want a ladies' night? Try having it in the kitchen cooking for a man. Demand 2: Don't put on a dress and ask us if you look fat. Besides, it's not the dress that makes you look fat. It's the fat that makes you look fat. Demand 3: Don't ask us to talk or to cuddle after sex or before sex or during sex. You're lucky if we take our pants off. Demand 4: Don't ask us to say »I love you« over the phone. It's hard enough to say it to someone we're paying a dollar a minute to talk to. Demand 5: Stop talking about Fabio." [809]

The 4 Great Inventions expr "The bikini, the thong bikini, the really itchy thong bikini and Al's idea to put an aerobics studio next to the shoe store." (Jefferson) [1001]

The Golden Shoe Horn npr the thing Al gets when he retires; "When I'm 65, I'll get the Golden Shoe Horn, which I can sharpen and fall onto when I'm 66." (Al) [826]

The Ground Rules Of The House npr "Rule number 1: There's two bedrooms, I get one alone. You two can share one. Just keep the door closed while your changin' I don't wanna kill the bait. Rule 2: Speakin' to me ..." (Al to Peg and Marcy) [714]

"The Healthiest Man In Chicago" npr a TV-show with the aerobics instructor Jim Jupiter [402]

"The Homeless Detective" npr title of a show; Al and Kelly saw a poster of this show when they were in Hollywood [610]

The Juggs npr a country duo (Peg and Kelly); they win a country singing contest in Branson/Missouri [1108]

The Just Store npr a store where the members of No Ma'am bought some things [1007]

The King Of Sports expr wrestling [1007]

The Leading Bank of Chicago npr the bank where Steve and Marcy worked [-204]

"The Little Engine That Could" npr a book that Al checked out in 1957 while in elementary school [302]

"The Masculine Feminist" npr one of Peg's and Marcy's favorite TV-shows by Jerry Springer [809]

The Nameless Shoe Salesman npr name on Al's check-book [517]

The New Bundy World Order expr "Food, clean clothes and a huge-hootered oriental woman to replace the pregzilla Peg." [605]

The Real Scare expr Al's underwear; "And if you really want a scare, check out his underwear - if you dare!" (Peg) [614]

The Reaper npr a fictional baby-name [601]

The Red Danger npr Peg (according to Al) [1006] ?

The Rules Of Basketball expr "Rule #1: No talking. And when you break rule #1, and you will, there's rule #2, which is: If I look at pretty girls walking up and down the aisles, and I will, you can't say »Are they prettier than me? «. Always know the answer will be »Yes, she is« and in some cases »Yes, he is«." (Al) [801]

The Secret Of The Bundy Marriage expr

(1) Peg: "Oh, no secret really. Just to be considerate. Accept each other for what you are. Don't point out the fact that the hair he's losing on his head is now growing out of his nose ... and his ears."; Al: "And accepting the fact that nowadays it's harder to figure out where her chest ends and her stomach begins." [101];

(2) "We don't believe in love. That's why our marriage works." [514]

The Shoe Commandments expr "Thou shall have shoes with toes stitched in. Thou shall have socks attached to the shoes. Thou shall have other things coming forthwith." (Al) [608]

"The Song Of The Married Men" npr title of a song performed by Al and some husbands at the mall [808]

The Theory Of Ping Pong expr one of Kelly's scientific theories

The 3 Giants expr "Einstein, Tyson, Heineken." (Al) [1001] ?

The 3 Magic Words expr

(1) "I am sorry." (Jefferson) [902]

(2) "You are fired." (Kelly) [902]

The 3 Things A Bundy Will Never Be expr "Rich, a snitch and regular." (Al) [820]

The Top 10 List expr a list of things to make Marcy more attractive to her husband; "10: Wear traditional Islamic garb covering all but the eyes. 9: Feather removing electrolysis. 8: Ski Mask. 7: Sew up holes in the ski mask. 6: Have attractive woman to stand in front of you at all times. 5: Beak job. 4: Put paper bag over ski mask. 3: Shave head, tattoo Cindy Crawford's face on back. Learn to walk backwards. 2: Poke out eyes of every man on Earth. 1: Get President to make every day Halloween." (Al) [1023]

The Traditional Bundy Greeting expr "I've got some bad news." [820]

The Traditional Re-Wrapping expr Christmas (according to Al) [213]

The Truly Great Scams expr "The Loch Ness Monster, Canada and now the tax-exempt Church of No Ma'am." (Al) [1004]

The Tuxedos npr a band [402]

The Valley of Death npr a place in the New Market Mall where the married men sit; "There they are, son. The lost souls, the feeble, the meek. The married." (Al to Aaron) [808]

The Wanker Translation Book npr a dictionary English-Jibberish [815]

The Wanker Triplets npr three aunts of Peg (triplets) [222]

The Way God Intended expr "No wife, no kids, no pain." [322]

The Why npr a band [317]

"The Woman Is Always Right" npr title of a book read by Marcy [802]

"They Exploded Out Of Their Bras" npr title of a movie by Joseph Zipper [706]

"Think Bingo And Grow Rich" npr title of a book read by Peg [921]

"Thinnergy" npr title of a diet book read by Marcy and given to Peg [102] (< thin + energy)

Thompson, Jim npr pseudonym by Al for a shoe congress

"Thumbs - Show 'Em If You've Got 'Em" expr theme of a parade in Wanker County [917]

Thumbsucker B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B. (by Kelly)

Tiffany npr a 21 years old art student discovered by Bud in the park [212]

Timmy Turtle npr Kelly's turtle [1102]

Toastmaster B. npr a variation of Bud's alter ego Grandmaster B.

Toes! expr Cheese! (in Wanker County that's where cheese comes from) [926]

Tot Industries npr the company that produces Weenie Tots; owned by Lonnie's family [1124]

Tot, Earl npr Lonnie's father; owner of Tot Industries [1124]

Tot, Lonnie npr the guy that wanted to marry Kelly; Al accepted him as a son-in-law because his family owns Tot Industries; the marriage didn't take place because Al saw his future son-in-law in the "Jiggly Room" [1124]

Tot, Pearl npr Lonnie's mother [1124]

"Touch Down Trivia" npr a show [823]

Town Drunk npr

(1) the name of Al's father (according to Peg) [601]

(2) a fictional baby-name [601]

Troy's npr a male strip club visited by Peg and Marcy [206]

TV World npr a theme park where Kelly worked [622]


Uncle Sticky's Pimple Potion npr a potion mixed by Sticky Wanker [903]

Unconscious npr a Chinese philosopher (according to Kelly); wise saying: "It's better to have loved and lost then never to have seen »Lost in Space« at all." [922]

Undy, Sal npr pseudonym by Al

Upper Uncton npr a town in England; the residents must insure that the Bundys die outside Lower Uncton so the curse becomes permanent and it stays as their tourist attraction [624]

useful adj e.g. UFOs; "Why do women see Elvis? At least men see something useful like UFO's." (Steve) [303]


Ventura, Luke npr one of Al's sidekicks [101-107]; his face appears on the cover of "Shoe News" [925]

VeraCruz de la Holla Cardenal, Miranda npr TV-reporter [905, 906, 913, 920, 1004, 1006, 1021] from Ecuador [913]; she works for WHBZ [913] and/or for Channel 83 [1004]

Verminator npr Kelly's job in the TV World theme park [622, 808, 819, 902]

"Vital Social Issues'n'Stuff With Kelly" npr a show where Kelly and her friends discuss subjects like men's butts and the slut of the week [609]


WAGS npr a plastic doll, "The Perplexed Pup - Cartoon Cutie"; Kelly gives a poster of it to Bud [701]

Waist Away npr a dietetic drink tasting like dog-pee, garlic etc.; commercial with Kelly Bundy [912]

Wanker County npr county in Wisconsin [423]; Indian name: "Land of the Big Gassy Possum"; for a trip you need purification tablets for water, meat, fish and grain and the Wanker Translation Book [815]

Wanker, Dave npr a cousin of Peg [402]

Wanker, Eb npr a cousin of Peg [606]

Wanker, Effie npr (1) an aunt of Peg [415]

(2) a cousin of Peg [606]

Wanker, Ephraim npr Peg's father [1002, 1010, 1013, 1026]

Wanker, Ephus npr an uncle of Peg [415]

Wanker, Harriette npr a niece of Peg [107]

Wanker, Henry npr one of Peg's relatives [311]

Wanker, Hootie npr one of Peg's relatives [513]

Wanker, Ida Mae npr a cousin of Peg; mother of Seven [701]

Wanker, Irwin npr an uncle of Peg [222]

Wanker, Otto npr an uncle of Peg [222]

Wanker, Perley npr a cousin of Peg [402]

Wanker, Sticky npr an uncle of Peg [903]

Wanker, Toppie npr an uncle of Peg [415]

Wanker, Zemus npr the husband of Ida Mae; father of Seven [701]

Wayne, John npr Al's favorite actor; nickname: The Duke; plays in "Hondo" [222, 824]

Weenie Tots npr Al's favorite chemical food; delicious meat-flavored treats (that evaporate after prolonged exposure to air) [517]

"We've Only Just Begun" npr title of the wedding song of Peg and Al (by The Carpenters) [515]

WHBZ npr the broadcasting station where they send "Psycho Dad" [913]

WHIP npr campus radio station on 106,2 FM (Trumaine University) [926]

Whoa int e.g. "Whoa, Bundy!" or "Whoa, stealing old ladies' pension checks!"

women noun "Women, what are they good for? 2 C's: cooking and kitchen." (Al) [219]

"Women of Trumaine" npr a pin-up calendar with 12 girls created by Bud [1016]

"Women's World" npr a TV-show watched by Peg with subjects like "Men - herd 'em up and kill 'em all" [316]

work noun a horrible thing; Peg: "Kelly, maybe it's time we had a little talk. You're getting to be a big girl now. There's something I've put off telling you for a while but time is slipping by fast. I don't want you to learn it in the streets. Honey, there's a thing that men will want you to do. In fact, they'll expect it. Now, no woman really enjoys it. But we do it, get them to marry us and never do it again. That horrible thing is called »work«." [419]

"Wrestlepalooza" npr a wrestling show [1007, 1012] (< wrestling + Lollapalooza)


X, Griff npr pseudonym by Griff [1025]


Yes Ma'am npr writing on a t-shirt of Jefferson which he has under his No Ma'am t-shirt [809]

Yodelin' Andy npr a singer; releases: "Yodelin' Andy Yodels The Blues", "Yodelin' Andy Yodels The Hits" and "The Best Of Yodelin' Andy"[216]

"You Are What You Were" npr a course taken by Marcy [502]

"You Light Up My Life" npr title of Marcy's favorite song [1116]

Yvette npr a college exchange girl from France living in the Bundys' house for 500$ a month [406]


Zeus npr an athletic shoe; commerical with Al Bundy [823?]

Zorro npr a male stripper at Troy's [206]

acro acronym

adj adjective

expr expression

int interjection

noun substantive

npr proper name

syn synonym

v/i intransitive verb

v/t transitive verb