New Market Mall
Update: 23rd November 1998

Gary's Shoes And Accessories For Today's Woman
Ladies' shoes (except during one episode when Al sold men's shoes)
[303, 407, 422, 509, 525, 612, 723]

Aerobics Studio

Hickory Farms
From barter episode.

The Gap
From barter episode.

From barter episode.

Hallmark Cards
From barter episode.

Rainbow Toys
In the mall, in front of this store, married guys holding their wives' purses sang "Please K-I-L-L, K-I-L-L, me, me, me" to Al and Aaron.

Mall Lounge
Al called this the "Valley of the Shadow of Death" in the same episode.

Homemade Pizza
Seen in food court in the same episode.

Sharper Infant
Seen on two shopping bags in food court in the same episode.
[605*, 808]

Sex You Up
The mall photographer, who displays a billboard-sized boudoir photo of Peg opposite Gary's Shoes. With Al's help, this causes Marcy's feminist friends to riot and destroy the picture.

Gary's Aerobics Studio
The aerobics studio next to the shoe store.
[1001, 1116]

Victoria's Secret
In the episode about the Olympic Torch, Marcy is on her way to this mall store.