The MWC Lexicon
Version 0.021          Update: 8th October 1998          22 Entries
11 number of seasons
259 number of episodes
500000 $ the money Ed O'Neill got for every episode of the 11th season 
Anderson, Pamela a playmate and actress appearing as Yvette [501] and Cashew [523]
Applegate, Christina the actress that performs Kelly Bundy [101-1124, not appearing in 201, 216, 525] 
Bearse, Amanda the actress that performs Marcy Rhoades [101-511] resp. Marcy D'Arcy [512-1124]. She doesn't appear in 218, 409, 501, 515, 525, 607, 618, 708, 1026, 1105, 1107, 1110, 1115 and 1121.
Bingham, Traci the actress (e.g. "Baywatch") that performed as a lap dancer in the "Jiggly Room" [1019]
Buckingham Fountain the fountain shown in the beginning of every episode [101-1124]
Bundy, King Kong a wrestler; he inspired the creators for the name "Bundy"; besides he performed the character of Irwin Wanker [222] and himself [1007] 
Chicago the city where the sitcom takes place 
Eels, Pamela the producer of the 11th season 
Faustino, David the actor that performs Bud Bundy [101-1124, not appearing in 525]
Garrison, David the actor that performs Steven Rhoades [101-415, 617, 718, 917, 926, not appearing in 218, 409 and 413]
Jovovich, Milla the model and actress (e.g. "The Fifth Element") that performed the character of the French exchange student Yvette [406] 
Leavitt, Ron one of the two creators of "Married ... With Children"; besides he appeared in 510, 610 (on a poster), 611 (as Jack Dallas), 707
"Love And Marriage" title of the theme song written by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy van Heusen and performed by Frank Sinatra 
McGinley, Ted the actor that performed Norman Jablonsky [413] and Jefferson D'Arcy [512-1124]
Moye, Michael G. one of the two creators of "Married ... With Children"; besides he appeared in 510, 522, 610 (on a poster), 625 
O'Neill, Ed the actor that performs Al Bundy [101-1124] 
Rakolta, Terry a well-known enemy of "Married ... With Children"
Sagal, Katey the actress that performs Peggy Bundy [101-1124, not appearing in 1020-1026] 
Tenison, Renee the playmate that performed the characters Macadamia [523], Topsy [605] and Marla [1018, 1025]